Story Learning

Frantically learning stories for Thursday. I am telling some that I haven’t told for nearly three years so I need to have them fresh in my head. One story I am telling on Thursday is my old friend Pirate Pete my own idiosyncratic story. I have enjoyed reading through it again today- I even did some editing of it today. I really ought to do something about getting this one published.

I have been unable to cycle over the last few days because I have a trapped nerve in my back the Physio says it is in my neck! I do miss my bike!!!

Out On The Weekend

A weekend blog so the old Neil Young song is today’s title.

Friday we went with our friend Dave to the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust at Slimbridge.  (we had given him membership for his significant birthday). It was the best day of half term weather wise so the WWT was heaving with happy inquisitive families. We had a great morning initially checking out the Glossy Ibis that has been around for over a month. The first hide we sat in awe watched a Peregrine that literally had just made a kill. We watched with macabre fascination as the Peregrine enjoyed his meal and feeling sorry for the poor Godwit that was being demolished in front of us. (the pictures below are Dave’s)



We even went out for two nights on the trot – a party and a cricket dinner.

Saturday I also watched the Mighty Hatters win again. It wasn’t a great game but now suffering with a nosebleed brought on by our lofty position. Keep pinching myself is this really happening. A club that was in non league football a few years ago is now in a play off position in the Championship. COYH!!!!!!!!  

Today we were relieved to do our last Winter Bird square (recording every bird we see in an OS Map Square). This time we were sent up to near Tewkesbury. We do enjoy being sent to places we wouldn’t normally go to bird watching.

This afternoon I went to a play rehearsal for the play we are performing towards the end of April (more details later).



Wet , Cold and no Birds!!!

A fairly fruitless morning by the banks of the Severn being buffeted by a cold wind and rain. We were doing the monthly bird survey and not surprisingly there were not many birds. One encouraging thing was we saw three Hares, this is the third successive month we have seen them in the land by the river. pity about the weather because the Hares were close enough for a decent photo. i had to leave early this morning because I had an appointment with a physio in an attempt to mend my broken body- the sun came out as I left!

Had a good day bird watching with the young people from Kelvin Grove Primary (Lewisham). We managed to spot 27 species. I am off Story Telling to them later tonight.

Another excellent win for the Mighty Hatters last night and we should of scored more. It has been a great season so far. Next week will be a big week with two tough league games and a cup match against the World Club Champions (not sure if that means anything!)

Kingshill House Gig

Had a lovely morning at Kingshill House telling stories. On these gigs you never know the age range of the audience. It was wide! I am experienced enough to adjust my tellings and so I make the story much more visual and put in more audience participation. Occasionally I surprise myself on how different the telling becomes as a result.

Tomorrow I am at Wick Court Birdwatching with the young people from a Lewisham School. If the body is OK I rush off afterwards to do cricket nets.




Busy on the Story Telling front over the next few days. Kingshill House tomorrow and next week up with my old friends at Syston for World Book Day. I do have complicated logistics around this Telling.

On the Wednesday I am doing my usual volunteer bird watching with the young people at Wick Court, I then rush across the country for the FA Cup where the Mighty Hatters take on some team called Chelsea. After the game I drive up the M1 to a travel lodge near Leicester ready for the Story Telling on Thursday. I then get back home hopefully in time for my quiz team’s match! i think I will be tired on Thursday night. I also need to protect my voice so no shouting at the football!

My Exeter family have stayed with us over the weekend and our four month old granddaughter Ellen was a delight and she thoroughly enjoyed having an active bird book with bird songs and illustrations. Every time we played a song she gave  the most wonderful smile.

Up, Up, Up – Brilliant!!!!

Another positive day at the football yesterday. Apprehensive before kick off following last week’s capitulation. A difficult journey up added to that apprehension. The Mighty Hatters lived dangerously in the first half with some silly mistakes. A good second half and two well taken goals saw us win. Once again we can dare to dream!

Lovely to see both our grandchildren today.


Storm surge has been and gone but we need to keep an eye on the high tide tonight. I walked up to Splatt Bridge this morning and took a few pictures of the distant river.


I did say it would be about Story Telling today but will just say I am at Kingshill House on Tuesday telling stories and playing games for their half term activities. also telling stories at Wick Court on Thursday.


Sitting with some trepidation about the next 30 hours here in Frampton. The police came round with warning leaflets because there is expected to be a significant storm surge up the Severn tomorrow morning. I don’t think I have ever had a warning like this before. So they may not be a blog a tomorrow! Family are supposed to be travelling to us tomorrow but that is on hold at the moment.

A moment of frustration earlier today. I had cycled off to the dentist and was on my way to Wick Court from there to fill up the bird feeders when disaster struck! I got  a puncture but although I had stuff to deal with it when I inspected the tyre it had a major gash-you can carry spare inner tubes with you but not a tyre! It was a long, long walk back home! Have replaced it with a new tyre that is more expensive and supposed to be more resistant to punctures! We shall see!  The feeders didn’t get topped up!

Next blog whenever it will be will be on Story Telling! I my busy spell coming up!

Aches and Pains

A real physical day for my body! I went for a decent ride this morning with the Old Groynes doing 35 miles with quite a bit of climbing. Hard work when we turned into a strong wind- the start of Storm Dudley. We certainly needed our coffee and cake ( a gigantic slice)! Being a glutton for punishment I went to my first cricket net of the year. 90 minutes of bowling and batting means I am now aching all over my ancient body! Hot bath beckons!

We spotted the female Blackcap yesterday on our feeders (first sighting of a female this year). I took a picture through the window. The other picture is a Thrush in our pond. We don’t get them that often in the garden but when they appear they often bathe in the pond.




Where’s Bill????

Well he is not wearing a red and white hopped t-shirt, hat and glasses! You might have wondered why he hasn’t posted all weekend. We have been East to Cambridge to meet our old friends Colin and Cee who we haven’t seen since the pandemic hit. So it was a lovely weekend. For Clare it was nostalgic visiting her old university city.

We visited the Fitzwilliam Museum which I found fascinating and gave me a few ideas for future stories. I took the picture below of one of Henry Moore’s  Mother and Child bronzes (you can see my shadow as well!)