In the Saddle!!!

Been clocking up the miles this week-several decent rides- well over 80 miles with hills! Yesterday Gordon Swingler joined me for a training ride via Cam/North Nibley/Stone and we did over 30 miles with some ups and downs. Great part was through woods by a small river between Huntingford and Damery -delightful! I really felt it because the day before I had done 30 miles (to 2 gigs) including the mile long drag up a brute of a hill from the bottom of Stroud to Parliament School. I was in a fairly dishevelled state when I arrived for my gig because it was so warm and humid on that climb.

The gigs both went well with very different audiences. I adjusted my story at the WWT because it was a young audience and added some new touches.

As I have been so busy no writing this week.

Really looking forward to the Tour de France that starts this weekend. Our Brit Bradley Wiggins has a real good chance-fingers crossed.

Not Going to Talk about the WEATHER!!!!!

A busy week socially! I have managed to do a decent cycle on four days this week. 75+ miles altogether including a few tasty hills. Today I cycled to have lunch with fellow Hatter Mick. My route took me up Frocester Hill into the wind and rain-I am having a sanity test later! It was hard work! We spent lunch talking about the signings the mighty Luton have made-hopefully the coming season will see our unfair purgatory end. The signs are encouraging!
Earlier in the week I joined the retired Heads group for lunch (I cycled there). I also went for a lovely walk with Moira and we had a good natter and saw a Hobby.
I also had a meeting this week about the sponsorsed ride in August-we decided that we are camping each night. As I have mentioned before it is in aid of Farms for City Children.
I’ve a couple of gigs next week including doing my Duck Soup story at the WWT.
I am still writing Misty although I am in the final part and struggling with writing about a tragic incident in the story -and the feelings of the characters-it is far too contrived at the moment.

Rain and Wind yet again!!!!

I blogged a week ago and mentioned the weather-well it seems just the same! It has rained on and off all day and the wind is unpleasant to be in. I cycled to Dursley yesterday and it was difficult riding into the wind going but I  flew home via Coaley just needed a sail (just avoided the downpour)! The rain is playing havoc with my cricket for both my games and the youth teams I run. All my games are already off this weekend.
I am hoping to play cricket for Gloucestershire over 50s sometime in the next 3 weeks.
I got another booking for something a bit different in July-it is in Bristol and it is connected to the Bristol pound-just waiting for details now. I have got a few stories connected to money but may need to write something new.
Talking of writing, worked hard on the Misty story yesterday afternoon. I am pleased because the story keeps developing and new twists keep coming to me. I am in the final part of the adventure but what is pleasing is as ideas come I tweak the earlier chapters so I can link them to the events at the ending. I probably won’t have much time this week to write because several social engagements.
Talking of social engagements we had one of our Book Club meals this week. It was on a Russian theme because our next book is Gorky’s My Childhood. The cooking from all of us was up to our usual high standard. Beetroot featured in several offerings including a cocktail Terry put together! In 2 months time it is a French meal at my house (Madame Bovary is the book).

I did manage to pop out for 25 mins between showers this evening to see what birds are about. Hundreds of swifts on the two lakes and with them so low got good views of them.

Wind, rain and old friends

School half terms are perhaps not quite so important for my new life! However, we always meet up with old friends for the OTT weekend at the May Half Term of course this year was in June! OTT is the name of the old college cricket team that get together to play 2 or 3 games in May-this year was the first time no cricket was planned (we are all now of a certain age and I am the only one who plays regularly!) It was good to catch up with old friends many I’ve known for 40 years! We had a few beers and sang a few songs. Weather wasn’t great! Clare and I also managed to cycle round Rutland Water and of course we saw the Ospreys on the nest.
The weather was so awful today with strong winds and rain so I have managed to add to the Misty the Magician story today and I am getting near the end. I will then try and read it in one go to see how it hangs together! Will keep you posted!

Writing Update

Just read through some of my previous blogs and the comments on my developing story were somewhat optimistic. Misty the Magician is going well but I think I will be working on it for a while-still need another chapter with a happening in it to write. I am enjoying seeing where the story is going and having plenty of creative ideas. Also life has been quite busy I am still actively involved in the Children’s Centre attached to my old school-I am Chair of the trustees looking to bid to run it in the future so a lot of work involved.
I was supposed to be telling a story at Wick Court for a Jubilee Party so had prepared some Arthur and his knights sleeping tales but due to a communication problem the timing of the telling was when I was somewhere else! I came across a story I wrote on this theme and wouldn’t mind rewriting this for performance.
The story I wrote for WWT is now part of their package for schools (it is part of their Maths Trail). I think I am going to perform later this month.
Birding – I’ve seen a few cuckoos over the last week-not sure if it is the same one or perhaps they are doing a bit better in this part of the world. The Common Terns are doing their acrobatics over the Sailing Lake and I am hearing my favourite summer sound; screeching swifts -good stuff!
Cricket update-not only did my u13s win last Sunday so did my U15s on Thursday at Frampton. The two adult teams won their first league games this weekend 28 not out for me but the highlight was a maiden hundred by David Stayte who manages this web site for me-Congratulations to Dave-I hope he is checking my blogs!