Times they are a changin’

Good old Bob for today’s title! Chose that title in honour of my brother who we went to see perform his poems on Friday night. Great mixture of humour and strong humane political themes. It was at the Workers Gallery in Porth up in the Rhondda, a delightful art gallery, well worth visiting if you are ever in the valleys.

I played on Saturday in the league and I was our oldest player by a country mile, well several country miles! Our bowling and fielding was superb as we bowled out our opposition for 49. I was really impressed. Currently enjoying watching the absorbing Test Match which for the first time this summer is a proper competitive contest. Possibly my last game of the season tomorrow as we take on Buckinghamshire.

Book Club to look forward to on Wednesday which I will blog about later this week. I am looking forward to see what everybody else makes of David Grossman’s book “A Horse walks into a Bar.”  It was a rather bizarre book to read.


Paperback Writer

Reading quite a bit at the moment; hence today’s title. I might need this title again in the near future as my story gets closer to publication!

Went on a long cycle yesterday with my friend Martin down the Windrush Valley. It is the second time I’ve done this ride and it is a beautiful ride. The combination of Cotswold Stone buildings  and delightful wooded sections gives the Valley its charm. My last big ride before the Coast to Coast next weekend.

I have a busy cricket spell over the next few days playing for both my club and the Gloucestershire Old Men! I hope the body can cope!

2-4-6-8 Motorway

Thought today’s title appropriate as we were on the motorway for quite a bit today coming back from Norfolk. So thanks to the Tom Robinson Band for the title. We do enjoy the North Norfolk coast around Cley. The marshes are great for bird watching.

Ideas are developing for my next story playing on a Gloucestershire story from the past which is probably more Myth than historical fact. Having said that there is a real event that is well documented. I do need to do some more research before I start writing. Once I get going I will allude more to the historical period in a future blog.

The day at the cricket was different at the Day/Night Test and surprisingly we got 2/3rds play in. It was sadly a complete mismatch.


Dancing in the Dark

Had to be the “Boss” for today as I sit watching the Day/Night Test. I am there tomorrow but forecast looks iffy. It certainly looks different!

It has been a long day as I was up at the crack of dawn to do the bird survey. Had a wonderful cycle in Herefordshire with a pal yesterday so the combination of both activities means I am feeling tired!

Off to Norfolk in the van at the weekend via a wedding.

Space Cowboy

Following the weekend’s meteor showers thought we would have a space song title, nearly went for Telstar, but Steve Miller will do! I did go out on Saturday night but didn’t see anything perhaps I should have gone out later.

I visited my old friends at Bream Community Library on Friday for a gig connected to the Summer Reading Challenge. I have done a couple of community libraries recently and the volunteers do a great job but you do feel we should be valuing our libraries more.

Cricket went well last week and Gloucestershire had a convincing win in Devon.  Sadly the same cannot be said for the football, I went to Barnet and saw a poor game where we were out fought on the pitch.

I’ve started doing some research for a new story that is slowly germinating in my head! Hopefully the ideas will flow and I will update my readers on my progress.

I hope those of you who have looked at the updated web site have been impressed. Any feedback will be welcome. There will be a couple of tweaks in the near future.

Keep on Running.

Sorry it has been a gap since I last posted. On Saturday I was in London for the athletics at Stratford instead of watching the Hatters start the season. We were to see Usain Bolt’s last race. Sadly he didn’t win unlike the Hatters who hit 8!!!!! Enjoyed being at a wonderful event in the magnificent London Stadium. I was impressed at how quickly we got away considering there were 60,000 people.

We went onto Suffolk for a couple of days for birding and gardens. I saw a Bittern flying, several Spotted Redshank as well as Hobby.

We came back via football at Luton to see the Ipswich game.

I hope you readers have noticed the web site has been revamped. My friend Dave has done a super job. Please have a good luck. A couple more things will be added in the near future.


I’ll start with cricket hence today’s title. Those of you know me will be aware of how much I pride myself in the field and how I still have been holding my own with the young whippersnappers I play with at my club. Well when I play Seniors Cricket for Gloucestershire I arrogantly regard myself as the top cover point fielder. Well talk about becoming a cropper in this week’s game against Warwickshire, I didn’t bat so wanted to make my contribution in the field. Two dropped catches, one came down with ice on it! The other was a simple one! I compounded my embarrassment in the bar afterwards by knocking over my beer to the amusement of everyone else! Changing to real cricket what a lovely moment watching Moeen Ali get his hat trick against South Africa.

I have had a good social spell seeing old friends over the last week or so. Still clocking up the miles and hills on the bike. Coast to Coast and back at the start of September!

Got some good news on the Wick Court story to share later. May be able to give a publication date in the new future.