We made our annual visit to Stratford yesterday. It seems appropriate this year with the 400th anniversary and especially after our Shakespeare Tour around his birthday. We saw Cymbeline one of the Bard’s lesser performed plays. I have to confess it is a play I didn’t know. When I read the review in the Guardian I was interested that this production had changed Cymbeline into a queen, for someone who didn’t know the play I couldn’t have any view on how it changed the play! It was certainly a lively and different production, someone I heard at the interval comment it was like Mad Max on steroids!  They certainly added a comic touch to the play and I appreciated that. The supporting music was excellent and I enjoyed the performance. I now need to read up about it.

My next live event is the Test Match on Wednesday. I am very excited about this so I am keeping my fingers crossed that the weather is kind.

We had a good couple of days in Brecon over the weekend, I had forgotten how beautiful the hills are.

Summer Breeze

Thought I should explain yesterday’s comment about my Story Telling being mixed last week. There was a lot happening in the school hall and I even found myself distracted by it and I was telling the story not trying to listen! However, on the positive side when I was looking at my Harriet the Hippo story before I performed it I had an idea on how to develop it further.

I did go to the Physio this morning, the good news is he said cycling was OK which is a relief because I was beginning to feel down about it all!

Ride a white swan……

Listened to a Marc Bolan interview on my way to cricket today it was one of those radio 4 programmes that are always interesting especially when you are driving. That is a rather long-winded explanation for today’s title!

I did manage to win the toss in last Tuesday’s tropical heat but sadly we came second. I didn’t even bat myself! What a lousy captain! We had return game with Worcestershire today and we won I am still troubled by my Achilles problem. Need to have it looked at.

My Story Telling last week was mixed. There was a lot going on!



Summertime Blues…..

Short blog partly in response to the many of you who have read the blog today-thank you!

Have been busy on the bike with a good quick ride on Saturday. I wasn’t needed for cricket I think they have decided I am past my sell by date! They might be right! Although tomorrow I am captaining the Glos old men (mainly because I am last man standing!) the forecast looks fantastic-I had better win that toss!

I had forgotten I have one more Gig this week on Thursday. It is a leaving present to a good friend.

If I could walk 500…………..

Today’s song title reflects the way the body is feeling! It has been a busy week with some “so-called ” relaxation a part of it! I now have a decent break from Story Telling unless something comes up and a chance to learn new stories properly and hopefully write-I have several projects on the go. My final Story Telling for a while took place on Wednesday evening and I was pleased with a couple of adjustments I made to stories I know well.

For someone who never has punctures I’ve had three over the last fortnight. I had to repair one in a pub car park after my Hatter’s pre-season meeting with fellow Hatter Mick. I can think of worse places to mend a puncture! I have been busy on the bike clocking up miles and hills. I cycled back from the cricket at Cheltenham on Wednesday at a reasonable lick to get back for my Story Telling.

To further punish the creaking body I had a long day yesterday driving to Cheshire to play cricket for Glos Seniors. We lost but my Achilles problem continues to plague me-perhaps it is trying to say something to me!

Time after Time

Saturday! A busy social week and sadly no cricket today the opposition couldn’t raise a team, I’m sure I would have scored a century (in my dreams).

Body is a mess after playing cricket on Thursday with that troublesome Achilles and a niggly hamstring! I know, it is probably it is connected with old age! Sadly we came second against Devon!

Currently learning a new story may be able to try it on Wednesday night. This one is from Wales and has possibilities to develop. I am hoping to get some writing done this week but the diary looks busy!

Kitty Jay

No connection with today’s title with anything in the blog but was listening to Seth Lakeman  yesterday and I had forgotten what a fabulous piece of music Kitty Jay is!

At last a few days without showers! A glorious day at Wick Court Bird watching, the children were chuffed to see both Sparrowhawk, Raven  and a Buzzard over at the same time. I spent Sunday  morning helping at the Open Day at the farm and we had many visitors. To complete my hat trick of visits have a Story Telling Evening Session there tomorrow night.

I am actually playing cricket on Thursday my appearances this summer have been hampered by both injury and work. Fingers crossed!

Finally had a glorious ride on Saturday over the hills around Stroud.

No Man’s Land / Flowers of the Forest

Very moved by the events of yesterday’s 100th anniversary of  the start of the Battle of the Somme. It is beyond my understanding as to why the battle and how those poor men  had the courage to go over the top. The people dressed as soldiers all over the country giving out a card with the name of a soldier plus his age who died on that first was particularly poignant .We still don’t appear to have learnt the lessons of a hundred years ago. Listen to June Tabor singing the above song to remind you of the appalling waste!

I thoroughly enjoyed my Story Telling on Wednesday night.

I had a lovely family history day accompanied by my Peter on Thursday. It was a gathering of cousins and my sister from my Mum’s side of the family tracing our line back. My cousin Josephine had done comprehensive research which she shared with us.