Busy Life

Kirsty MacColl song title for today. It certainly is that for me this week with three major lots of Story Telling plus a visit to Ashmead school in Aylesbury to talk about bird migration! Thoroughly enjoyed my cycle to Longlevens Infants yesterday for a day’s Story Telling, some delightful responses.

Had a close encounter with a Little Owl today. I was just taking of the panel of our Little Owl nesting box today, when suddenly I had a pair of eyes staring at me, I nearly fell off the ladder! Really pleased that it is using the box still.

What a wonderful few days of weather! The shorts have had to come out!

Don’t forget

Two Severn Bores are performing Severn Songs and Stories at Kingshill House on Friday at 7.30.

Two Severn Bores are the fantastic Dan Everett singing his distinctive songs and myself telling stories. We also have one or two interesting snippets of the life of the River.



Marvellous morning by the Severn doing the second bird survey of the week. Not a vintage one for birds spotted but great close up views of a large Bore. The noise was like a full throated war cry no wonder the Romans were supposed to have run away when they first encountered the Bore. We were able to stand on the bank and witness at close hand the awesome power of the surging River Severn. Not sure if my photos at the top and the bottom of the blog do it justice. Later we watched the Tide rising and filling up Pill which was fascinating.

Talking of Bores don’t forget Two Severn Bores are performing on Friday 1st March at Kingshill House Dursley starting at 7.30 p.m.

On Wednesday night we enjoyed watching Phil Beer in concert in Painswick . He is a talented musician.  We also had a good evening at Frampton Village Society on Friday listening to an instructive interesting talk on Frampton in Victorian times.



No not the book! I went out this morning and did the first of my two bird surveys this week. Today’s was the Winter Bird Square (I’ve mentioned this in a previous blog) and this time was within walking distance of home. Highlight was a great view of a pair of Common Cranes, I wish I had a camera with me. Some other great sightings to make it a wonderful morning. Tomorrow we do our monthly survey by the banks of the Severn and a major Bore is expected. So we may have to retreat quickly!

Been busy writing this week. I am now writing regularly again with a fountain pen, I find it flows better. I later tidy up on the computer.

Also have a dilemma about one of my bikes so the moment of truth is to decide what to do.

Here Comes the Sun

What a cracking few days we have had, winter sun is always precious! We had a great weekend with all the family in a converted chapel near Southampton. Feeling tired after our late nights and a really busy end to last week. Not only did I do Story Telling at Wick Court and hosted Book Club  but I did a long bike ride with the Old Groynes.

The Two Severn Bores performed our first Severn Stories and Songs on Friday afternoon.  We were pleased with how it went and we will develop it further. Our next performance is on the 1st March at Kingshill House, Dursley.


Wonderful Book Club meal last night where we discussed Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Interesting discussion and as always wonderful food cooked by us all and a first for us no meat featured at all (usually someone comes with a meat dish in amongst all the offerings).

Delighted with my Story Telling this afternoon especially my retelling of the “Golden Apple” and the difficult choice of Paris having to decide which Goddess should have it.

Two Severn Bores are performing to SP3 tomorrow afternoon. It will be the start of our “Severn Songs and Stories” tour. Our postponed Kingshill House Gig will now take place on Friday March 1st at 7.30-hope some of you can come along.

Smoke on the Water

Not sure if I have had Deep Purple song for a blog title before, so a rather tenuous link because I have just been doing some pond clearing. Not sure if there was any smoke! Needed to do it before the frogs arrive to spawn. It was cold!

Tried out “The Golden Bird” story at Wick Court last Thursday. I’ve only ever told it once before a couple of years ago. Feel it has potential to develop so I will work on it. Currently looking for a new story for primary school middle years.

I am managing to get some decent miles in my legs on the bike (just under 400 miles for January making my best start to a year).

Thoroughly enjoyed playing football with many youngsters last Tuesday-my touch was gradually returning!

Finally it was a joy watching the Mighty Hatters yesterday fingers crossed this continues. It is always a bit of a roller coaster watching the Hatters over the years. You learn to savour the good moments because there have been plenty of dark days!

Where Do the Children Play?

A Cat Stevens song for today’s title. Stretching a point a bit but thought it went with my day with the young people at Wick Court. I was asked some delightful questions during our Bird Watching session. We did see a “Deceit” of Lapwings, what a name for a group of Lapwings! One group saw a Sparrowhawk fly past the Hide.

Been busy on a couple of writing projects, I am rewriting an old story of mine for a potential project I want to develop.

Forest, Vale and High Blue Hill

Had a lovely jaunt out into the Forest today. Clare and I do the Winter Bird Survey in November and February. you are given a random square to survey for a couple of hours. We had Staunton in the Forest, lovely walk through the woods and saw a beautiful Nuthatch. We have another square to do but closer to home!

I should know in the next couple of days when the Kingshill House Gig for the Two Severn Bores is being rescheduled-hopefully early March.

You will notice I am not mentioning cricket! I made the mistake of watching that rather than the rugby yesterday-big mistake! However, it is good that West Indies are slowly developing a decent side again.