A boy with stars in his eyes!!!!

It is not difficult to guess who the boy is! I nearly called it “Like a boy in the sweet shop!” If you are reading this you will know about serious attachment problem with Luton Town. Yesterday as part of the perk of my special “Diamond” season ticket I was able to have hospitality at the club so it involved a meal, a visit to the changing rooms, did manage a chat with a couple of players, a walk down the tunnel, a photo on the pitch and a seat in the main stand. No prawn sandwiches though! It was a wonderful day and I think I slept with a smile on my face last night!

On the Story Telling front last Thursday’s gig went really well and I told Philippa Pearce’s story “The Running Companion” as part of my performance. It went well for a first telling. I am working on learning a couple more supernatural stories that I can adapt depending on the age of my audience (adults or young people).

We had a great cycle today (the Old Groynes did 38 miles)) and had a meal at the Gumstool where we joined by wives and friends. Foggy start but clear once we got up on the top.

Oh those New York Girls won’t you dance the Polka

Today’s title refers to the stupendous gig we saw last night in Cardiff. If you know Bellowhead you will know the rousing” New York girls”. We have now seen them 4 times and they were always a superb live act but they get better and better! My friend Bernie who saw them for the first time thought it was the best gig he had seen in years!Top class musicians having fun, the stage was good and well set out last night to enhance the performance.

Trying out a new story later as part of my residency!


Its all over Baby Blue

Little adventure yesterday travelled by train to Burton for the football. Of course the home of brewing! The beer didn’t disappoint in the pub! Sadly our great run came to and end. I thought we were unlucky. Looking forward to next week we have hospitality and will be in the directors box and a visit to the dressing room. The little boy (well the very old boy) is very excited!

Busy day on Friday with HVV stuff including doing a story for the Severn View with some of the children from the Children’s Centre.

Will be Story Telling in the Three Horseshoes in December will post details next week.

Like Buses!

Just back from the first of my four days Story Telling at Wick Court. Lovely evening by a fire and I did four stories by the fire. Children participated well and had a great time. I was asked for Bird and Farm Stories. The farm story was stretching a point! I am telling a story at the Children’s Centre tomorrow.

Interesting day with three enquiries for me to tell stories in the new year and one school last week was asking if I will run a workshop for parents around World Book Day. The previous week no one got in touch so a bit like buses!

This morning was my monthly bird watch on the Estate Land by the river. Lovely views of a Marsh Harrier.


150 Not Out

Slimbridge CC held our celebration dinner last night, we having been going for 150 years (1864 is when we began, that is before WG Grace started playing!) We had people from over the years and a good guest speaker in Richard Smith who was a fitness coach with the England Cricket Academy. I had worked hard putting together a booklet and then performed the Master of Ceremonies.

I am a sort of Story Teller in residence at Wick Court over the next four weeks. I need to re-learn some bird stories for this.   I am hoping to do some research on Wick Court to develop a story for telling in the new year.

WW1 Poetry

Delightful Book Club last night at Wick Court. Each one of us had either prepared a poem to read or a song. The meal was “Rat Stew”, Trench cake and cocoa.  Poems as expected were moving and thought-provoking. Not sure what the modern revisionists (led by Mr Gove) would say about our choices of Owen, Dobell, Gurney, Caroline Ann Duffy, and Kipling. Certainly wouldn’t have approved of “Oh What a Lovely War” or Eric Bogle’s moving “And the band played Waltzing Matilda” sung by our Aussie member!

The gig on Monday went well. Not easy telling a WW1 story to a whole school audience (4-11). I ended on the Christmas Truce because it does give some hope!  I did a question and answer session with the children afterwards and was asked some searching questions. Now preparing some bird tales for next week.

Pedal Power

The old men had a lovely ride today. Weather was just right and we did about 37 miles all told including Stouts Hill. It makes up for 2 soakings earlier in the week!

Story Telling tomorrow and got some bookings for later in the month. I’ve got some costumes for tomorrow to enhance the WW1 theme.

WW1 and Show of Hands

Superb as always last night. Everyone I have ever taken to one of their gigs have returned for more. Good balance between the rousing anthems and the reflective. Some moving songs connected to the WW1 centenary.

Talking of which I am doing my WW1 story next week  in a school. So currently re-learning it. I have also dug out my Granddad’s stuff and I have just compared his diary to the history of the regiment. Feel very humble reading about September 1914 in his handwriting. Our book club our doing an evening next Wednesday with poetry readings and songs from WW1 outside by a bonfire at Wick Court anyone who wants to join us most welcome please get in touch.

Light Flight

Went to the theatre last week saw Tony Robinson in The Hypochondriac best described as a rip roaring farce or maybe pure panto! It is good for the soul to laugh!

We spent the weekend down in Exeter at David’s. I took in the Hatters playing against the Grecians and it was a good well contested game of football and the draw was about right. We also took in a family ride from Exeter to Exmouth, great views across the estuary. I noticed the Bowling Green hide at Topsham has been rebuilt so must check that out next time.