Silver Machine

Well the bike isn’t really silver but Hawkwind didn’t do a song called orange and blue machine! You guessed this is a bike update. The bike I’ve been riding regularly over the last 3 weeks bike is Sir Gawain (without a rack on) and have clocked up the miles – 350 this month which  when you consider the time of year I think is fairly impressive!  My trusty workhorse Shadowfax is still at the bike shop. I am hoping to have him back for the Gigs I’ve got looming. I can pack all my props and costume bits on Shadowfax. If you have me for a Gig and it is likely that I will appear on this bike.

Tomorrow I am doing my monthly bird count for the estate the weather forecast means I think I will get a soaking!

More about stories I will be performing next week in my next blog.


“You don’t know what you’re doing!”

Different song title this one! Refers to the gentleman wearing black at yesterday’s game. More later!

Writing is going well and I am managing regular sessions on both my current stories. Will update progress next week. Also starting to prepare for the run of gigs I’ve got at the beginning of March.

Had a good time with our Pete in Putney and we did ride round Richmond Park three times on Saturday morning. Lots of cyclists and parakeets!

Found a delightful pub before the football and met two pals there. Football was disappointing not sure if a referee is ever going to award us a penalty it was GBH yesterday and he booked the player for diving. This followed missing a handball plus offside for the first goal I’m beginning to sound like the Chelsea manager!

Went to watch the tide this morning come over the fields near Frampton. It is a spectacle. Not as high as yesterday’s tide looking at the debris.

Purple Haze

I have been writing my new story that is based around the Farm for City Children where I volunteer and have my Story Telling residency. I found out that 17 parliamentary soldiers were drowned in the Severn near where the farm is in 1644 just after the siege of Gloucester. I’ve found the names of five of them because they were buried in nearby Arlingham Church and I know one of them came from London. So my story is playing on that link but set now at the farm. My research on the River was fascinating I found that Saxons were also drowned nearby chasing the Brits across the river-but that is a bit more folklore territory! This is a long-winded attempt to explain today’s title in that my lead character experiences a moment of haze (not necessarily Purple!)

I am hoping to update the website after Easter-I’ve got some more photos to add and I want to update the information on there.

On the two lovely sunny days we had this week I did a couple of decent rides with  two big hills to climb. I was pleased that I did my best times on both hills so I am almost back to where I was around my Alps adventure last June. On Saturday I am hoping to ride with my Peter either around Richmond Park or into Surrey before going onto to watch Wimbledon play the mighty Hatters.

Mary Rose

Just back from a night in Portsmouth. We visited the dockyard today which has always been a special place with my Dad’s naval background. I always remember visiting the Victory as a nine-year old (about 400 years ago). The new Mary Rose museum is superb. I remember watching it being raised live with my class all those years ago. It will be even better later in the year when they take down the walls protecting the ship. The whole museum is modern with really good displays alongside videos and interactive parts. Will certainly revisit and enjoyed the Warrior and the trip round the harbour all part of the ticket. Go and visit! (I’m not being paid by the Portsmouth tourist board!)

Three Little Birds

Another Story Telling in the wood smoke at Wick Court today. I have quite a few bookings for March so may need to pace myself!

I have had quite a social spell over the last few days seeing old friends. I have been clocking up the miles on the bike. I may have got up to 500 miles already for the year and been doing more climbs over the last fortnight. Today’s ride which was to a meeting promoting Hill, Valley and Vale Children’s Centre. On my way back I saw a Dipper, Grey Wagtail and a Water Vole so we almost get Bob Marley’s title covered. The Dipper is a favourite of mine because it was seeing a Dipper when I first came to Gloucestershire that sparked my interest in birds.

I was very disappointed watching the mighty Hatters on Tuesday night. We should have been out of sight by Half time without playing well and then managed to go 2-0 down. We pulled the goals back but the referee spoilt the game and we ended up with a frustrating draw. We picked up several injuries as well so maybe I will need to take my boots on Saturday.

Tales from the North

The Norse tale I mentioned yesterday was a great success. Now added to my collection of tales from far and wide that I can tell. I often learn my stories cycling and this one I told to the hedges and the trees as I whizzed by. The odd encounter with people meant they heard only a snippet from the story!  Perhaps I need help?

Astral Weeks

I hope you having being enjoying the wonderful moon with Jupiter close by it has been spectacular, lovely views while cycling back at night; so that has given me today’s title thanks Van. I also say thank you to those of you who read my incoherent ramblings in this blog. There have been quite a  few of you this week.

Just back after a decent pedal that included Stout’s Hill one of the more challenging hills around here.

Off to Story Tell later aiming to do the Norse Tale I learnt for last week. Looks like March is going to be busy with several gigs booked.

Down to Exeter tomorrow to taste what beer I am going to buy a barrel of. Not just for me it is for David’s wedding!

Out on the Weekend

Just a quick mention of a super couple of days. Football yesterday was eventful for a time it looked like we heading for our biggest victory of the season when we led 3-0 however a determined fight back by Cambridge had us biting our nails at the end eventually winning 3-2!

Today the old men did our monthly cycle. We did 40 miles with quite a bit of climbing. Sitting here tapping this out feeling good but a little tired!

Really hoping to get on with the two stories I am working on this week.