Wow!!! What a Night!!


What a wonderful footballing night at Kenilworth Road last evening! Couldn’t believe how The Mighty Hatters swept aside a good Brighton side. In fact 4-0 flattered Brighton !

Visited my local primary school yesterday to tell stories to celebrate National Story Telling Week. I really enjoyed myself and I think my audience did as well!

A quiet day at Wick Court today bird watching with young people from Orpington. 

Indian Dreams!!!

I thought I would witter away about India and of course the cricket and how set up it now is for our group going out next week. You will have read in a previous blog I am going out to play cricket in Mumbai and then going on to Rajkot for the Third Test. 

After two days of the First Test it looked like England were going to be well and truly beaten! However thanks to some brilliant performances by individuals that have been nurtured by empathetic leadership we turned the game on the head and won. It does mean  by the time I get to the Test we will at the worst be level! I can’t wait!

Popped into my local school this morning to tell a couple of stories for National Story Telling Week. Just like buses a load of bookings have just come in for early March.

Off to watch the Mighty Hatters later against a stylish Brighton team. My fingers will be firmly crossed!

Great Weekend!!!!!

Apologies about no blog for a couple of days. It has been action packed 72 hours! Thursday night was my regular story telling slot at Wick Court.  I followed this up with more story telling on Friday morning just outside of Tewkesbury. A lovely morning. The afternoon was a catch up with my old Headteacher friends that involved a good pedal into Dursley. After a convivial evening I flew home in double quick time!

Mixed fortunes on Saturday. What started as a great cycle ride round the lanes ended with a puncture about a mile or so from home (thank goodness it was close to home!) Great listening to the Mighty Hatters win yet again in the cup at Everton! If we are going to win the cup we know we will have to beat Manchester City! After the remarkable cricket result against India anything is possible!

Today it was very much a family day; looking after our youngest grandson Robin in the early morning then playing with Owen his brother when he returned from swimming. Later we drove Cardiff to see my brother Mike. Tired now!

Soggy on the Severn!

An early start and we were out by the Severn for the monthly bird survey. It was wet and the visibility was poor. Water ran down through my wellies so feet got wet! Had to wade through quite a bit of standing water. Not the greatest conditions for bird watching. However we were treated later to great flocks of lapwings and the evocative sound of the curlew (saw 40 +). Had good views of a male reed bunting picture below of one not mine (I couldn’t get my camera out because of the rain!)

Goldcrest on a lovely afternoon

A delightful day at Wick Court taking young people from Ashmole Primary School South London bird watching. One eagle-eyed young person was chuffed to spot a goldcrest– we only see them occasionally at the farm. We also had a chiffchaff nearby.

I am story telling at Wick Court tomorrow with the young people from Ashmole and on Friday morning I telling stories with young people from Bredon School Tewkesbury.

I have the monthly bird survey out by the River Severn early tomorrow morning to look forward to.


India 2024

England start their tour of India with the First Test on Thursday. Just in case injuries take hold there are some ready made reserves who will be flying out in February to play cricket in Mumbai. This group will be attending the Third Test Match as well! Ok we might be a bit long in the tooth but we have experience on our side!!!!!!! The two pictures below is my baggy cap (the tour date is on the side!) I have to report that the writer of this blog will be the oldest player going (sic)!

Seriously looking forward to it and we will be playing at Bombay Gymkhana ( where many Indian Test cricketers have played and under lights!!!! I have never played a game under lights before! Watch out for bright shirts among the supporters at the Third Test!


Yet More Waxwings!!!!

I am being totally indulgent and adding some more pictures I took this morning of waxwings. Well there are only see  in the South West every few years or so. Clare and I went again to Rodborough this morning to see them (not on the bike today). I think the light was better! than yesterday. It was a quintessentially  British scene – people patiently and politely in groups waiting for the birds to come into view, Other people are walking their dogs wondering what everyone is looking at.

Off later to the Gloucestershire Seniors Cricket Dinner.



Finding Waxwings


I found them! I had to cycle to Stroud and up to Rodborough Common. It was bitterly cold so I didn’t stay for too long! There are beautiful birds. Still hoping they might turn up in Frampton.  There were about 35 altogether. I think it is only the fourth time I’ve seen them in this country- also saw them in Finland.

Had a lovely Story Telling with the young people from Tuffley at Wick Court. 





A Cold Wick Court!!!!

Following an admin sort of day yesterday it was at Wick Court today. Yesterday was getting things like tax returns sorted and attending a  cricket meeting down at the County Ground in Bristol. Managed to get home to listen to the Mighty Hatters on the Wembley Trail just scrape home!

Had a bitterly cold day birding at Wick Court with young people from Tuffley (I am Story Telling with them tomorrow). We managed to see plenty of birds on the feeders – they were delighted when a buzzard glided by the hide!