Bike Mishaps

Short blog tonight ahead of tomorrow’s epic! Clare and I went for a ride to Stonehouse for the opticians (cue all those jokes about my cricket). A new and novel experience my pedal fell off exactly half way! I ended up cycling home on one pedal not an experience I’m keen to repeat! Ironically it was my trusty mount “Shadowfax” which I had hoped to ride on the Exmouth Exodus tomorrow. Made me realise the bottom bracket needs some attention so will use “Sir Gawaine”  tomorrow. Glad it happened today and not 1 a.m. in the middle of nowhere!

Another win for us on Thursday this time we snatched victory from the jaws of defeat so we were “Over the Moon, Brian!” Still pinching myself about the cricket from Edgbaston-what an Ashes; error strewn but riveting!

Allez Allez (again)

This is a sporting comment blog so apologies to any Story Telling readers out there. I meant to write at the weekend to comment on the Tour de France. What a Tour especially at the end on the Alpe de Huez. I thoroughly enjoyed the coverage of that day especially reliving our exploits last year ( much slower than the tour of course!) On Saturday I am cycling with my Dave and some of his mates the Exmouth Exodus a ride through the night from Bath to Exmouth. (I will have my head examined!)

I am in the middle of a couple of veteran cricket matches for Gloucestershire Old Men. We beat Wales yesterday and Somerset today. Last week travelled up to Cheshire to last two balls at the crease and not trouble the scorers. So who am I to complain about England’s batting at Lords!

In the Early Morning Rain

Well could easily be All Day Rain! Feels like one of those old fashion summer days of rain; we have spoilt recently! Who remembers the old Gordon Lightfoot song for today’s title? I might try to find it later!

Have been dabbling with my Allotment Story but I am struggling with parts of it. I am still searching for a new adult story for telling so I am currently working my way through different folk tales from several different sources.

The Gloucestershire old men went up to Cheshire for a game of cricket. We came second! I didn’t trouble the scorers and like all batsmen didn’t like the umpire’s decision!

Finally been getting quite a few miles in on my bike and getting in some decent climbs.

Summer Time Blues

Oh dear the news from Lords was not good. After the highs of Cardiff that was a big let down! Beware the wounded Aussie! I had to go out for a decent ride and climb some hills just to get it out of my system. Was pleased with my climbing on a hot day.

I played an enjoyable game of cricket for my club yesterday and I have a Gloucestershire  veterans game to look forward to later in the week.

No Story Telling this week so I will make an effort to learn a new story. Also went back to my Allotment Story I started last year.


The River

As I was by the river this morning I think we will have a song title from the “Boss”. I was doing our monthly bird count and it was a quiet morning not that many birds. All the scrapes have dried out and my patch hasn’t got many trees in it.

Had a lovely Story Telling at Eastington on Tuesday morning. I did “Harriet” and the children enjoyed seeing Malcolm the Head participating in the story.

Had a good day yesterday started with a Children’s Centre Meeting, then cycled to the station to go to Cheltenham to watch the cricket. Day was rounded off by Book Club in the evening.

Test Match Special

What a great Test Match against the Aussies this one is. Had a marvellous day at Cardiff (2nd day of Test) a real absorbing day’s cricket! Let’s hope we don’t blow it now!

Finished my “bus run” of gigs late on Wednesday night and I was really tired what with the performing and travelling. Pleased with how they went especially when I had to perform in the cinema bar on Wednesday! One more gig on Tuesday morning just doing “Harriet” for an old colleague who is retiring and then a break for a while.

The Silver Screen

Almost there on my busy spell of Gigs! I am half way through my Hereford Gigs. These gigs are for the National Literacy Trust (like the recent Bath gigs) so today I was performing in a cinema (Screen 5) which was new experience. I was pleased with my performance today, especially as I made sure I built-in more audience participation. Feel tired now because yesterday I was working all day in a school in Malvern. Tomorrow is all day at Hereford and an evening performance at Wick Court.

We watched the Handlebards on Sunday; four actors on tour who cycle to their gigs carrying everything with them including their camping stuff. It was Midsummer’s Night Dream and it was delightful.  Look them up!

The Wheels on the Bus………..

My Story Telling is like buses (I don’t mean the telling part!) I have spells where I have some time off and then like buses a load come through all at once! Just back from performing my Harriet the Hippo story for an footballing friend who is retiring as a Head Teacher before I set off for an international cricket match for the Gloucestershire Old men against Wales! II was playing football with Ian 40 years ago; what a sobering thought! Last night I tried out my new story based at both Wick Court and London. I was pleased with it and as you tell it new ideas float in! So some rewriting this weekend!

Next week it is full on with gigs in Hereford (2 days), Malvern and of course one by the fire at Wick Court. Need to make sure I manage my voice!

Shall probably blog again at the weekend.

Also met up with fellow Hatter Mick this week as our pre-season lunch and chat about footie!