Where is Bill????

Where have I been??? The picture below is where I am. Answers in next blog. A clue brilliant for birds at this time of year! You either have to fly or sail to get here!

Even managed to watch the Mighty Hatters in a bar tonight!

Will do lots of reminders about 27th October in future blogs. I need a crowd!

Being Grandad

Had a lovely day in Exeter for my Granddaughter Ellen’s first birthday party. The picture is me with both my delightful grandchildren both fascinated by the balloons. I thoroughly enjoy my role as grandparent although I think both of them think I am just a big playmate!

Stories, Cycling, Garden and Cricket!!!!

Action packed day in deepest Gloucestershire. Enjoyable Story Telling at Wick Court. i told one of my old favourites a Japanese Folk Tale and inevitably Mollie the Sheep. Lovely audience who fully participated in the tales.

Managed to cover a few miles on the bike with two rides. The last one  late afternoon we went round by the River that was absolutely stunning in the sunshine.

Pottered around in the garden doing a couple of jobs so feeling tired now!

Finishing off the day watching some amazing cricket from Pakistan. Our batting was awesome!

Warm Wick Court

It is great to be back at Wick Court (second week for us) and taking young people from Cambridge bird watching. Many Swallows flew over obviously on their migration. The children were fascinated when three Grey Wagtails came close to us by the Moat. One person was so excited by the tails “You can see why they are called Wagtails!”

I am back Story Telling with them on Friday morning.

Buzzard Lift Off


On my ride this morning I saw three Buzzards close up today they lifted out of trees as I went by. Of course these birds are common but seeing them today and being so close  you realised just how big and powerful these birds are. Brilliant!!!

We enjoyed our gig at the Festival yesterday. I do enjoy working with Dan as the Two Severn Bores. I am hoping our next venture we manage to blend the music  much more into the stories. So watch this space!



Festival Gig

Two Severn Bores spent a delightful afternoon performing at The Great Barn Festival at Great Coxwell Barn about nine miles North East of Swindon. It is a wonderful old 13th century stone barn.  Certainly a different venue! Our theme was River Journeys. It was building on one of our past collaborations when we did the River Severn. The festival had a lovely atmosphere with plenty of different things going on. We will now develop ideas for our next collaboration.

Thoroughly enjoyed the football yesterday (it helps when you win!) the second goal was worth watching!  Despite what has seemed a stuttering start we have exactly the same number of points as we had at the same  stage last season- so fingers crossed!



Rehearsing with Two Severn Bores

We have just rehearsed our links for our Two Severn Bores performance at the Great Barn Festival on Sunday. We both now need to go away and nail our parts – me the stories and Dan the songs!

Went back to  Wick Court volunteering yesterday taking the young people Bird Watching – it was quiet!!! I was Story Telling there tonight before our rehearsal.


Advance Notice Thursday 27th October at Kingshill House as a special for All Hallows Eve I will be telling “Tales from the Dark Side!” More details to follow! Put it in your diary!

Time Travelling

Just had a wonderful 24 hours back in Hitchin (my old home town) meeting up with old school chums – we all left in 1972!!!!!! We were taken for a tour of the school this morning that both took us back in time and glimpsing the future.. Afterwards the Head sat with us over a cup of tea and biscuits and chatted honestly with us about school issues. He was very impressive with a clear vision for the school

I now have to get down to some serious Story learning work- the Two Severn Bores are performing at the Great Barn Festival on Sunday. Dan (the musical half of the Two Severn Bores) and I have a rehearsal booked for Thursday night.

Wickets, Wickets and Wickets!!!!!!

Of course I am referring to the tumbling wickets at the Oval. I went yesterday to meet up with people I went to school with we were reliving when as spotty adolescents we went to the first three days of the famous Oval test of 1968. A memorable match for a variety of reasons. It was of course the Test Match I have written about before when we ended up in the England Dressing Room.  I took the civilised transport option and travelled up by train. I met the Cotterells on the train who are Joe Root’s in-laws so we had plenty to chat about. An exciting day’s cricket where if you blinked you missed something!

I am off on the train again tomorrow to Hitchin (my old home town) to meet up with people I was at school with. Some of who I haven’t seen for 50 years!!!!