Footie, Birds etc!!!!


As promised some starling pictures from last night! Some more at the bottom of the page! I am hoping some waxwings turn up here in the near future there are turning up in various places in Gloucestershire. These irruptions happening every few years and I have been lucky seeing them 3 or 4 times over the last 12 years. Talking of birds we did our monthly survey out by the river on Thursday. It was wet and blowing a gale- not conducive for seeing many birds. A peregrine shot past us, and we saw 36 snipe and amazingly 5 jack snipes!

Felt really proud of the Mighty Hatters today. A silly mistake at the start meant we were always playing catch up.   Brilliant fight back almost saw us get something against the millionaires from Chelsea– we hit the bar twice near the end to add to the agony!







An unexpected treat this afternoon! Out walking with my David and his dog Tully just at dusk and we watched about 10,000. + starlings doing a great murmuration over the lakes here in Frampton. Apologies for the picture quality all snapped on my phone!

Jingle Bells………………….

Lovely couple of days with family in Bishop’s Cleeve. It is wonderful getting down on the floor with with my grandchildren- a real pleasure!

Even managed to watch the football on the TV this afternoon. Back to back wins for the Mighty Hatters! There is real spirit and fight in this team with an excellent coach. Roll on Saturday!!!

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas!!!

Wishing you all a happy and peaceful Christmas. We are enjoying Christmas with family and being entertained by our grandsons!!

It was as expected an emotional occasion at the football yesterday. The Mighty Hatters were superb! and won!

Lovely Morning

Oh the delight of being a useful grandparent! We spent the morning looking after our youngest grandson Robin while is brother Owen went swimming with his mum. Robin is 10 months old with twinkling eyes and a permanent smile! Also enjoyed playing trains and tractors with Owen before his swimming lesson! We then came home for a rest and a cuppa – we needed it!

Off to football tomorrow  against Newcastle or is it Saudi- Arabia – hoping for three points (we need them). Will be emotional as the first game since Tom Lockyer’s collapse . Good to see he is now at home. COYH!!!!!!

A Glimpse

I cycled into Nailsworth today to pick up a Christmas present. As I was pedalling by the river I caught a glimpse of a Dipper. I am really fond of Dippers because it was the bird that got me interested in bird watching. Many years ago as a young teacher I saw this brown and white bird bobbing up and down in a fast flowing river and had no idea what it was. When I looked it up later I found out it was a Dipper. From that moment I always looked up birds I didn’t know (still do!) It is a bird I have rarely taken pictures of the one below is a poor one I took a few years ago. I need to spend some time taking pictures of them!


Short One!!!!

Have been busy last couple of days so apologies this will be a short blog today maybe a longer one tomorrow.

We had our Gloucestershire Cricket Seniors AGM last night. I am once again captaining my team but I am also know secretary for the whole club (we are running 8 teams next year!) Well someone has to do it!

I was disappointed with the Napoleon film last week. The battle scenes were epic but I felt it was cartoon characters in a shallow film.

Finally many thanks to all the people who have messaged me about last Saturday’s football there are two messages under the comments section. Still numb and I wasn’t even  there! I think Saturday’s game will be very emotional!


Sadly today’s blog is about the awful moment at yesterday’s football  match at Bournemouth. I’m sure most people reading this blog will know Tom Lockyer captain of the Mighty Hatters had a cardiac arrest and collapsed on the field. I was listening and the eerie silence from the crowd reflected how serious the moment was. It seems like the quick thinking and response of everybody was first class. It was very moving watching the players afterwards walking round the crowd especially seeing the emotion on our manager’s face. He is an impressive human being. The response from supporters of other clubs has been excellent.

Tom is an impressive captain and always gives everything on the pitch and is always generous to his opponents, even when battered by them! We all hope he makes a good recovery= our thoughts are with you Tom!