Between Cricket Matches

Short morning blog before I set off to play cricket. I was 12th man yesterday but am captain today so shall I open the batting and the bowling? Will be hot!

Encouraging news my the final proof of book is arriving this afternoon! Very Excited! More news on this tomorrow.

Crowds Again

One of the things I didn’t mention about our gig last week was how important it was for the audience to all meet up again. it was lovely to see knots of people talking and laughing together. We are social animals and the last 15 months have negated this.

Talking of crowds I did watch England at football yesterday but was often distracted by playing with my delightful Grandson! I really enjoyed the first twenty minutes where I thought we were excellent. Really impressed by Gareth Southgate and the team’s strength with all the rubbish the right wing press spout about taking the knee. Both Southgate and Marcus Rashford would be good candidates for Prime Minister! The less said about England’s cricket the better. It was very poor!

Had a lovely visit from my brother tonight first time we have met since pre pandemic!


What’s It Like To See A Crowd!

The title is refrain you often hear at football matches sung with irony by away fans. Thought it was appropriate for today because of two of the things that I’ve been involved in this week.

The first event was The Two Severn Bores gig on Wednesday with our first live audience since before lock down last year. We thoroughly enjoyed our evening with wonderful hospitality. We both like performing to an audience, I certainly find that I react differently and will adjust my Story Telling. We are waiting to see what happens with the virus because we want to plan our next collaboration. A couple more pictures from the night below followed by the second event!


With my Where’s Wally glasses!


Yesterday I went to Edgbaston for my first live sporting event as a spectator since March 7th 2020! Wow being in a crowd again after so long was special! If you don’t know anything about cricket Edgbaston is a real amphitheatre and where I was sitting in the Eric Hollies Stand has a reputation for being lively place. It was absolutely raucous with Flintstones, Jockeys, Gareth Southgates, Matt Hancock (this one did have PPE), Bay Watch Swimmers with a shark! A wonderful day and good for the soul! Picture below I’ve tried to show the crowd in front of me as well as the field beyond.



Where Have You Been????

Apologies for the website being down for the last couple of days. We have a few issues to sort out so will keep you posted on developments.

Looking forward to The Two Severn Bores Gig tomorrow night. It is outside in a beautiful garden and the weather looks good!

I played cricket for the Gloucestershire Seniors today, we finished second and I got a poor LBW decision could of with DRS! Could do with some runs but it was good to play on a lovely summer’s day. Better luck next week!


Ain’t Talkin

Today’s title is no reflection on why there was no blog yesterday but it is another Dylan song title! I promise the last Dylan title for a while!

I cycled down  to watch my club play cricket yesterday I tend to be surplus to requirement these days! (They are unbeaten so far so must be doing something right!) I have plenty of cricket yesterday to look forward to this week. I am playing against Wales again on Tuesday and on Friday if my lateral flow test is OK I am at Edgbaston on Friday. I have enjoyed this Test Match so hopefully will be as good on Friday! It seems like Gloucestershire have hit the buffers with two successive defeats.

I have enjoyed getting back into the groove preparing for a Story Telling Gig. Once I start rehearsing  I find I add new things and give the story a different dimension. I will endeavour to get some photos taken at the Gig -need some new pictures for the website.


The Weight

Not a Dylan title today but closely connected this one is a classic by The Band (just watching a programme about them!) There were of course a great band, I first came across them through listening to Dylan.

Busy day domestically a visit to the tip and sorting out the garage-well there was no cricket today. I also went to visit where our Two Severn Bores gig is on  Wednesday it is in a wonderful large garden. We are really looking forward to playing together again in front of a real audience- we have both done some things individually during Covid but little with real “live audiences”-online gigs are not the same!

Raptor Ride

Moved from a Dylan title today to reflect today’s bike ride. I went with my friend Martin for a long ride today (I did nearly 65 miles and almost 3,000 feet of climbing) to Ross on Wye. Caught a glimpse of a Goshawk in the Forest of Dean – I would say number one predator in this part of the world. Delighted to see a Red Kite swoop over us (don’t see that many this far west) and later a Kestrel.

I slumped in front of the TV when I got home and watched the cricket which was absorbing -real Test Match cricket.

Corrina Corrina

Still using Dylan songs for my blog titles, I could go on for the rest of the year but I won’t!

Another rehearsal  planned for tonight with Dan . Hopefully we won’t be as rusty as we were last week! The bookings are steadily coming in! Life is gradually coming back but hopefully we will pause the 21st June if we have to, they have made  too many mistakes over the last fourteen months-we can’t have any more!

I went with the Gloucester Seniors first team yesterday as 12th man and there was a bit of a mix up and one umpire didn’t appear so guess who had to fill in? Talking about cricket I am off to Edgbaston next week for the Test Match -I have to do a lateral flow test the day before! Think it will be quite emotional going as a spectator again- my last live sporting  event was March 7th last year (Wigan-Luton).

Don’t Think Twice, Its All Right

Apologies for no posts over the weekend we were away visiting my delightful grandson Owen. We even managed to baby sit so his parent’s could go out  together for the first time in fifteen months! Hope you all enjoyed the wonderful Bank Holiday weather?

Not sure if I mentioned the Two Severn Bores rehearsed last week and we were very rusty! Another one planned this week before we perform next week! Talking of Severn Bores I mentioned the Bore came up when I was on the bird survey on Thursday. Some pictures below-this was only a one star!  Record Bore is 9.25 feet!

We had a lovely early morning walk around the local lakes caught a glimpse of a Treecreeper and about six Terns.

I will attempt to carry on with Peru musings later this week with part one of the Inca Trail.