Lost for words

Possibly my last post from overseas. I will be back on Wednesday if anyone needs to book dates.

We had two wonderful days on the North rim of the Grand Canyon. It is 36 years since I hiked to the bottom from the South Rim. However there was blot on our stay. I cut my finger and had to be stitched up; a long story in itself. Words don’t do justice to what you see at the Canyon and I also wrote that 36 years ago, the scale is so vast it is incomprehensible! Currently at Zion National Park, off for a hike in the morning this area of Utah has suffered with flash floods today and some roads are closed. Forecast is ok for tomorrow! Glad to see my football team are doing better than the last time I was away for a while!

All gone to look for America

Yesterday was such a super day. In the afternoon after the splash we went right into Canyonlands National Park. Stopping at Mesa Arch and I walked over their top and the view of course was stupendous. We finished up at Dead Horse Point enjoying an amazing sunset followed up with a meal cooked by the wonderful Chris at the point. We even had a desert Fox for company as the stars wrinkled above. We were exhausted when we got back

Today has been a drive along a dirt track, a contrived Forest Gump picture leading to Monument Valley.  The scene took me back to childhood westerners and felt quite emotional recalling family viewing! Frank a Navaho guided us in a jeep and played a haunting tune on his flute under a stone roof with a hole through its roof. Tomorrow a return for me to Grand Canyon, last time I visited I was a young man. That adventure was quite an epic 38 years ago!

Made some notes for writing my new allotment story


Colorado Splash

Yet another super day and only half way through! This morning we went down the Colorado on a raft- awesome! We were able to swim by the raft so it was a wonderful feeling drifting down on the current but we hauled back in an undignified manner when we got near rapids. Yesterday we were in Canyonlands looking at the arches sadly words Don’t do it justice but it exceeded all expectations, the scale is hard to comprehend.

Finally came up with an allotment story to write, thank you Ron Nutall if you read this!

Yogi and Boo boo

Just left Yellowstone and currently in Jackson Wyoming. Yellowstone was impressive hiked to the top of Mount Washburn yesterday just over 10000 feet. The view was stupendous you could see for about 30 miles in all directions and it was still Yellowstone! My mammal count now has the bison, very excited to see them.  I would love to explore Yellowstone some more!

Today we were in the Tetons and another marvellous walk the aspens looked wonderful in their early Autumn colours (should have said Fall colours)!

Starting to think of some rewriting of a couple of stories and even a sequel to Dreams. Maybe i am getting above myself! I should aim high!

Born in the USA

Now on holiday part 2! We arrived in San Francisco on Saturday night and headed for Yosemite. Wonderful! I did a decent hike on Monday up to Nevada Falls. Very hot but some breath-taking views. Met a group of 20 fire fighters who had been tackling a fire for the last 6 days. Saw smoke yesterday and today. We are currently at Lake Tahoe and have just got back from a sunset cruise. Feel very chilled after enjoying our drinks on the catamaran. I could get used to this lifestyle! Will try to blog again in a couple of day.

Long drive to Yellowstone tomorrow where there is snow! Today the temperature was about 87 degrees how is that for a contrast!

grizzly 2

Having a few gremlins trying to post a blog. Did post about the grizzly bear experience before but it appeared to have vanished on my tablet version! Apologies if this is a repeat.

We got really close to grizzly bears I think it was 16 we saw. Many with cubs. The only word I can come up with is awesome. One bear had triplets and we watched as she caught a salmon for them and then enjoyed watching the cubs squabbling over the fish. I never expected that we would get this close to these mighty beasts. I took many photos!

On the way back (a boat trip) we met a pod of over 100 dolphins who played around the boat. Fantastic! We have been very lucky.

Also did the Sleeping King story in the bar to confirm my international status!

Today we fly down to the states for the next part of our trip.

Just managed to restore yesterday’s blog so apologies for the repetition!


Wow!!! I thought the black bears we saw close up were something special but yesterday the grizzly bears were awesome. To be close to these great beasts was a real privilege. Several bears with cubs including one with triplets. Awesome!!I never thought it would be that good.more later.


Very close to a bear yesterday. Can’t believe how close we got. I even told a story yesterday and may have a booking later in the year as a result. Not bad when you are in Canada. Will try and blog properly later!

I’m Free

Great ride yesterday with the boys doing the loop around the Forest. We did 80 miles altogether and the weather was just right.

Have a Gig on Wednesday morning-interesting theme “Plague” for infants! Later we set off for our holiday. We will be away until the end of the month. If you need to get in touch for a Gig please use the web site and I will get back to you but please be patient it might take a few days!

Last game of cricket tomorrow for the Gloucestershire Oldies we have a quarter-final match with Kent.