Five Years

I’ve decided to use the David Bowie song title for today because I wanted a song with Five in the title. If any of you saw the football results last night you might understand where I am coming from! There isn’t a song title Five Goals which is what my team scored in a wonderful fluent performance last night. They don’t come along very often so one has to savour them when they happen! Brilliant!!!!!! The picture below is my self indulgent moment! football shirts were much more interesting before they became advertising billboards!


I will stop this now after all it is supposed to be a Story Telling Blog! Bookings are creeping in so I do need to develop some new stories to tell.

Had a lovely day Bird Watching with the young people at Wick Court yesterday. Also got a soaking this morning doing the Bird Survey out on the River Severn. 200 Curlews and plenty of different waders.



Pouring Cats and Dogs!!!!!

My goodness after a fairly dry September it is certainly making up for it today! I managed to get in a ride this morning before the rain.

My one day old Granddaughter is called Ellen Rose and everyone is well. Hopefully we will be able to visit them all soon.

Looking forward to seeing my old friends from St Peter and St Paul Academy Syston tomorrow at Wick Court. There are a school I have visited regularly with my Story Telling and Author hat on. Weather forecast looks OK thank goodness!

Stop Press

Two bits of news today! We now have another Grandchild born tonight in Exeter! It is like buses from no Grandchildren to now we have two within a year!

Vicky had a little girl weighing in at 7lb 6ozs we are waiting for a name.

Changing the subject following book sales I paid over £300 to Alzheimer’s Society today!

Away Day

I did tell you all we were heading Southwards to Dorset for part of the weekend. We camped just outside Wareham (a regular site for us) within striking distance of RSPB Arne. We normally try and visit in early Spring so we can see Dartford Warblers so we knew this would be a different experience. Stonechats kept popping up everywhere and saw a Charm of 100+ Goldfinches.. We were really impressed by the design of the new hide on the reserve. Plenty of impressive waders including Avocets and one Great White Egret (we saw plenty of Little Egrets as well).

Sadly my team the Mighty Hatters paid the penalty for several missed chances against top of the table Bournemouth.  We are playing some good attacking football despite a significant injury list. We need to win our games this week.

This afternoon took part in a play reading of my friend Brian’s dark play heavily influenced by Under Milk Wood but based on our part of the Severn. The plan is do a Community Plan next Easter time Watch this space!

Rambling Man

I think the title of the Laura Marling song is an appropriate title for my blog (probably all of them!) As many of you appear to read them I feel I must continue to Ramble On  (as Led Zeppelin once sang) You may of noticed I didn’t write much yesterday so playing catch up today!

I enjoyed my Story Telling visit to Ledbury on Tuesday. It is so much better performing in front of an audience rather than being online. I certainly respond and adapt to my audience reaction which is harder online. I am busy playing around with story ideas for future gigs.

Gradually getting back into the routine at Wick Court taking the young people bird watching, it was our third school visiting after nearly eighteen months of the farm being sort of mothballed!

We are off South tomorrow for some birdwatching and football (not feeling that optimistic of my team’s chances!)

Action Packed

I am referring to my busy day – mending a puncture, fiddling with the gears on my bike, telling stories, seeing a friend for tea and finally calling in at the cricket.

I got the puncture last night just as we got home as we returned from a delightful bird watch out by the River Severn-so lucky as I was carrying lots of equipment!

The Story Telling to Year 7 and 8 at John Masefield High School from my point of view appeared to go well. Each group was close to 100 young people. It is good that I am  getting into the performing routine again!

I dropped in to see the boys playing their last game of the season because my book had been requested by one of my team mates.

The Once and Future King

Tomorrow I go back to one of my favourite stories- a lovely fable based on a wonderful  Arthurian legend as I tell a couple of tales to Years 7 and 8. Good to work on learning stories for performance again. Talking of live performance we went over to South Wales on Friday to see my brother Mike comparing a Poetry, Art and Music evening. Delightful evening.

The less said about the football on Saturday the better!  At least we didn’t lose!

We have just come back from a lovely couple of days with my family in Maidenhead. My grandson Owen is a ray of sunshine and our hearts certainly do sing in his company.

Autumn Drift

Great weather at the moment but obvious signs that Autumn is taking over There are still many summer migrants around but they are noticeably on the move. With the children at Wick Court we spotted a Willow Warbler and a few Swallows on Wednesday (I was really impressed by the young people who asked many searching questions.)  I also played my last game of cricket yesterday against Warwickshire and we won! Always a sad moment when you pack your cricket kit away.

Thoroughly enjoyed watching the football at Bristol City on Wednesday night. The Mighty Hatters played some wonderful football and we were scratching our heads that we hadn’t scored in the first half. We got worried when City scored in the second half but we scored in the last minute but really we should of won comfortably.

Finally pleased with the many positive comments on Pig the Legend from people who have read it. I am aiming to pay the Alzheimer’s Society their first installment on the book sales next week.

A Blast From The Past


The publicity surrounding the publication of Pig The Legend has meant I have had several people from my dim and distant past get in touch. The picture above is the Church Street Junior Football team (Stroud) from the late 70s that was sent to me (Thank you Mark) It prompted many happy memories of my early teaching career.

Just to remind you I have a good number of copies if you want to buy one if you buy it directly from me all that money will go to the Alzheimer’s Society if i have to post it I will have to add that cost to the price. It can be ordered through any Bookshop but try and avoid Amazon if you can because we will get a negligible return and I keen we raise as much as possible for the Society.

A busy couple of days coming up so blogs may be intermittent!