A Hard Days Night

How about that for an old song title for the blog! It has been a busy week on several fronts so that is why I chose the old Beatles song.

So pleasurable work on the bike where I have clocked up plenty of miles, now over 450 for the month, including a long ride Friday afternoon.

Story Telling has been fun but tiring, delightful evening in Bristol at Folk Tales. I performed with a group called Tenderlore who were reminiscent of Crosby, Stills and Nash and also Dan Everett. I did do “Hand of Glory” which continues to evolve the more I tell it. it was a long night!  Also did two of my regulars this week-my monthly slot at Hygrove House and my Thursday Wick Court Gig.

Saw a cracking game of soccer yesterday that ebbed and flowed with superb football. It was a pity Charlton equalised at the end!

Autumn Almanac

Always good to have an excuse for a Kinks song as a title for the blog. It is the Equinox today so 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness.

Several inquiries coming in for gigs over the next few months. Could be interesting. Busy learning my stories for Wednesday night.

I’ve been on several rides recently clocking up the hills.

Soggy Footsteps

Lovely time at Wick Court Story Telling in the Round House. I feel fortunate to be able to perform in such a wonderful setting. I did a story I haven’t done for a couple of years “The Inn of the Donkeys” a Chinese Folk Tale. It is a good tale!

Got a good soaking doing the monthly bird survey along the banks of the Severn. Sadly the weather meant we didn’t see that much apart from a mixed flock at the end with a few Chiffchaffs.

Busy week ahead with a performance at Folk Tales in Bristol on Wednesday night-8 o’clock start. It is at the Benjamin Perry Scout Hut if any of you want to come along. I also have my monthly work at Hygrove House on Thursday morning.

99 Red Balloons

Had difficulty with the title for today-I was spoilt for choice! Maybe use the other ideas some time in the future. I wanted the word Balloon in the title and I liked this song when it first game out in my dim and distant past (for any young people reading my past was a very,very, very long time ago).

We held a balloon debate  last night at Book Club (we all had to chose an author and speak to keep them in the balloon.) Great evening with passionate arguments put forward.

Sadly I was defending Homer (not Simpson) and I was thrown out!

Will blog again soon!!!!!


A first I think! A Coldplay title for today’s blog! Mainly to acknowledge being back at Wick Court with the children on Tuesday. It was hard work spotting any birds in the morning it was windy and there was some rain in the air. It improved and honour was satisfied in the end! I will be doing the Frampton survey next week. (One of my many bird pictures from Namibia below-I don’t need an excuse!) It is a White-Tailed Shrike.

I followed up on Thursday with a Story Telling session with the same children. It is lovely telling in the Round House it adds to the atmosphere. I now have to work at learning stories for my Bristol Gig with Dan at the end of the month. We call ourselves “Two Severn Bores”. I know some of you will think that is appropriate but perhaps harsh on Dan.

Keep Right On To The End Of The Road

Thought the title was appropriate on two counts. Clare and I finished our ride around Morecambe Bay on Friday. It was as I already mentioned a beautiful ride with magnificent views across the Bay. We cycled almost 100 miles altogether and the picture below is of both of us by the statue of Luton’s most famous supporter Eric Morecambe on the seafront at Morecambe. Talking of the mighty Hatters I watched them lose at Doncaster on the way back. We played some great football and we was robbed!!!!

Carrying on the sporting theme I went to the Oval yesterday (Sunday). Another absorbing day and I saw the start of Alistair Cook’s last Test Match innings. It was magical to see him go on today and get that final hundred. An emotional day! The picture below is Cook walking out to bat -a bit distant.

Back to Wick Court tomorrow for Bird Watching with the young people from Prior Weston.



Sunshine on my Shoulder

We are now two thirds of way through the Morecambe Bay Cycle Way. Yesterday’s weather was just right and the views across the bay were stunning. I even managed a couple of hours today at Leighton Moss one of my favourite bird reserves -highlights were 1000 plus Godwits. Spotted Redshank, and 4 Great White Egrets. Last day riding tomorrow. Hopefully will post a picture when I get home.

Lots of bookings coming in for the next three months.


Book Club Tour

My goodness it is all action here, all pleasurable! This weekend saw me away from home starting with a wonderful day at the Test Match on Friday. It was cracking Test Match that had you totally gripped as fortunes swung back and forth. I was really impressed by the Rose Bowl, the view of the cricket was excellent and the organisation was first class. Picture below.

I made my way from the Rose Bowl to join my Book Club Chums in Oxford for a literary weekend (sic) We had a great time visiting land marks connected with authors or particular books. Each of us had to do a presentation and we had a tour of the city by a guide who focussed on the literary links. Picture below of us in the Eagle and Child pub where Tolkein and C.S. Lewis used to meet.

My action packed week continues as Clare and I head North to do cycle the Morecambe Bay Cycleway. Also have more sport planned for the weekend as well.