Lazy Sunday Afternoon

What a classic for today’s title! An evocative song of my youth. It certainly hasn’t been a Lazy Sunday today! It was my Family Gig at Kingshill House for the start of National Story Telling Week. Lovely day with a good number of visitors and some wonderful cakes as well! Feeling tired now!

Hope we have a good turn out for our adult Gig on Friday at the same venue. Hope a few of you readers out there can come. Dan and I rehearsed on Friday. Will try to get a photo of Friday’s gig for the blog.

A few bookings have come in over the last few days, some very different ones for me that will take me in a new direction.

We were disappointed by our RSPB bird watch on Saturday some of our regular visitors were missing.

Breaking news I am playing indoor cricket tomorrow night, this is really a young man’s game so it will be interesting to see what sort of state I’m in afterwards!

An English Country Garden

How about that for a song title from the past! Decided to do a title with garden in it because we have just spent time catching up on garden jobs. It has been too wet over the last fortnight. Still got plenty to do!

Had a busy week on doing Book promotions. I am going into schools and working with Y5/6s on Story Writing looking at Plot, Setting and Character. Lovely meeting delightful young people in North Nibley and Eastington-even sold a fair few books while doing it.

I have been rehearsing with Dan Everett this morning for our Gig next Friday at Kingshill House. He is adding music to one of my stories which should enhance it. Don’t forget 7.30 p.m. on the 2nd all welcome (this gig  is for adults)! Before that I am Story Telling throughout the day on Sunday for the family day at Kingshill House.

Finally managed to climb a few hills this week on the bike!


I Promise You

A really short blog today!

On the bike for a long ride and in all the muck by the road saw lots of snowdrops. This in turn led me to think of the lovely Show of Hands song “I Promise You” that points to hope in the depth of winter (whatever type of winter comes to mind). It certainly gave my heart a flutter and a smile on my face seeing those flowers and thinking about the song.

After Rain

Spoilt with choice on rain songs to mark today’s weather! I’ve plumped for the lovely Ralph McTell song although it is still raining as I write! You can understand the January Blues with the grey unrelenting skies-at least we saw the sun on Friday! It does rather curtail your plans, I have jobs to do in the garden! So I am settling down to do some writing after some Story Telling preparation. So swings and roundabouts.

It was lovely telling stories to a school from East Ham on Thursday they were a delightful group of young people. This week I have two Book Promotion sessions and one Story Telling gig.

Don’t forget coming up I have two performances at Kingshill House Dursley. The first is on Sunday 28th as part of family activities including a puppet show and drama workshop-check out their web site for the programme. The following Friday I am performing for an adult audience with Dan Everett who is a wonderful musician. We are rehearsing later this week, I am hoping he will add some music to one of my stories.

The Wind Cries Mary

A chance to have a Jimi Hendrix title for today’s blog to mark the blustery weather!

I have had a really busy week so far. It started with a delightful gig with young ones at Tuffley Library on Monday. I cycled to Tuffley in horrible wet weather and the bike is in need of a good wash as a result! I have my first Gig back at Wick Court tomorrow so going over my stories later. I had a lovely Bird Watch with the young people yesterday at Wick Court and I was asked some wonderful questions. One was “How are Birds different to us?” which although obvious at the spur of the moment it taxed my language skills!

I have also spent quite a bit of time digging this week in my voluntary capacity. I was doing some work on the ponds at Wick Court-Monday afternoon-the wet conditions and the clay made it hard work. Today I was helping at the nature area of my local school digging many holes for a hedgerow and trees. I did a good four hours so the body was calling out for a rest!!!!!

Book sales are going well!!!

Whooper Swans

Spent a lovely time watching two Whooper Swans on Court Lake in Frampton yesterday. Unusual that we have two here and none at WWT Slimbridge. It is a while since I have seen them in Frampton.

Made a start on a new story today-another with a historical echo based on a local legend.

Don’t forget Friday 2nd February from 7.30 I am performing with the wonderful Dan on his guitar at Kingshill House Dursley. This Gig is for adults but I will be at the House the week before for Family Stories on Sunday January 28th, there is also a Puppet Show and Drama Workshop. Both these Gigs are part of National Story Telling Week. Check out the Kingshill House website for the details.

The Fog

Never had a Kate Bush song title for my blog so it is a first! Was cycling back from doing a Book Promotion at Avening when the Fog rolled in-lucky I was only a few miles from home. Although I later cycled in the dark and fog to our Book Club meal (this one was based on the book “A Confederacy of Dunces” as the book is set in New Orleans the food featured Cajun flavours! Excellent cooking from everyone as usual, and first class company.

I have been Story Telling twice this week to very audiences and will be the same next week. I have also managed to cycle to both Gigs so clocking up a few miles on the bike.

A reminder I am performing at Kingshill House, Dursley it will be me telling stories and Dan Everett and his wonderful guitar singing on Friday 2nd February.

St James’ Park the second one in a season!!!!!

Sorry it is a football post today!

A long day out yesterday in the North East for the F.A. Cup to St James’ Park Newcastle; I had seen the mighty Luton at the other St James’ Park Exeter earlier in the season. We along with nearly 8,000 Hatters went with hope in our hearts. Sadly a couple of mistakes in a poor nine minutes saw us 3 down. However, a spirited fight back saw us get one goal, the ref then wrongly disallowed a goal for offside and we hit the bar. If the second goal had been allowed it could have been a cup epic! It is the hope that gets you. proud of my team and our loyal  following.  The pictures below will give you some idea of high we were!!! Almost suffering with altitude sickness-7 flights up!

Imperium (part2)

Could call it a cultural couple of days for us. On Wednesday we went to the delightful Swan Theatre at Stratford to see Imperium. Clare was keen to see this having read the trilogy of books only problem was there was only one seat available from mid December when we booked till the run finishes mid-February! However there was a standing ticket up in the gods also available. So I was chauffeur and felt like I was consigned to the servants section! However, there was a seat free by Clare so I moved down after the first interval. Excellent play, simple but effective set making good use of below the stage. This was Clare’ s special event to mark our wedding anniversary. Read about mine later in the blog.

Last night we went to Workers Gallery at Porth in the Rhondda to see my brother performing his poems with music provided by his pal Paul. Delightful evening with Chris and Gayle who run the Gallery talking about how it has evolved. If you are ever in the Valleys go and have a look.

Start back on the Story Telling Road next week with two very different Gigs.

Any of you in the local area I will be performing with Dan Everett a superb singer songwriter on Friday February 2nd from 7.30 at Kingshill House in Dursley. Should be a good evening will keep mentioning it over the next three weeks-it is free!

Finally my wedding anniversary treat is tomorrow and the F.A. Cup. I am off to St James’ Park Newcastle, really looking forward to a great day out. Not many people can say they will have visited two St James’ Park watching their team in a season. I hope you know where the other one , a clue the two grounds are opposite ends of the country!