Idiot Wind

First proper ride for a while. Hard into a strong wind but needed to be done. That is nearly 4,200 miles for the year and pushing towards 200,000 feet of climbing. Both those figures helped by the Pyrenees and the Coast to Coast and back again.

I think the Bob Dylan song title for today is appropriate with today’s football score, what happened to my boys? “Biting through our defence Wind” would of been a better title but it hasn’t been written yet!

Planning to get down to a few writing projects next week.

Happy New Year to you all!

High flying Hatters Hammer another Hatful !!!!!

I hope all of my loyal readers have had a great Christmas. My goodness the weather is all over the place one minute really mild (wore my shorts on the bike) and today ice everywhere. I think that is why I have had my first cold for two years. Hopefully a good walk later.

Read an inspirational article in yesterday’s Guardian about one of the schools that visit us at Wick Court. The school is called Surrey Square and it is a school I visited on my Blunderbirds tour in 2016. They are doing wonderful things for the refugee families who use the school that the state has sadly neglected.

Boxing day was a treat with football at Swindon so not far to go for a change. A five nil away victory and it could easily of been more. Had to pinch myself to check I wasn’t dreaming. You just hope this wonderful run keeps going.


Christmas Carol

A short seasonal blog. We went to see my brother Mike being Scrooge on Friday night in Cardiff. A delightful evening and I was really proud of Mike who was excellent. Dickens was certainly a wonderful writer and many of his stories resonate today as Food Banks grow and more people are homeless.

Yesterday went to Luton to see the mighty Hatters go four points clear at the top. I am hoping the great form continues till May!

Anyway Merry Christmas to all the loyal readers who read my incoherent ramblings. Have a peaceful and happy one!

Raptor Raptures!!!!!!!!

I had a wonderful Bird Survey yesterday morning. It started slowly but my goodness did it develop! Many Lapwings over the river and 400+ Dunlin were highlights. Towards the end of the survey a Short Eared Owl was flushed and flew around us for a while, a Marsh Harrier was hunting over the Reed Bed also fairly close to us. the final highlight was a Merlin shooting into the Reed Bed. Also had good views of a Kestrel hunting. What a morning! The others also saw a Peregrine. What a morning!

I have done a few miles on the bike, the roads are mucky so the bike needed a good wash down. Have delivered a few copies of the book while on the bike as well.

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust………………

Oh dear!!! The Ashes certainly have turned to dust. It has been depressing listening through the night to the action Down Under. With the batting struggling I still didn’t get a call! Talking cricket I met up with my Test Match pals for a seasonal drink last night. We are going to two Tests and a One Day International next summer.

I am enjoying reading Neil Gaiman’s book on Norse Mythology, it is well written. Last week our Book Club met here at my house for an “Art Evening” with our usual high standard of wonderful food. Each one of us had to talk about a piece of Art that meant something to us. It was a remarkably diverse and enjoyable evening. My pals never cease to amaze me with their imaginative ideas. Back on a Book theme in January.

The Boys Done Great…………

To start with it has to be football hence today’s title. For me it was my nearest game I can go to as the Hatters were at Forest Green. The mighty Hatters were certainly under par and a very poor ref certainly favoured the home team. However, we were too strong and won comfortably despite the ref. At least I can walk around at home without a bag over my head! Top by two clear points now! Forest Green certainly set up to prevent us from scoring making it difficult but 3 points are three points and our second goal was comical!

On the Story Telling front Thursday proved to be a tough day. My regular gig at Wick Court went really well later my gig. Later I found my next gig a challenge because the voice was struggling and I had a wide age range.

Finally sales of the book are going well!


White Winter Hymnal

A new band for today’s title, Fleet Foxes, I nearly went for Springsteen but we have had him a few times. Certainly a different sound. Had to be a reflection of the weather! I wrote yesterday about my Saturday and the book. Well wasn’t I lucky we had snow all day yesterday but not as bad as the hills around. Dreading tonight supposed -10 to -14 ? Big decision in the morning do I cycle to Wick Court, think it might be safer than the car but will need to wrap up well! I hope the children have plenty of layers on for our Bird Watching.

I have been getting in touch with half a dozen local schools offering my services on Story Writing in exchange  for the opportunity of selling the books in school. I’ve already had a couple of schools (many of them closed today) book me for early next term.

Paperback Writer

Obviously couldn’t resist that title! Picture of the cover below. I have actually sold a few books already, plenty more to go! A busy week ahead on the Story Telling front with a few Christmas stories to tell and then a spell off!

Busy going over a couple of my other stories and tidying them up for maybe publishing. Had a thought about one of them which I may talk about it in the future.

I went to football yesterday for the League 2 top of the table clash. It ended up a draw, we couldn’t quite cope with the physical approach of Notts County so took a while to get going.


American Pie

I’m not talking about the mess that clown in the Oval Office is making! I wanted a title that reflected the past and this song certainly did that. The history I’m talking about is last night and our pub gig. It went really well and people have been in touch throughout today commenting on how much they enjoyed the evening. Not sure how much we took in the collection for Farms for City Children but will let you know. Picture below is me telling a Gloucestershire Story with the bar firmly behind me! More later this week and a picture of the book!