Hungry Heart

Well now I have a break from Story Telling my last session was yesterday at Wick Court I had learnt a new story but didn’t have time to do it. I’ll save it for a future performance. I shall enjoy resting the voice for a couple of weeks. I just have got my self a new copy of Necklace of Raindrops by Joan Aikin my last one disappeared when I finished my teaching career. There are some cracking stories for younger children.

Clare and I pedalled this morning before the rain it was her first ride on a super new bike. She enjoyed it. talking of rides I did my longest ride for a while on Monday 42 miles with quite a bit of climbing.

I chose the Springsteen song for the title as I sit hearing my team go two nil down so seemed appropriate!

Morning has Broken

Sitting writing my blog first thing! Had to get up because Clare was off early so I am sitting watching England trying to save the Test Match in New Zealand-not that optimistic! So The old Hymn that Cat Stevens sang is appropriate for today’s title. Talking cricket I went to nets yesterday.

Finally on the sporting theme I was relieved to see my favourite break their run of draws with a win. The weekend always seems brighter afterwards! I am also planning to do a long ride today.



You look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle………

I thought lyrics from Daisy, Daisy would be ideal for today’s title not that I have ridden a tandem this week! I have cycled a fair few miles up and down the Cotswold Hills this week. Slowly but surely my climbing ability is improving. Thirty miles this lunch time. The big news is Clare is going to have an e-bike so we will be able to cycle together again starting properly in a fortnight in Dorset looking for Dartford Warblers at Arne. We have more plans for the year on two wheels.

Story Telling this week has just been my residency at Wick Court which has given me some time to research new stories and write. Busy writing a longish story based on a Gloucester legend and already it has taken a couple of interesting and surprising turns. My story is set in the present day but there will be a time shift in it.


Steve Knightly

Well despite the snow we managed to venture our way out of the village to see Steve Knightly perform in Wotton. We hadn’t anticipated another snowfall and we came out to heavy snow. A cautious journey home making sure I avoided using my brakes on the many  descents!

We were glad we made the effort to go out because it was an excellent evening as Steve recounted stories of his career and we were fascinated as he demonstrated different sounds from his instruments and how they influenced some of his song writing. He of course interspersed his stories with songs. Really looking forward to Show of Hands in May in Stroud.

A couple of interesting bookings came in today more about them in later blogs.

Finally I finished reading a Man called Ove by Fredrik Blackman. I found it a really compelling read and actually very moving which surprised me.


Don’t think I have had Black Sabbath for a song title for the blog before! So here it is!

Currently sitting in the warm watching the snow outside at the end of a busy week’s Story Telling and Book Promotion. Also a really diverse week of audiences that I have interacted with. A real contrast on Thursday and Friday I did Reception Thursday morning followed by Year 6s in the afternoon from Maidstone finishing off with elderly residents of a care home in Oxford on Friday.

I did manage to use my bike on all my gigs this week including Oxford (well I cycled from the park and ride!) I also managed to do another ride as well.

Bitterly cold at Newport for football and yet disappointing draw in a game we should have won-I am sure somebody will pay soon!

A more social week coming up and only my residency on the Story Telling front.

Sent to Coventry!!!!

No actually people are still talking to me-I think! A comment on last night, we went to Coventry for football and it all started to go wrong on the motorway. The journey was going really well and we were looking forward for a pint before the game. Sadly a crash just two miles before we got off the motorway meant we were stuck for nearly 90 minutes on the motorway. To put it into perspective it did seem nobody was badly hurt. However, it meant we were twenty minutes late and missed Coventry’s opening goal and a lacklustre display by my beloved Hatters. Thanks to stirring comeback in the second half we left happy!

Had a lovely visit to Park Junior School on Monday promoting the book and being involved in their writing competition.

Tomorrow I have bird survey and a flying visit to a school to do an old favourite “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” all in the morning and back for my residency at Wick Court in the afternoon.

Frog Patrol

Second Blog in a day! Just to report on tonight’s Frog and Toad patrol 19 amphibians helped across the road in Frampton. Clare and I helped 3 frogs and 1 toad across to the ponds. One person helped 12! Had the soundtrack of both male and female Tawny Owls nearby, also heard an Oystercatcher coming from the Court area.

I’m Not Down!

Will use the Clash for today’s title. Actually I was down coming back from football yesterday because we had that awful sinking feeling of a last minute goal for the opposition. Actually on reflection shouldn’t be too down because we played some excellent football and were the better team but it is all about taking your chances! Onwards and upwards! Off to watch them again at Coventry on Tuesday.

Blackcap still in the garden and we are Toad Patrol tonight!

Where I Come From

Just been listening to one of my Christy Moore albums so that is where today’s title comes from.

A busy few days with gigs, cycling and a Book Club meal.

Our next book is “A Man Called Ove” so it was a Swedish theme for our meal. As always superb offerings from everyone and once again the table was groaning under the weight of the food. It was of course well lubricated with Swedish drink. I am currently a third of the way through the book and I am enjoying it.

Two contrasting Gigs this week. I had a delightful time in Aberdare on Monday and has given me ideas for future gigs in similar schools. On Wednesday was closer to home at Haresfield telling stories to Infants. I have another busy week ahead of me both performing and socially.

Good to get on the bike after the snow, so I have started clocking up a few miles.

Talking of snow we enjoyed seeing Redwing and Fieldfare in the garden although they have now gone but the Blackcap is still visiting the feeders.


Five Feet High and Rising!

The man in black provides today’s song title! We had a big Bore on the River Severn this morning and I went to look at the aftermath from the Splatt Bridge. I watched gallons and gallons of water cascading through three breeches in the flood dyke. It happens whenever there is a large Bore and floods the fields. It was a lovely morning I watched Curlews, Lapwings and Redshanks being really flighty.

Snow has almost disappeared and normality is starting to return. Of course Friday’s Gig was postponed, we are looking to rearrange it. Tomorrow I am off to the Valleys to work in a Special School, I visited there last year and it was a lovely visit. I have packed plenty of props because I will need to work with the senses.