Climb every mountain…..

Just left Mt Cook and the views in sunshine were great. Visited the Edmund Hillary Centre have always been fascinated by Everest stories. Have done several walks. Had a long effort at trying to find Black Stilts how sad is that?

Heard Luton’s manager left I will do the job but it would be expensive to get me back from NZ!  It has been a sorry tale I might end up writing some verse on the situation!

We are meeting up with Alan and Liz Jones on Sunday to visit Stewart Island. They are joining us at the cricket we  going to the first day of the Test Match.

Oh Well!

My boy went to the game and kept me updated as the dream evaporated! We need to start doing something in the league now! I can’t put up with non-league football much more!

Just read the comments on the new history curriculum-it confirms the damage Mr Gove continues to do to our education system. How has he got away with it?

Fingers crossed

It is evening on South Island. The views  today going over Arthur’s Pass have been stunning but I am thinking of the Luton-Millwall game later today at home. Our David is going and cheering the Hatters on. We will probably be thrashed but just think of the stories if we get into the next round. Sadly I have a few from previous matches between these teams including the infamous one in 85! Talking of stories I am making a few notes for future tales over a glass or two of excellent NZ wine during the evenings in the van.

Come on You Hatters!!!!!


Not Monty Python or Fleetwood Mac today I fulfilled a long time wish and saw my first Albatross well actually 20+!  We are at Kaikoura and I went  on  a wonderful boat trip. Saw 4 different species of Albatross many other sea birds,dolphins and seals. I was in heaven!

I am also making notes for stories in the evenings which is encouraging. I am enjoying Moby Dick it seems right for this location. Just finished Winter in Madrid – an enjoyable read!

The long and winding road

Just  short update from afar. We are moving to South Island tomorrow. Had a new idea for a story, I am hoping to put together an anthology of bird stories so this idea is for one of these stories.

On the holiday front had a great time yesterday at cape kidnappers visiting the gannet colony. Took some great shots of flying gannets as we were so close to the birds.

Hopefully will update in a couple of days. Got my fingers crossed the FA Cup game against Millwall hoping we make history!

The sun has got his hat on!

Short blog from NZ. Greetings to any Toosie friends who may of stumbled on my web after the Toosie news article. Will be back in UK March 10th so will be able to respond better then.

Just read Alexi Sayles book 4 book club. Have enjoyed reading various myths and legends 4 free on my tablet. Could say it is for work but  is stretching a point!

Doing a big hike on Sat! Love this country and still have South Island to come! Bird count is growing had lovely s of the Kaka today.


far far away!!!

greetings from New Zealand! Ironic that i choose to be away when i keep being asked to do gigs around world book day! That is now 4 gigs i have had to turn down.   Still cant beat this sitting with a beer looking at mountains! excuse the punctuation+ grammar using my tablet with predictive text and small keyboard to contend with!