Isn’t Life Strange

Thought the Moody Blues old song might be appropriate for today’s blog-(I hope you appreciate it Colin!) Like many I have gone from being really busy to now having time on my hands. So although I will still talk about Story Telling over the next few weeks in the blog  I won’t be talking about gigs for a while! I do hope to find some more stories over the next month for telling to extend my repertoire of stories. Having said that I am telling stories tomorrow at Wick Court (we still have a school staying) but I suspect it will be my last until things calm down. I did do Bird watching with them yesterday.

I think I might go over Books we have recently read at Book Club. Last month we discussed “Commonwealth of Thieves” by Thomas Keneally. A History of the First Fleet to Australia and how the convicts and Arthur Phillip’s men settled around the Sydney area. It was a well researched work and Phillip’s benevolence was vital in the success of the colony. The book had many stories about the history of individual convicts. Our Book Club always comes up with a diverse mix of reading, many of the books chosen I would never chose myself so are grateful to my pals for the books they chose. We have now being going now for fifteen years and it is always coming up with new ideas. We are going to Swansea later in the year (more about that in later blogs.)

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Bill Church is the story traveller, a former Headteacher who has a passion for sharing stories with people from 3 years up to 103 years of age. Bill loves stories; finding them (and the story’s story!), telling them and writing them! He is passionate in believing that everybody can tell stories and is keen to help people whatever their age do this. His blog ranges from his Story telling experiences to his obsessions sport, bird watching and cycling!

1 thought on “Isn’t Life Strange

  1. An extremely appropriate title for the latest blog, Bill.
    At the end of 2019 I don’t think any of us were considering the circumstances arising in which we find ourselves. Being safe, following experts’ guidelines and helping others where possible are imperative right now.
    Here in the East of the country we have a new project to attempt in our garden, it is also time to check the bicycle and go cycling more regularly, plus at last I can read properly ‘Lord of the Rings’, having never finished it before!
    Keep writing, feeding the birds, blogging and staying well out in the West.

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