Amazing, Awesome Avocets !!!!!

This morning doing the monthly bird survey out by the River we counted 102 Avocets!! Every now and then they flew up and looked wonderful in the morning sun! The picture above doesn’t really do justice to the spectacle. Also 16 Oystercatchers, 88 Shelducks with assorted Gulls, Curlews and Godwits. I think it is probably the most Avocets I’ve seen together, the recovery of this iconic bird is a good news story! We also saw quite a few Whitethroats (picture below) and Lesser Whitethroats. Yesterday with the young people from Orpington  at Wick Court we saw 24 species including the first Greenfinch we have seen in a few years there.

You will have noticed I haven’t written that much recently because I have been so busy. We were a very poor second on Tuesday away to Worcestershire I blame the captain who lost the toss!

Last night a group of us went down to Bristol to see the legendary Judy Collins perform. One of the incentives to travel down because Dan Everett (the musical half of The Two Severn Bores) was part of the supporting act. Dan and I are currently collaborating on a a new show for the Autumn. Judy Collins was brilliant and her voice was still superb and she was a real presence on stage. I found I was quite emotional listening to her wide repertoire of songs.



Sadly missed a meeting about the summer today as I struggled to get the car going. An embarrassing moment as it was working fine later.

I have spent time preparing stories for the weekend and managed to watch the cricket. It has been wonderful watching England play Test Cricket this summer you have to pinch yourself when watching! I am off to Edgbaston on Saturday to watch the India Test.

I am playing against Worcestershire tomorrow and once again I have lost players at the last minute.

Took my frustration after my hiccups out later with a cycle ride over the tops later.

Watching one of the Two Severn Bores!!!

Just booked tickets to see Dan Everett (my partner in crime when we are the Two Severn Bores) supporting the legendary Judy Collins in Bristol. We have a group of us from Book Club (Dan is also a member) going down for the Gig. I am actually meeting Dan for a drink tonight to plan our September Gig and also for our new show we are hoping to do in late Autumn. The picture below is The Two Severn Bores performing last year (have had this pic in a previous blog!)

Had a lovely day yesterday visiting my grandson Owen in Maidenhead. It is a real delight he knows us well now (he is nearly 17 months old ) and goes with us confidently. We are seeing our granddaughter Ellen later in the week.


Little Friend

We have just said goodbye to Jake a small friendly charismatic Jack Russell who we have been looking after for 36 hours. It does mean you get out and about much more. We are looking after him again for a week in August.

Had my regular Story Telling slot at Wick Court last night. I told a Japanese Folk Tale that I know well.

Now having to knuckle down on learning stories for some up and coming gigs.

We are now busy planning our trips around football. There are only two grounds in the Championship I haven’t visited watching the Mighty Hatters so we are aiming to remedy that so it is Burnley in early August.

Don’t Worry About a Thing (Three Little Birds)

Using classic Bob Marley for today’s title. After my musings on Monday about the cricket we had a super win against Buckinghamshire- lucky the captain got the important calls right! He (me) called tails on a boiling hot day and batted!

Another hot day today bird watching at Wick Court with young people from Southwark. One question I was asked today “which is your least favourite bird?” My prejudices came to the fore with my answer! The Romans were to blame! (answer in the next blog). We had 3 Red Kites normally in this part of the world you only see single birds although much more frequently.


Wonderful cycle ride over the tops today-weather was just right – warm but not uncomfortable.

Quite a bit of the day has been taken up with trying to sort out the Gloucestershire Seniors cricket team for tomorrow- injuries, covid and old age has ravaged all our teams. My team against Buckinghamshire is looking “interesting”- fingers crossed there is no more upheaval before tomorrow!

Still hearing Cuckoos calling which seems quite late.

Phew What a Scorcher!!!!

My goodness a real hot one today! We managed to get in a delightful early morning cycle ride to Berkeley.  The River looked wonderful in the sunshine.

A Great White Egret flew over our house this evening, these birds have followed the more common  Little Egret and GWEs are now breeding in many parts of the South West. We have also been serenaded by nearby Oystercatchers  – they have chicks on an island on Court Lake here in Frampton. 



How About That!!!

The title is all about Tuesday’s cricket! What a match!  Of course I am referring to Gloucestershire Seniors narrow win up in Warwickshire! Not really! Trent Bridge of course was an amazing Test Match possibly one of the best! We were being given regular updates while we were fielding and the first thing I had to do when I got in late on Tuesday was to watch the dramatic highlights. Wow!!!!

My volunteer bird watching yesterday with young people from South London was a warm one! Did well for raptors with a Sparrowhawk shooting by the Hide at speed. the picture today is one in our garden that Clare took a few years ago, as it ripped apart a Wood Pigeon.Enjoyed my Story Telling tonight at Wick Court.  I told the Russian Trick Story again.


Story Traveller On Shadowfax

An action packed day. An early start getting bird food for Wick Court and then taking the food to the farm. Had to do quite a bit of sorting when I was there. For the third week running I saw Linnets near our Bird Hide.

This afternoon I visited Eastington Primary  on my faithful steed Shadowfax to do a workshop on story ideas based on my book Pig The Legend. It did mean a few more books were sold!

I managed to watch some cricket in the gaps and it is bubbling up to a great day tomorrow! I won’t be watching because I am off to Warwickshire to play –  we are hoping to bounce back from last week’s defeat.