“Dreamer..you’re nothing but a dreamer

To those people who want to read about erudite comment on books or to read about Story Telling exploits today I am sorry. The blog today is all about Luton’s historic win yesterday. I don’t know about anyone else but to me this last week has restored romance and faith in football. Bradford City’s fantastic win to get them to the League Cup final started it-a much more interesting final than having to watch Man Utd, Chelsea etc yet again! Then we get onto a fantastic weekend in the cup. Well done Oldham, Leeds and Brentford-I can’t mention that team that stole a club and won at QPR.

Dave and I set off bright and early for the long slog to Norfolk. Accompanied by Danny Baker and Fighting Talk on the radio. When we arrived in Norwich there were plenty of Hatters wandering around the city. We met old friends in the pub that was heaving, one of them John Jackson had persuaded me to watch my first Luton game when I was a lad of 13! Since that first match I have seen my team yo-yo through the leagues, win at Wembley twice, many, many lows but some wonderful high points that stand out and resonate through the years.

We joined the 4,000 boisterous Town fans in the ground were in full voice drowning out 20,000+ Norwich fans. The match went like a dream, matching our Premier League opponents for skill and organisation. Mark Tyler our keeper pulled off one superb save and apart from them hitting the post they didn’t really threaten us. We created a couple of chances and then Nirvana!  “JJ” our young sub burst through on the left to cross for Rendell to prod home the winner and all of us so-called rational men went ballistic! So for the first time in 20 years a non-league team beat a top flight club and it was my team LUTON TOWN! Although the non-league tag hurts! David said afterwards it was his best day watching the Town! He didn’t come to the League Cup win at Wembley because he wasn’t old enough he hasn’t had much to cheer in recent years!

Moby Dick

No not the Led Zeppelin offering but I’ve just loaded the book on my tablet for reading when I am away. It is a Book Club read for May. I have put 4 books on the tablet and may add another before I go. Gradually getting used to using it and look forward to use more things on it! I may be an old stick in the mud about social media but this suits me!

Yesterday did my stint with a bird watching group from Catford at Wick Court. It is lovely to see this develop and the delightful enthusiasm of the children. The Little Owl didn’t come out!

Had an important meeting today re Children’s Centres. It was a LA meeting with the staff across the different centres. Had some positive feedback afterwards and we met as Trustees afterwards with the management team. It is good to work with such talented, hard-working and committed group. I booked Forest Green for a whole staff day on the 15th March

Fingers crossed for Saturday and our F A Cup at Norwich-there is snow forecast on Friday night in Norfolk. Our David is coming with me. Will be complicated if it is off!


“Yesterday all my………….”

Slightly silly worrying about the weather yesterday. It was ok and although I went in the car to my gig and didn’t risk the bike.

Enjoyable gig but I feel exhausted now I am at home. I was pleased with the new  stories that I had learnt especially for the themes I was asked to do. I do enjoy learning and telling new stories! Charging around with the Reception Class I think is why I’m so tired! We did cancel the Trustees Meeting tonight.

We booked a couple more things for New Zealand today including Stewart Island where we will  hopefully see more than one species of Albatross. First camp site is also booked. I’ve also now got a tablet for reading while I am away so I won’t have too much weight in the case. I’ve downloaded 4 books (2 for free) and one for 20p no I am not a skinflint! I’ve managed to get my emails on it and also the Luton website!

Will it or won’t it?

Watching the skies and weather forecast carefully today. We have already postponed the cricket quiz for tonight. Tomorrow I have a gig in Stonehouse so I have been busy learning stories -they want stories on an African theme including one class wanting the Ancient Egyptians. Not sure I will be able to cycle to it! Also got a Trustees Meeting for the Children’s Centres tomorrow night in Stroud-we really to need to meet but there is more snow forecast -so I’ll keep watching the skies-what I usually do in the cricket season! There is  a Luton match on Tuesday; unlikely I think and then it is the cup game at Norwich fingers crossed!

My David’s birthday today. Makes me feel ancient to have a boy so old! I’ll put it down to being a very young father!

Is it a bird, is it…………?

Had a lovely time yesterday at Dursley. Enjoyed telling my Super Hero story. Added some embellishments to build up the lead into the story. I have performed this story now a few times. Did a poem as well with the children’s participation. Cycled in on my old bike “Shadowfax” found the pedals hard because I am so used to cleats and this bike has toe clips-very uncomfortable.

Last night went to a meeting about flooding in the area. Lots of people expressed their opinions!!!!

“Let it snow, let it snow” It certainly has today! Christmas card pictures everywhere! Had two contrasting walks today. One was practical to the shop! Second one was looking at wildlife; bramblings, fieldfares, redwings, blackcaps, redpolls were all visible!

Book Club meal went well this week on a Zorro theme-masks, hats and swords were worn.


Hawk Eye

Busy, busy, busy! Working hard for Hill, Valley and Vale Children’s Centre-we have much to do so we are ready for April. Also much socially meeting friends etc. Doing a special gig this week for my old school-they have asked me to do my Super Hero story that I wrote two years for the Infants. They were prepared to pay me but it has been such a part of my life I have declined to charge! Working on re-learning it tomorrow.

I am not writing at the moment because I am so busy but had some good feedback on my story again.

Have a full day Story Telling  next week telling African stories but I am starting with my Harriet the Hippo story so the tutu will have to be dusted off!

Been doing several bird watching sessions with the children at Wick Court-great fun! One boy was so excited when he kept spotting things not always quite what he thought I nicknamed him “Hawkeye”.

Finally watched a Barn Owl for 45 minutes this afternoon-wonderful!

On a bicycle made for 2 or 3 or 4

A real shock to the system on Sunday-we did 45 miles up and down several big hills! I needed a good long soak in the bath afterwards! I was fairly fit up to a chest infection before Christmas but the inactivity of the last 3 weeks meant it was hard work! We went up to London yesterday on the coach to see Pete. Went to the Natural History Museum and saw the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition. Superb! Also went on a nostalgic look at the dinosaurs. Still remember being bowled over 50+ years ago! We got back at just before 4 in the morning, a bit tired now!

Been working on learning some stories for a week on Monday. Telling stories on an African theme. Also telling my Super Hero story some time in the next week at Dursley.

Been busy on the Children’s Centre front with a  meeting this week and much on over the next few weeks.

Wembley, Wembley………

Total football post-my team had an excellent day today beating Wolves in the cup. Just like the old days, great crowd and the ground was rocking. Not long ago we were playing Wolves as equals today there were 59 places between us! We played well and thoroughly deserved our win. Just have to cope with a fixture pile up!

We had a great time Bird Watching in Lancs, missed the otters! We even saw the Hobbit in 3D at Morecambe! Actually enjoyed the film and spotting who the different actors were!

Bike ride tomorrow with the boys! Got permission even though it is our wedding anniversary!

2013-Happy New Year

A sociable few days. Lovely party at the Swinglers to see in the New Year. Weather on New Year’s day was great and we had a super walk round the gravel pits.

Went for a decent ride today nearly 20 miles, first one for a while because I was unwell in that spell up to Christmas. Also met Alfie at Wick Court for a bird count. He proudly showed me his new telescope!

We are off up to Lancashire tomorrow -cheap hotel and two days at Leighton Moss -hopefully will see Otters and Bitterns!