Friends, Romans and Countrymen lend me…………

I was at Stratford yesterday and saw Julius Caesar by the RSC. It is always a great treat seeing live theatre at Stratford.

Forgotten what an excellent play it is; especially relevant today. The famous Mark Anthony speech had many echoes with one or two current world leaders and situations. The production was superb, I thought Brutus was really well cast. Ended up recalling the film from the 1950s and my Dad playing Shakespeare speeches on our old record player!


Power and the Passion

A new band for today’s song title. On Sunday I went with my mate Terry to the Hammersmith Apollo to see Midnight Oil, Terry’s favourite band. Superb concert and fairly easy for us to get to. Peter Garrett was an impressive figure on stage. I also thought it might be a good title to celebrate the England Women’s Cricket Team winning the World Cup on Sunday. Wonderful game and great to see Lords packed out. Hopefully the men will give a better account of themselves on Thursday.

We have managed to have a good go in the garden over recent days and plenty more to do! Things grow quickly with sun and rain!

Managed to clock up some miles on the bike, yesterday we did 50 + miles in an area that I haven’t cycled before. I also met up with my fellow Hatter Mick this week to discuss the forthcoming season. Can’t believe it starts Saturday week!

Green River

I have chosen a song from Dan Everett who performed in our local on Wednesday for today’s title. It was a super evening with Dan enchanting us with his music, supported by the Blunderbirds duo (Brain and I). Dan is a talented guitarist and wowed his audience. I was pleased with my story “The Hand of Glory”  a macabre story I found and developed.

I am now planning to give myself some space after a really hectic spell. Lots of sport to look forward to I am seeing Usain Bolt on Saturday and a Test Match in August. Will continue to cycle and play cricket as well.

I hope to write a bit over the summer, haven’t been able to over the last month because I have been so busy!

The picture is of me working with adults at Cymmer Library near Port Talbot last weekend. I had a lovely two days working with volunteers on the Friday and performing at the fete on the Saturday.


The Ghost Song

The Doors and Jim Morrison for today’s blog title!!!!

I’ve just met with Terry a good mate for the lay out of my Ghost Story ready for publishing. I have some great pictures drawn by Jane Fryer to be included. You never know we may see it in the Book form later this year.

Just getting ready for tonight’s gig in the Horseshoes. Haven’t quite nailed the story!

Bookings for September coming in at the moment, one is certainly adventurous (more later when everything is in place).

Story Telling, Story Telling, Story Telling…………….

A fair break since I last blogged. I seemed to be on non stop Story Telling wheel! I am currently staying at my brother’s because I am between gigs in the Welsh valleys. Voice has been tested with a performance every day this week. Today I am performing at a fund raising fete for the community library. It is sad what has happened to libraries in recent years they are so vital for people.

After today I almost finish for the summer only the pub gig on Wednesday and one more library in August.

Anyone reading this I am organising a special musical evening in the Three Horseshoes in Frampton  on Wednesday 19 th July called “Dan and friends” it features Dan Everett a talented musician and a couple of other performers including Brian Dimmock the other half of that super duo “Blunderbirds”  guess who is the other half? I am trying to learn a new story to tell. So please come if you want a good evening of old fashioned entertainment. Dan is worth seeing!! No charge but we will have a collection for Farms for City Children Charity. See you there!

Sunny Afternoon

Has to be the Kinks for today’s title as the sun as shone all day. I had the car parked in the Shopping Centre where I was working, my goodness the steering wheel was hot to touch when I left. Been a busy spell on the Story Telling front. A couple of Gigs last week and work today and tomorrow in Swindon for the National Literacy Trust. After tomorrow I go straight to Wick Court for my residency. I might be exhausted by tomorrow night!

I have even played league cricket and held my own with the youngsters. Well 20 + year olds! I even squeezed in a 30 mile ride on Monday.

I do need to do some writing got a couple of projects that are waiting to be fully developed.

Now have to pack for tomorrow maybe a next blog near the weekend.