Squeaky Bum Time!!!!!

The title of course refers to football. I have all my fingers crossed hoping that the Mighty Hatters get the point we need to get into the Play Offs. Will be very nervous watching how we do at Fulham on Monday.

I hinted my life was busy well Thursday was relentless. Up early for our monthly Bird Survey by the River. Plenty of Swallows moving through and a good variety of species. We had excellent views of a Whitethroat and a Grasshopper Warbler that was singing its heart out! Picture of the Grasshopper Warbler below. (not my picture).


After the survey I rushed off to play my first game of cricket of the season. It was a Gloucestershire Seniors friendly. I was pleasantly surprised by my batting hitting the middle of the bat although I didn’t quite get into double figures. It was then off for  quiz league match in the evening we came second!

Did a Story Telling at Wick Court yesterday telling a couple of old favourites!

An early morning pilgrimage to the Forest of Dean to one of our favourite places the RSPB reserve at Nagshead looking for Redstarts (picture below not mine because I forgot my camera) and Pied Flycatchers. Great views of Redstarts – I didn’t see an Pied Flycatchers although Clare got a glimpse. a wonderful Treecreeper captivated us near the Hide. The Oak trees looked magnificent.



Pleasant Surprise

Incredibly busy couple of days where I have hardly had time to draw breath more on my busy couple of days in tomorrow’s blog. I have to rush off for my Quiz League Match.

Yesterday at Wick Court with the children from South London we spotted a Whinchat from our bird hide. I don’t see them that often and certainly it was a Wick Court first. Picture below isn’t mine!


The Mozart Question

A real treat tonight we went to the theatre!!!! It was our visit to the Barn Theatre in Cirencester (a small intimate theatre) to see an adaptation of The Mozart Question by Michael Morpurgo. It was a moving story with plenty of music. The actors were all musicians. Good to see live theatre again.

Performance !!!

As a Story Teller you always think carefully about your performance, where you stand where in your mind  your characters are in relation to you the Teller, your voice etc! Obviously you have a script of sort floating in your head but it can be fluid- I will react to my audience. Acting in a play is obviously different because you have lines that others rely on for cues etc and you are directed by somebody other than you!  As I mentioned previously I have just been performing in Between Severn Tides by my Brian Dimmock– a play inspired by Under Milk Wood but located in our community near the Severn. At the heart of the story was a Second Coming this time the messiah was going to be female and certainly had a strong feminist theme running through it.

It was well received by all 3 audiences and the songs/music enhanced the whole performance. Many of you who know me well might be surprised I was actually singing in it (not on my own see one of the pictures below) – although I do occasionally have snatches of songs in my Story Telling but usually tongue in cheek.

The set, if you look at the pictures, was supposed to resemble a workshop hence the scaffolding and the sheets of corrugated iron. The cast were dressed in dull colours so we could  blend into the set. I started by wearing a jacket and trilby as a hen pecked husband and verger for the local church. When I throw of the shackles of my nasty wife Lavinia  I throw away the jacket and put on an ethic style hat as I run off with Meryl the Rock Chick on her boat!

I did enjoy being part of a team and it was in every sense a real community play and I got to know different people. It has taken up much time and I haven’t been able to develop new story ideas both writing and performing! I have a busy period coming up next month so I need to get down to some grafting.

Picture 1 -The cast singing (including me!)  Picture 2 My domineering and spiteful wife Lavinia  with me being hang dog!   Picture 3 Bradley (me) as ghosts with Meryl the Rock Chick!








They Think It Is All Over…………….

Two pictures from yesterday’s matinee performance (both performances on Saturday went well). Hopefully will soon have some clearer ones. Notice the subdued colours- can you spot Bradley Graveside Moss? Will explain colours and the set in the next blog!

The encore below with writer Brian in the front (Bradley has moved and changed a bit!)

On The Boards!!!!

It has been a busy two or three days as we prepare to perform Between Severn Tides. It is a community play with a good cross section of local people taking part. Tonight was the first performance . It was a positive performance in front of a sell out crowd. I play the part of hen pecked husband Bradley Graveside Moss who finds his voice and runs off with a rock chick who lives on a boat. It is a story about a second coming (this time it is a female) with tragedy as well. There is some great music and full of humorous songs. Two more performances on Saturday so I miss tomorrow’s football- so fingers crossed.

Learning Your Cues!!!!!!

We had our first rehearsal of Between Severn Tides on the built set. It was not brilliant as we found we had a few technical difficulties when we moving between places and picking up cues. I missed mine!!! It was also the first rehearsal when the whole cast present! I’m sure it will be OK when we get to Friday for the opening performance. It is an interesting play written by my friend Brian. Anyone wanting a ticket for this weekend Friday or Saturday get in touch

Thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Cardiff yesterday.for the football. I went by train so had that lovely ride down by the Severn. Good to look across from the opposite bank for a change! I met my brother Mike and friends of his (Cardiff supporters) in the Chapter Arts Centre and enjoyed a convivial drinks together. The Mighty Hatters triumphed despite an increasing injury list compounded by three more serious injuries in the match. Fingers crossed we start getting some players back otherwise I might have to find my boots again! It has been an amazing season so far!

Happy Hatter

It was with great trepidation that I went to the Theatre of Dreams yesterday. My beloved Hatters were down to the bare bones and were playing the form team in the division Nottingham Forest. What a wonderful gutsy performance from the Mighty Hatters to earn a significant victory. It is going to be nail biting last four games. We can’t can we?

Had a cracking Spring cycle ride today meeting my David in the Slad Valley and riding on over Rodborough for a deserved ice-cream. A delightful afternoon followed playing with my granddaughter Ellen. What a great start it has been to the Easter weekend!!!

Snake’s Head Fritillary

Different pictures today no birds!!! We went to Cricklade to see the Fritillaries (it is the best place in the UK for them). There were thousands and thousands and some Marsh Marigolds as well. We had a wonderful morning enjoy the photos. I followed this with a bike ride.

Early start tomorrow for football sadly it is a midday kick off I’ve moaned before about how television rides rough shod over real fans. Fingers crossed we get back to winning ways but not confident with all our injuries.


Spring Migrants


I cycled out to the Severn today near Hock Cliff to search for migrants. I eventually found the Wheatear and was able to take the pictures attached. One Swallow passed over but the exciting moment just as I was about to leave two Sandwich Terns flew out to the River. I have only seen these birds on a couple of occasions previously in Gloucestershire– I have seen them more often on the South and East Coast.

Off for another rehearsal for Between Severn Tides tonight – we are concentrating on our singing tonight (sic)! I then rush off to Book Club to discuss Uncle Tom’s Children by Richard Wright. A disturbing book on the harsh racial world of the Deep South in the USA between the two wars.