Up North

Currently in North Yorkshire with granddaughter Ellen and her parents. We had to look after her yesterday while her parents were at a wedding (David had to give the best man speech).

Difficult to write much on my phone so it is a short one !
Just to say the Two Severn Bores will be performing on 18th August at Bo-Ho Bakery Kings Stanley our Destiny or Fate show at 6 pm. Should have poster for this early next week please join us.

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17 Days!!!!

Just 17 days before I will watch my Football Team the Mighty Hatters kick off their season in their new elevated status in the Premier League. I have just booked my ticket for Brighton. We are camping for a few days North of Brighton. I am very excited!

Had a decent pedal yesterday to call on one of loyal Blog readers David Clark– believe it or not there are a few of you reading my incoherent ramblings!

As I write this I am getting an ominous feeling about the Test Match having seen England bowled out and as yet no Australian wickets! Come on Woody- as Corporal Jones would say ” they don’t like it up them!!!!!”

Poor Show Bill!!!

Disappointing day today on the sporting front as we (the Gloucestershire Seniors) lost at cricket away to Oxfordshire. It was good to play on one of Oxford University grounds but we didn’t give a very good account of ourselves! I blame the captain for losing the toss and being put into bat on an iffy wicket. Still on a positive note the result has meant we have avoided a long journey to Kent in the knockout section!

I have had a busy social time seeing an old friend and having a wonderful time playing with my grandsons.


A wet day here and at the Test Match at Manchester. Still hoping that we manage to get decent weather so England get get level in the Ashes. These games have been absolutely absorbing to watch.

carrying on with the sporting theme – I am encouraged by the signings my team (now Premium League) have made it does look like astute business. Hoping to sort my ticket out for the first game – we have booked a camp site near Brighton. We have also booked a Travel Lodge in London so we can enjoy a visit to the capital and go to Chelsea.

On the Story Telling front it is fairly quiet through the summer with bit and pieces booked.

What Stars!!!!

I refer to my wonderful team of old grizzled ancient cricketers. We gave a first class performance yesterday against Buckinghamshire. It started well when I won the toss (my team mates often refer to my coin spinning in rather derogatory terms but I have now won the toss two weeks on the bounce when there is dodgy weather about!). I put Bucks in and my team mates put in a superb all performance in the field with two magnificent catches (guess who took one!), a good stumping and an excellent run out.  We coasted to a ten wicket victory. One of my bowlers took five wickets as well.

Enjoyed a hilly ride with a pal today. Weather was kind to us so no rain jackets!

Piccadilly Circus Here!!!

We have many bird feeders scattered all over our garden  and over a year we have a good variety of birds that use them. Over the last few weeks our feeders are rapidly emptying often a full feeder is emptied within a day! Many young birds are around – Tits and Finches especially. It is all action and it looks like the tree is actually alive as the leaves shake and move with their many visitors. It is so encouraging when so many birds are thriving when bird flu is so prevalent. Some pictures picked out from my files from the last year in our garden.


Edward Jenner

Clare and I pedalled to the Jenner Museum at Berkeley today. Jenner was a remarkable polymath not only was he instrumental in winning the battle against Smallpox, he wrote poetry and was an impressive naturalist his observations on Cuckoos was ground breaking!

Pity England’s Women Cricketers lost narrowly today in an absorbing game.

As we always do, we follow the Tour de France closely and this year’s race is a classic. Picture below is three of us (me, my David and friend George at the top of Alpe d’Huez) near enough ten years ago!


Bastille Day

Always a significant date in History! It seems apt that I am  currently watching the Tour de France cyclists tackling the Grand Colombier— “Allez, Allez”. It looks brutal! The crowds look fantastic!

I am going to get on my back later and cycle into Dursley to meet some old friends- Likely to get a good soaking and be buffeted about by the rain!

Enjoyed my Story Telling this morning with the young people from Chesterton Primary School.

As You Like It….

Lovely visit today to Stratford with friends to see As You Like It. The RSC had gathered again the surviving cast members of a  production from 40 years ago. It was a vibrant production that had some delightful surprises and sparkling humour. Geraldine James played Rosalind. Always a treat to see live performance!

Books, Birds and Cricket!!!!

Looking forward to Beer and Books tonight. Always a good evening with usually wide ranging discussions over a pint or two! We are discussing Waterland by Graham Swift. A tragic story located in the Fens.

I was with young people from Battersea bird watching today. They were thoroughly absorbed and had wonderful views of Goldfinches ( a Charm of 30+ birds and a Great Spotted Woodpecker.

Finally cricket, the Gloucestershire Old Men won convincingly yesterday- I sat with my pads on for a long time but wasn’t needed!