Hamnet at Stratford

Lovely drive in the Spring sunshine to Stratford yesterday. We went to see Hamnet in the Swan Theatre. I had read Maggie O’Farrell’s moving book last year and really enjoyed it. This production certainly played around with the structure of the story but was equally as moving as the written story. The set was effective and enhanced the story telling.

How Much Is That Doggie In The Window???

I have thought of various song titles about dogs but had to go with this classic song title especially when you look at the picture of Shaun The Dog below from the recent community play! Looking at it perhaps I should  stick to the day job!


Busy day today! Bird Survey first thing followed by doing one bird session at Wick Court. Will blog about it tomorrow.

Where Have You Been??

Apologies there has been no blog since the middle of Sunday. It has been a busy first part of the week. Thoroughly enjoyed the final talk at the History Festival on Tutankhamun really interesting as knowledge has developed since Carter’s discovery a hundred years ago.

Monday I went to watch the Mighty Hatters win again against Middlesborough who for quite a chunk of the game looked the better side. Team spirit and resilience saw us home.

I was supposed to be playing cricket on Tuesday (was supposed to be our first league match) – the persistent rain of previous days saw it cancelled. So we shot down to help look after our granddaughter Ellen who has been unwell.

Today I took the young people at Wick Court bird watching but birds were thin on the ground! Tomorrow morning I am out on the monthly bird survey here in Frampton.

History Festival

We have enjoyed Gloucester Spring History Festival. Still one event to go  to this evening. We were really impressed by the Gloucester Archaeologist who presented a film on Friday night. Clare enjoyed Alice Roberts yesterday. I am off for a talk later on Tutankhamun 100 years On  by Janina Ramirez. 

Stress Free Saturday!!!

Normally Saturdays during the football season can be an anxious time! The Mighty Hatters are not playing till Monday night (it is on the telly!) so I will face an anxious Monday night instead! I will get back late on Monday and then have our first league game of cricket on the Tuesday weather permitting! So I may be exhausted by the time I get home on Tuesday!

Dan (Two Severn Bores) and I had a rehearsal/ planning meeting today. He has penned some great songs to go with the stories I am telling for our new show. We are calling it Destiny or Fate! We have one performance booked for Bristol in June and are currently negotiating with other venues. We are encouraged with how both the stories and the music are developing.

I walked up to Splatt Bridge last night and watched the two Marsh Harriers being very busy. Heard the wonderful sound of the Bittern booming. Magic!

All Go!!!

It has been a busy 24 hours or so. Lovely day with the young people from Wyvil Primary School. We managed to see 23 species altogether.

Shot off afterwards to watch a rather bizarre game of football where my side once again looked very good despite being held to a draw. Just have to hope the Mighty Hatters keep it up in the Play Offs (something we have never won before.)

Had a delightful day with my two grandsons today. Thoroughly enjoyed reading the Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson 5 times to Owen!!!

Finished off with a Story Telling at Wick Court.


Had a busy day doing a cycle ride and a couple of jobs. I should of been playing cricket today but the ground was still damp. First league game next Tuesday!

On the Story Telling front hoping to publish a couple of Two Severn Bores dates in the near future. We are booked for Folk Tales in Bristol on the 7th June ( will give more details nearer the time. I already have a couple of bookings for me for the summer.

We have had a lot of interesting bird activity here in Frampton with Bitterns and Marsh Harriers being seen regularly. A birding friend sent me the Harrier pictures below from by the Severn. I am resuming my bird watching with young people at Wick Court tomorrow.

Finally off to watch the Mighty Hatters tomorrow night- fingers crossed!



All Go!!!

It certainly has been a busy weekend! The play went really well especially the final performance on Saturday night! I was exhausted when I finally got home.

Spent yesterday and today down in Exeter with our lovely family down there. There is a picture of me, David and our delightful granddaughter Ellen in a forest this morning.

Another brilliant away win by the Mighty Hatters on Saturday. Off to watch them on Wednesday night.