The Story Traveller On The Road Again!!!!!

We will leave my football ramblings and concentrate on the Story Telling (makes a change)!

I was at Kingshill House today telling stories to young people and I am there again on Friday morning. On Sunday I am telling stories at the Wick Court Open Farm Day. You can visit Wick Court between 10 and 4- there will be tours of the house and you can walk around the farm, there will stalls and refreshments etc! Please come- I am doing four sessions 11.15, 12.15, !.15 and 2.15.

The Two Severn Bores are performing at Folk Tales in Bristol their first Destiny or Fate show – we are doing our final rehearsal on Saturday.

Have I Come Down off Cloud 9 Yet????

Today should be the last blog mentioning the wonderful events of Saturday. I have frequently been pinching myself to check I’ve not been dreaming. The Mighty Hatters story is remarkable-  a founder member of the Premier League but never played in it. Evicted from the league in 2009 and five years in non-league – a highlight did include being the first non-league to win away at Premier League team that included the current England captain! Now nine years on we are a Premier League team! What is amazing it has been done by being prudent with our budget. It is a good template for football- will be marvellous if we can compete next year by being sensible with the budget. A picture of me and Clare on our way into the stadium on Saturday- you can see many Hatters on the walkway behind us.

Dan and I had a good rehearsal this afternoon – our first performance of Fantasy or Fate is at Folk Tales in Bristol on the 7th June. Then it is Quedgeley Library on the 16th.

Cricket tomorrow is away to Buckinghamshire and my team has been depleted so hopefully we can compete.


The Mad Hatter!!!!!!

What a fantastic day we had at Wembley yesterday! It was like going through an emotional mangle.

Anyone who has been reading my blog over time will know I have a childlike enthusiasm for the my football team Luton Town. Will I ever grow up? Also readers will know that following my football team has been a roller coaster with plenty of ups and downs- it has certainly been an amazing journey.  Perhaps the big boys could learn a lesson or two on how to progress in football without selling your soul!  I mean how my club has done things ethically.

The first picture below is the growing sea of orange before the game. Last two photos are of the family celebrating with my brother with the maniacal look!





I don’t mean the television programme!! I mean of course the clock ticking for tomorrow’s big game the so called richest game in football. It is sad that money comes into it. Feeling a mixture of emotion- genuine excitement and jangling nerves -so sleeping was difficult last night (ridiculous when you get my age!). Everything will be crossed tomorrow ! COYH!!!!!!!!

Just been watching some brilliant cycling in Giro– amazing to watch the riders giving everything up a mountain!

Tickets have Arrived!!!!!

Tension is mounting as we approach Saturday (the Play Off Final for the Premier League). The good news is my five tickets have just arrived electronically. Of course watching the Mighty Hatters at Wembley I will be wearing my Boater -it only comes out for special matches. I am really getting really apprehensive now.

Talking of matches my Gloucester Seniors team won their cricket match against Oxfordshire yesterday. As captain I was chuffed my bowling changes often got a wicket.

Had a warm day at Wick Court bird watching with young people from Holbeach Primary School. I am Story Telling with them tomorrow. I am also up early for the monthly bird survey out by the river.

Destiny or Fate


We are going to have a Two Severn Bores photo-shoot (sic) on Thursday for publicity posters etc. The one above was taken at the Pig The Legend Book Launch. Talking about the Pig book I am hoping I might sell some copies at the June Gigs.

I am hoping for a better result at cricket tomorrow and hopefully a better performance with the bat from me! I think I was distracted last Tuesday!!!!!!!!!

Two Severn Bores (Take 2)

The Two Severn Bores are rehearsing their new show Destiny or Fate this afternoon. We are hoping to get more fluent in our presentation. One of the stories I have written needs Dan’s guitar in a couple of parts and I need him to voice a character towards the end of the story. So timing is important!

Ups and Downs!!!

Well this week has certainly been action packed! Tuesday was certainly a day to remember. I actually played a game of cricket although my contribution was minimal! Was good to put the whites on and have a run around. sadly we lost to Wales. As I rushed back I was on tenterhooks as my beloved Luton Town were facing their Play Off semi-final without me! All us Hatters were delighted with the result  and we are going to Wembley – I have since watched the whole game and the noise was deafening at the ground. Today as been particularly stressful as we suffered a health scare (all ok by the way) and I then spent two hours on my lap top  trying to get our Wembley tickets! I got them eventually!

Had a lovely couple days with the young people from Holbeach from the Lewisham bird watching and Story Telling. I was asked some wonderful questions.

Family Rides

This year sees me reach a significant age so I have set myself the task of cycling to my immediate close family members. Yesterday with my eldest son David we cycled to the nearest (other son Peter) at Bishop’s Cleeve (27 miles) including climbing Cleeve Hill (it is often in the Tour of Britain). Lovely to ride and not worry about rain for a change. We have had a delightful weekend with all our family and have thoroughly enjoyed playing with my wonderful grandchildren.

Big sporting day for me tomorrow- it looks like I will play my first game of cricket for the season so far I have lost 5 games! It is an international – we are playing Wales!

Of course the Mighty Hatters have the second leg of the Championship play off semi-final tomorrow night. Just hope they play for 90 or possibly 120 minutes unlike Saturday where we only played for forty-five! Fingers will be firmly crossed!!!!