Don’t think twice it’s all right

Enjoyable cycle back from the Severn Bridge. Logistics caused a bit of a headache but with a bit of doubling back with vehicles we managed it! Clare did really well and we will probably do another ride in the near future. I need to tackle a couple of decent hills to keep my climbing ability up to scratch.

Writing regularly my “Dreams” story and it keeps going off in new directions so not quite sure where we will end up. Enjoying the whole writing process. I’ve got to plan for a different sort of Gig at Stroud College in 10 days. Will be a new experience working with this age group.

Three good goals on Tuesday night kept us well in the mix. Our crowd for the game was better than anything in League 2 and most of League 1 and that is with no away fans!

Out on the weekend

Well where do I start from when I last blogged? First some great news to report; Eldest son David rang this week to announce he and Vicky are going to get married. We are both delighted and we popped down to Exeter with champers and flowers.

Youngest has appeared today with Nicola because it is Clare’s birthday tomorrow. So we treated ourselves to Sunday lunch at the Old Spot. Peter also helped me put my rides onto Strava so I can compare my times with others etc. Tomorrow Clare and I are riding back from the Severn Bridge for her birthday.

I won’t mention that farce Down Under! I did watch quite a bit of the first couple of days but decided not to let the bags under my eyes get any worse once the writing was on the wall.

Book Club was great earlier this week where we discussed Testament of Mary over a hearty meal.Last night as a fund-raiser for the community centre in the village we met with other village book groups; each group chose a country and provided wine, food and a reading from a book to share. An enjoyable evening. I had rushed there straight from the football, we won 2-1 ! Good to hear what others are reading.

Have a couple more gigs in the pipeline.

Testament of Mary followed by the Ashes

Book Club tonight where we are combining the meal and discussion normally they are separate events. It is the Colm Toibin book Testament of Mary, it was the shortest book nominated for the Booker; maybe we chose it because we are slow readers! The meal will have a Palestinian theme because as the title suggests it is set at the time of Jesus leading up to Easter.

Afterwards a few of us are watching the first session of the Ashes from Brisbane. Should be a good night! Feeling nervous about the cricket don’t like this favourite tag I prefer us to be underdogs.

Lovely school from Manchester this week at Wick Court. One group of children delighted to see a Green Woodpecker in the scope. Impressed by the enthusiasm and the thoughtful questions from the children.

Get Back

Flimsy title sorry! Great weekend away. Friday was spent at Leighton Moss bird reserve, had a lovely day. Superb view of a kingfisher took a reasonable photo. We waited specially for the starlings to perform. Saw about 30,000 but disappointingly they disappeared  over the hill before we were able to see their patterns. Didn’t they appreciate we had come to see them?

We were staying in Chester so I was able to walk to the match. Had a very pre social and post match drinks which was a pleasant change, normally we are travelling back. Disappointed we only drew when 3 points were definitely on. Still that ends six successive away games.

Back to Wick Court today for bird watching with a school from Manchester-we got very wet!

Starry Starry Night

My week has been busy with HVV and my bird watching visits to Wick Court. We had our AGM for HVV on Monday that was a relief to get over! We were at Shire Hall today for our review with the Local Authority which was an encouraging meeting.

The children from Peckham did well with their bird watching we had 24 species seen this week.

Not much time to write this week but the story continues to evolve. Hopefully will get more done next week.

Off tomorrow to Chester for the weekend. Surprisingly there is a football match on Saturday-I bet you can’t guess who are playing, well you probably can. It will be our sixth successive away match on Saturday. Next blog should be Monday.

I’m the Urban Spaceman

I had a wonderful day on Sunday. We went to Mike’s for tea and his children and Julian’s family were there. Even had a cake with candles! Later we all went to see Gravity in 3D at the Imax in Cardiff. Visually stunning at times you felt you were in orbit! There wasn’t much of a story line and I felt it fizzled out towards the end.

Busy day yesterday mainly with HVV stuff with two meetings sandwiching my Wick Court birdwatching with children from Peckham. I had originally wanted to watch Shortwood in the FA Cup so managed to see the second half on TV. It’s not often you can say you have played football with two managers (John Evans and Alex Sykes) who are the joint managers of Shortwood!

No writing over the last few days, but I am still bubbling with ideas for my Dream story. Just been asked if I will go into Stroud College to do a Story Telling workshop.

Bellowhead (a year on!)

Those of you who do read my blog (you can get treatment!) my recall round about this time last year I wrote about seeing Bellowhead in Bristol. Saw them again last night in Cheltenham (sold out weeks ago) fantastic the Town Hall was certainly rocking! Hard to describe how you would categorize them there are such an eclectic mix of talented musicians. You certainly can’t keep still when they play!

Off to South Wales to see my brother Mike  if you haven’t got his poetry book “A Wee Bit of Trouble” well worth spending a fiver-I can get copies for anyone who wants one.

Won’t mention football and a cup defeat we can now concentrate on the league!

A busy week for me as trustee of the Children’s Centres we have a review with the LA on Thursday and our AGM tomorrow.

A hard day’s night

Well not really but I did do a gig in the early evening at Hartpury last night. A lovely school and they were doing a special evening for parents and children to encourage writing. Tony the Head is an ex pupil of mine (how old does that make me!) and a wonderful charismatic Head. I did my Harriet the Hippo story-a very visual story and appeals to all ages. I must try to tidy it up and look to get it illustrated. I didn’t cycle because I wasn’t confident about the road in the dark and I had a meeting beforehand.

My dream story continues to evolve. Hopefully over the next month I may have it finished.

I went looking for starling murmurations on Tuesday but only saw small groups the biggest about 50 birds. Will try again over the next couple of weeks. Have seen a male sparrowhawk around the garden a couple of times this week and the tawnys are very vocal at night.

Perfect Day

Well the boys had a fabulous cycle this morning. We did about 40 miles and the sun was shining! The ride included Stouts Hill; what a climb much harder than Frocester Hill. Great fun descending into Wotton and exceeding the speed limit! All topped off with marvellous cakes (yes plural) at Hill Village Hall provided by the local W. I.Now need to download info from my new toy the Garmin.

My dream story is moving on nicely and I am pleased as new twists develop. Will be interesting to see how the characters grow within the story.