Life on Mars

Well my Dreams story has been dispatched for the Literacy Trust competition so fingers crossed! I will later in the year also see if I can get a publisher interested.

Started to clock up a few miles on the bike this week and the Old Groynes plus our Peter are going to do our version of the Tour de Forest of Dean. This means we are doing a loop around the river. I also cycled into Dursley yesterday for a story telling for the Children’s Centre. They wanted a story on a seaside theme it is always difficult doing these sessions  because the age range is from very young to seven or eight year olds and the acoustics are against you. So I did my own story so another one to add to the list.

150 not out

Quick post about the fabulous day we had yesterday at Slimbridge Cricket Club to celebrate our 150 years of existence (no I haven’t quite played the whole 150 years!) We had attempted to dress as Victorian cricketers although our pads and gloves looked suspiciously modern! Surprisingly much facial hair had appeared in less than 24 hours, we didn’t do any tests to check for performance enhancing substances! Hats, braces, belts, blazers were much in evidence. The cricket didn’t matter!

My Name is Red

Great evening with Beer and Books last night. We were discussing My Name is Red. really good discussion on a book we found an effort to read. Consensus was our history knowledge of the East was sketchy but it was a brave book for a Turkish writer. We also planned our programme for the next 12 months.

We had a lovely time in London and were relieved that Luton equalised in injury time on Tuesday night.

Did 30 miles on the bike today, just trying to get back my climbing legs.

Just to let anyone know I will be unable to perform during September but you can contact me through the website.

Not according to Plan

Short footie post -sorry if you are expecting comments on Story Telling!

Had my first visit to Kenilworth Road yesterday. A crowd of over 9,000 expecting to see the boys roll over the opposition. We didn’t quite click and a poor referee allowed a cynical Wimbledon get away with an awful lot. Hate it when sides waste time before half time! They scored the only goal a good one. Hopefully better on Tuesday!

We are off to London tomorrow to see Pete and visit the Matisse (cut outs) exhibition at the Tate Modern. Probably do Kew Tuesday morning and then onto Hitchin and Luton.

A hard rain’s a-goanna fall

Well the showers Sunday/Monday put paid to our Swansea gig-it was cancelled. I spent a pleasant afternoon with Mike instead.

Forgot to mention we went to Stratford on Thursday to see Henry IV part 2 (we had seen part 1 live at cinema. Once again Antony Sher was superb as Falstaff.

I have got through two games of cricket although not a 100% but OK. Think it will be another week before I can trust running to a boundary flat-out! Our Gloucestershire old men have now qualified for the knock out stages. Hope we have a game before I go away!

Busy preparing my Dreams story for sending off, needs footers double spacing and a synopsis to go with it.

We are back!!!!

I was supposed to be playing cricket today but sadly our opposition cried off. It was a chance to test out my dodgy hamstring! Have a couple of games lined up mid-week but forecast looks iffy! I did manage a good few miles on the bike this week and gradually trying to regain my climbing legs!

On Monday I have a gig with my brother Mike in Swansea. It is an outdoor gig so we will have to watch the forecast!

Finally the title of today’s blog title is a sport one! It was the first day of the footy season despite the Test Match taking place. Great wins for England in the cricket and the mighty Hatters back in the football league at long last. I think I might have gone if I hadn’t been down to play cricket but have two games coming up next Saturday and Tuesday week.


Just finished tidying up my Dreams Story. To me it reads well but perhaps I am not the best person to comment! It is over 33,000 words.  I am going to enter it in a competition organised by the National Literacy Trust. I would like to try to raise my profile and see where it leads. No doubt there will be masses of entries!

Been fairly social at the end of the week and ventured out on a ride with the boys on Sunday. First decent ride for sometime because of my dodgy hamstring. Hopefully I’m OK but won’t really know until I try to run again! Felt a slight twinge but not sure if that is my hypochondriac imagination, old age or just normal!