Just finished a book by a Frenchman called the Dark Room at  Longwood. Interesting read because the author visits St Helena and compares his experience with Napoleon’s last days at Longwood House. It even mentions the holes in the shutters at Longwood Farm where Napoleon used to look out from. I’ve stood and looked through those holes! It is now getting on for 14 years since I worked on the island. It was a wonderful to be in a place where history was so tangible you could touch it every time you moved. I still wonder if they play me reading  “Bill’s New Frock” on Radio St Helena! I would love to go back to the island on a Story Telling Tour!

You don’t know what you are doing!

Had a pointless journey yesterday. We set off in pouring rain to watch Luton. Couldn’t believe it when the ref called off the game at just after 2.30 when it had stopped raining. 5,000 + already in the ground, we popped in to have a look no water on the pitch!Sounds like he made a big mistake. Just have to watch these fixtures building up-we have a league game on Tuesday and then the FA Cup games with Wolves when it should be like the good old days!

We pedaled to the WWT at Slimbridge between the showers. Enjoyed watching thousands of Plovers, Lapwings and Dunlin up in the sky.

Just watched the new Snowman and the Snow dog film. Enjoyed it and watched the programme on the making of it. Raymond Briggs and his work formed the main part of this programme. Forgotten what an iconic book/film the original was! Still moved by it!


Finished proof reading my story following advice. Ended up 21500+ words. Reasonably pleased with it-aiming to send it off sometime in the near future. Another ex pupil is going to read it without knowing who wrote it.


Days are getting longer!!!

Christmas over! Dave and Vicky left us this afternoon. Despite our coughs we have had a lovely time (I do sound like 40 a day man!) Pete is still with us for while. We all travelled to the real Theatre of Dreams yesterday (Boxing Day). A straightforward win-hopefully we can start being consistent and push for the top!


Ho Ho Ho Ho

I’ve still got something! I was Father Christmas today at Park Children’s Centre and doing it again tomorrow! Children were delightful and didn’t seem to mind FC’s suspect beard and moving waistline!

Last night we held Poetry in the Shoes. What a wonderful night it was. My brother Mike came especially and performed his poems in the pub-he was superb. His book of poems come out in May. There were great contributions from Brian and Terry as well. I told my Angels Story as well. I think the pub may of attracted some new customers as a result.

Wildlife Spectacular

Had a super weekend in Norfolk. Visited Cley on Saturday one of my favourite places and I noticed it was featured on Country File last night. We got up early on Sunday to go to Snettisham to watch the Knot and Geese being pushed off the Wash by the tide. It was wonderful the cacophony of noise, the beauty of the Knot making different shapes.

This Wednesday we have Poetry at the Three Horseshoes in Frampton. It is a Book Club event open to anyone. My brother Mike is performing (he is just about to have his first book of poems published) and I will be doing Master Of Ceremonies. Should be a good night if anyone wants to join us. We are starting at about 8 p.m.

If anyone wants to leave a test comment to the blog I would appreciate it as there hasn’t been one for a while so I want to check it can still be done.

Bonny Bunch of Roses

Yes it has been busy! Another lovely bird watch with children from Southwark at Wick Court. Children were full of enthusiasm and had that real sense of wonder of the world around them.

I popped into to my old school to watch their Christmas performance; good to see everyone again. The school looked great some wonderful displays.

Saw the wonderful June Tabor and the Oyster Band  in Bath on Wednesday night. They were brilliant. They are playing in Gloucester Cathedral in February for anyone local go and see them (sadly we can’t because we are in New Zealand) you are in for a treat! The Bonny Bunch of Roses is one of their impressive songs and as it is about Napoleon and of course reminds me about  my time on St Helena. They play a real mixture of songs and style of music. Very different to the Fairport version of this song.

I am not mentioning the debacle of Tuesday night! Just to say I thought I could defend better than our defence even at my age but perhaps I might be a bit slow!

We off to Norfolk for the weekend to watch the wildlife spectacular where thousands of Knot fly up in a group.



Been a busy last few days. Taking groups of children Bird Watching at Wick Court on Wednesday and I am doing it with another group tomorrow. Also took Alfie (my mate Brian’s Grandson) out this morning for a Bird watching walk.

I have been writing quite a bit over the last few days. Had some more feedback on my story so I have been rewriting bits of it again. Hopefully after Christmas I might be trying to get someone interested in publication. Also have been doing a bit more on my sport writing as well.

Had a meeting about the Children’s Centres last week more this week!

Went to watch the  Town find some form and win 3-0, big game at Newport on Tuesday!

Swing Low……

Friday’s Story telling at Postlip Hall was a delight. Atmospheric setting! Daniel Morden with some excellent musicians gave a first class performance. We went with friends who enjoyed the whole evening.

A good spell for English sport in the last few days. Two surprising wins; the first was the excellent test win in India where one of Luton’s finest Monty Panesar bowled us to victory.  I am getting up early to watch the start of the 3rd Test don’t think I’ll make the 3.15 a.m. first ball! I managed to book tickets for the first day’s play of the New Zealand-England test match in Dunedin in March! I watched the rugby on Saturday and had to keep rubbing my eyes in astonishment-we made the All Blacks look mortal! Our David was lucky enough to go! Finally the last word on sport the Hatters scrapped through to the 3rd round and we now face Wolves. I have seen a few tussles with them over the years.