I’m Singing in the Rain (again!)

Quick blog. Yesterday the wonderful “Handlebards” performed As You Like It at Wick Court. If you haven’t heard about the Handlebards try googling them. They are cycling troupe of actors. Last night the rain started as the cars arrived and it got heavier and heavier and heavier!!!! I have never been so wet for a long time, even my wallet is currently drying out! For the first time at Wick Court we had the all female group. They were superb despite the weather.

I did my Story Telling at Wick Court on Wednesday night with the delightful young people from Holy Innocents Orpington. I did the Greek Myth about the Golden Apple leading to the tragic choice of Paris.

them good ole boys are drinking whiskey and rye, singin’………………….

You have all probably noticed I have been quiet for a few days. The song title for today is a convoluted attempt to include where we have been. We went to Rye in Sussex to meet up with a group of old friends, that is why the chorus from American Pie is the title. Rye was a lovely old town with a wonderful nature reserve within walking distance. It was lovely seeing good friends who go back a long way. We came back stopping at Nymans a National Trust Garden. While there we watched a pair of active Firecrests close up. Great birds! There is the picture of a Firecrest at the end.

Busy preparing for my gigs next week with the National Literacy Trust and performing at Wick Court tonight. Continuing to learn a new story for the pub gig on July 19th will do more detail on that in another blog.


Summer Breeze

Seems an appropriate title for today’s title. My goodness we need a breeze at night, sleeping hasn’t been easy.

I did play cricket on Saturday in the heat and batted for a while until heat exhaustion took over and I struggled to lift my bat! Considering I was the oldest player on the pitch I was surprisingly sprightly in the field. Playing again tomorrow.

Currently learning a new story for adults. Gig next month in the pub. Story Telling tonight at the farm.

Still trying to get some cycle miles in as well.



Pictures at an Exhibition

Seems appropriate for today as I did a Russian Story earlier in the week and I was listening to the ELP version of Mussorgsky’s wonderful composition on vinyl. I have been busy on the Story Telling front this week telling tales at the Wick Court Open Day on Sunday, Nailsworth yesterday and my usual residency this afternoon.

I had an unexpected treat on Monday getting a couple of free tickets for the Pakistan-Sri Lanka Champions Trophy game in Cardiff. Lovely cosmopolitan atmosphere and an interesting game to watch. I quite enjoy Cardiff as a ground but it seems to have trouble filling the ground up.

I did the bird survey this morning and although the weather was good there wasn’t anything surprising although we found two Reed Bunting’s nests.

Book Club last night was a quiet affair last night when we had a positive discussion about Howard’s End.

Soaked Through!!!

I think I am growing webbed feet! I got an absolute soaking in Dursley this morning on my bike. I had been to the bank and was doing some errands. Even with overshoes on my feet got wet. This afternoon I was at my residency at Wick Court (the Farm for City Children where I volunteer) Story Telling in the Roundhouse. Again the heavens opened as I pedalled home. Wet clothes everywhere! It has been a busy week on the Story Telling front and I am performing again in the special Round House at Wick Court on Sunday when it is Farm Open Day. Anyone who wants to see the wonderful farm we are open between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. At the bottom of this blog is a previous picture of me in the Round House to give you a feel of the place.


Dancing Queen

Well a first for me an Abba title which may surprise those of you who know me! No it is not me! It is because I was Story Telling in Hereford today for the National Literacy Trust performing in the Odeon. I was telling stories to groups of young people from local schools I was mainly in a Screen which was fun but I got moved for the last one (not sure what film kicked me out!) Anyway the last telling was in the bar with the soundtrack still belting out. Hence I had to compete with the Dancing Queen! It was a good day and I am back tomorrow.

Yesterday was a good cycle ride from Bristol home stopping off for the wonderful cakes at Hill (I have blogged about Hill Cakes in the past). A little damp the pictures below are not from yesterday but is the promised photo of me at the top of the Tourmalet and my lads climbing towards the top gives you some idea of scale!