Birthday Bliss

A year older today (21 again and again , again etc etc etc etc). David and Vicky were with us this weekend and we have just come back from a marvellous lunch at the Old Spot. I’ve been given an automatic wildlife camera that you leave out to photograph whatever turns up-it should be fun!

Yesterday was a tense top of the table game at Forest Green. Thankfully we just managed to nick a win with a penalty at the death. Disappointed by the security operation and how much that has cost us as taxpayers! Hopefully this is the start of Luton’s return to where we belong!

On Friday I took Alfie a friend of mine’s grandson for a delightful birdwatch around Frampton. lovely to see such enthusiasm! Later I went to watch the Starlings and saw about 5000 coming in to roost. got very exciting when a Merlin shot into the flock, also saw a Sparrowhawk watching all this. A Kestrel took a Starling from the reed beds.

Half Term

A strange feeling I have now not quite being sure when half-term is after it dominated my plans for so long! Despite the persistent drizzle I have had an enjoyable week. I am about to go up to the canal hopefully to photograph a “murmuration” of starlings, this is when they make their wonderful patterns in the sky. Saw it last night just as we were going out, it is a real wildlife spectacular. I am hoping we get this show regularly over the next few days.

We went to see Show of Hands last night at the Roses Theatre Tewkesbury. Fantastic performance, they always set high standards and one more raised the bar!  We went with Bernie (my gig mate) and had a curry before the gig. Steve Knightly (part of the band) was having his curry before the performance, I did ask him would it help his singing!

On Tuesday we saw David being  awarded a letter of commendation at Somerset Cricket Ground from the Chief Fire Officer of the Devon and Somerset Brigade for his work. We were proud parents beaming at the back!

Finally I have just been interviewed by Richard Joyce for Stroud FM, because I am a Luton season ticket holder who lives close to Forest Green about the game coming up on Saturday.

Trafalgar Day

I used to love doing assemblies on Trafalgar Day and engage children with the story of one of national heroes. Nelson is an interesting character, not sure how he would cope with the tabloid press if living today!

Clare has given me good feedback on my story so I am going back to read it through.We had a good laugh about giving it a title (Misty the Magician) was always a temporary title while writing it. Some of our suggestions today would need the censor’s scissors! I am also having a few new ideas to develop which I may share sometime in the future.

I cycled up to Forest Green yesterday to watch their cup game against Dartford and met fellow Hatter Mick at the game . Apparently I am being interviewed by local radio (One of my ex young cricketers) about the match with Luton next week


There have been some really high tides and quite a few flooded areas. Visited WWT yesterday with a friend Chris and were well rewarded by looking over the flooded areas. Little Stint, Grey Plovers and once again the Long Billed Dowitcher. Missed the Bittern.

Clare and I went to the Forest today to enjoy the Autumn colours, had a lovely walk around Symonds Yat and spotted the Peregrine above the nest site.


Hoots I got you!!!!!

At last I managed to photograph the Little Owl at Wick Court! You may of read about some of my failures! Was difficult because it was in a pear tree and the wind was strong so the leaves kept casting a shadow over the Owl’s face. Patience was finally rewarded; I’ve made many trips but today was the day! Got several decent shots and now I am putting together information sheets on the birds of Wick Court.

Last night was a Book Club meal. The book was Robert Peston’s account of the collapse of the economy. So it was like Mansion House occasion and we were all in best bib and tucker! DJs + bow ties. Great food and a good company as always!

Story Written

Well I have finally finished going over the “Misty the Magician” story and I have now read it through a few times. Clare is going to read it this week to give me her opinion. Let me know if anyone else out there wants to read it through and give me an opinion. I’ve asked her to let me know  another event/incident should be added and if it perhaps it needs a bit more humour in it.

My next task will be to see if I can persuade anyone to publish it. I am also hoping to start  rewriting one of my other stories next week. I may well rewrite my Quest for Camelot next.

A win is a win

Went to watch a poor advert for football today. Visitors showed no ambition and we didn’t show much initiative in breaking them down. Very different to Tuesday when we played some fluent football and lost, this time we won! Two great goals in the last five minutes saw us get the three points. Better ref today who showed some common sense was a pleasant surprise.Just hope we now find some consistency and get to the top some tough away games coming up.

Festival once more

Finished off our Festival visits tonight. We saw Alan Garner give a lecture which was a journey to his latest book which was a link to Moon of Gomrath becoming a trilogy many years after. We then saw Tupp another Storyteller who gave a dazzling performance.

We finished our bout of non-stop decorating thank goodness! Hopefully a bit of calm and writing time over the next few days.

More Story Telling

We went to Cheltenham Literature Festival again. Clare went to a session on Nordic crime writing, I enjoyed looking in the Book Tent. We the saw Breton Fairy Tales told by Michael Harvey, he was outstanding. He had  excellent timing and a sharp sense of humour.

Football on Tuesday was disappointing it ended up 10 v 12  the referee made a real bloomer that cost us the game. I actually thought our football going forward is the most fluent I’ve seen all season.

Story Telling

Had a wonderful time watching Ben Haggarty, Hugh Lupton and Sally Pomme Clayton perform on Sunday night. Top class performing of old stories with music enhancing the whole performance. More Festival Story Telling later this week and also going to listen to the author Alan Garner.

Off in a minute in my suit and tie (an occasional sighting these days) to do our presentation for the Children’s Centre tender. The team have worked really hard and I think we have put together an excellent bid. Fingers crossed!

Later off to watch the mighty Hatters-hopefully a good day all round!