Don’t Stop Me Now

Well the boys did it! It was a privilege to be a part of it. It was a real family event with the runners being supported by a host of friends and family members over the three days. The team work from all was great.The weather presented a few challenges especially Day 2 (Saturday) and a good part of Day 3. The Saturday especially from North Nibley onwards was driving heavy rain and wind so they were exposed on the tops. So far they have raised over £7500 for Southmead Hospital they have Facebook page “To hell and back” if anyone wants to contribute.

I took young Alfie and his sister Esther bird watching this morning -we managed to dodge the showers! Great to see a couple of hundred Sand Martins and a Swallow-Spring is almost here!

Off to see Christy Moore playing at Cheltenham tomorrow night.

Prickle-Eye Bush

Only chose that title because I managed to slice a chunk of my finger while gardening! Yes I know silly old fool!!!!!

Now I have a break from Story Telling for a couple of weeks or so. It has been a real busy time for me and I am encouraged by the responses to my many performances. I have learnt much and have extended by repertoire of stories.

We are currently waiting for Peter our youngest son come home to run 3 marathons in 3 days along the Cotswold Way; he doesn’t choose the easy option! He is raising money for Southmead Children’s Hospital with his good friend Luke Sellers (they are on Facebook.) It means we are logistical support; we know how to live! Will blog about the adventure next week.

Big news I have a new bike coming with Peter an all carbon frame! A long story why I have added yet another bike to my collection! I have been clocking up the miles and the hills this week!

Land of the Silver Birch…………

Today’s title is because for some strange reason I seem to have that old song from my own primary school days as an earworm at the moment!

I had a lovely day yesterday doing poetry at school which was outside of my comfort zone. I worked hard on doing story poems and also read a good selection of poems many of them old favourites.

Today I was at Wick Court doing my voluntary Bird Watching. The children really immersed themselves in the activity and for quite young children did really well at spotting birds. They got great views of a Nuthatch!



Beautiful Day

What a cracking Spring Day! I am hoping the weather is good for tomorrow too because I want to cycle to my Gig (not far away) but not have to bother with cycling kit (so I don’t have to carry too much.) I am being fairly ambitious tomorrow-Poetry is the theme so I am doing both Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight as well as various poems.

Nothing special on the Bird Survey on Thursday looking forward to seeing my first summer migrants could be any time now!

On Friday I met our MP on behalf of our local Children’s Centres trying to point out to him the devastation the cuts are making to the vulnerable families in the area. It is hard work and he doesn’t really understand the impact but we have to keep reminding him.

The rest of the blog is sport related. What a fantastic game of cricket on Friday between England and South Africa. The shots are both amazing and unbelievable! We do need to improve our bowling now.

Yesterday I went with my David to watch the mighty Hatters win again away at Plymouth. We do look a well organised now and we have a group of talented players. I think it is too late for the Play Offs but you never know we have just had 5 wins out of 6. We did look comfortable yesterday and really should have scored more than one.


Mandolin Wind

A short midweek blog. I was going to say it was a quieter week but apart from sitting watching the cricket this afternoon it has been fairly busy. That is with only one Story telling this week.

Hot press news I’ve just purchased a new bike! A long story but it was a great offer via my Peter that I couldn’t refuse. Need to look at the garage before it arrives!!!!!

Last Saturday I went to watch the Hatters and despite the result was really encouraged by the football we played. We was robbed!!!! If continue to play like this the club will start to climb back to where we should be.

An early start tomorrow for the Bird Survey out by the River.

Whispering Bill

Well I made it to Friday after a busy fortnight of Gigs and as I sit listlessly watching the football My voice is in tatters a combination of asthma, exhaustion and of course over use! I finished today at the delightful New Hall Primary School in Sutton Coldfield. The children were full of enthusiasm and listened well.

Book Club on Wednesday was another fine feast although we seemed to have a proliferation of starters! The boys once again excelled themselves with their cooking.

Off tomorrow to the Theatre of Comedic Dreams, fingers crossed!

Spring Time

Another busy week for the Story Teller although only 3 Gigs this week! I told a new story yesterday and I was pleased with the Telling. I am telling another story for the first time on Friday.

Can you believe it  I am starting to think cricket! I’ve been to two nets so far. I also watched the Hatters win last week that is now four on the trot. Until this recent run I was resigned to mid table mediocrity and now hope is slowly creeping into the equation! It is the hope that gets you! Keeping up the sporting theme the old men had a good cycle on Sunday with some steep hills.

I am hosting the Book Club meal tomorrow so I will be putting my apron on soon!

World Book Day again and again!!!!!!!!!!

I have just got home from my final Gig of the week. It has been a super week sharing in so many World Book Days. What a great event World Book Day is;  encouraging  people to focus on the power of books. I am absolutely exhausted from my cavorting around telling stories but I am still smiling! I was pleasantly surprised how well some stories went and how my telling has developed. I need to learn next week’s stories now! A big thank you to all the young people I performed to this week for their great questions about stories and how to tell them.

I am offering my Shakespeare story free to schools around the weekend of the 23rd April the 400th anniversary of his death. My pal Brian is going to accompany me with a couple of songs. All we are asking is a donation for Farms For City Children towards the bird hides we are going to build for the children. If you are interested get in touch!