About bill

Bill Church is the story traveller, a former Headteacher who has a passion for sharing stories with people from 3 years up to 103 years of age. Bill loves stories; finding them (and the story’s story!), telling them and writing them! He is passionate in believing that everybody can tell stories and is keen to help people whatever their age do this. His blog ranges from his Story telling experiences to his obsessions sport, bird watching and cycling!

St. Swithin’s Day

Yesterday was St. Swithin’s Day and it certainly was wet! Hopefully it won’t rain for another 40 days- we have had enough!!! It meant our cricket today was lost to the overnight rain. Be good if we get something that resembles summer turns up! I am away next week cycling so will miss cricket and hoping for that elusive summer weather!

We still have our four legged visitor staying with us. He is an elderly greyhound and is really laidback. He did actually get quite animated yesterday seeing a cat off our garden!

Col de Tourmalet and The Fugitives

A nostalgic day for the Church Boys  as the Tour de France went up the Tourmalet. We had a wonderful time cycling in the Pyrenees seven years ago. The highlight for us was to cycle up the Tourmalet. Watching yesterday as they went up the side we climbed it came flooding back how long it was- it was over 10 miles to the top and I think we climbed over 6,500 feet. I have posted a picture of me getting to the top before in this blog so I think the ones below are pictures that I haven’t posted before. Last night I went to watch a Canadian Folk Band –The Fugitives in Stroud. Excellent musicians and really entertaining.

Fingers crossed for the football tonight!



Oh Jimmy, Jimmy………..

A song I won’t be hearing again at the cricket! Of course Jimmy is the outstanding England cricketer Jimmy Anderson. He played his last match for England today. A fantastic career over many years and still playing Test Match Cricket and opening the bowling at 42! I have been fortunate over the years to see him play on numerous occasions on different Test Match grounds. He will be missed when I go to Edgbaston in a fortnight.

I enjoyed story telling last night to young people from Merton at Wick Court.

It is that busy time in the garden harvesting our fruit and vegetables- we spent quite a bit of time doing that today! Our blackcurrants have bee particularly prolific! Enjoy having them with our breakfast cereal also with our tasty blueberries

Summer of Sport????

Yesterday following all the heavy rain my cricket was off (we were supposed playing up in Staffordshire.) The rainfall over recent days has been heavy so our water butts and pond are full again!

I am enjoying the sport on TV especially the Tour de France – always like a travelogue for France (also a bit of Italy this time !) It is a sporting epic three weeks in the saddle up and down France! Just come in from taking young people bird watching at Wick Court so I am settling down to watching the Test Match (it is a tough life!) Haven’t watched much of the Euro Championships but hoping to watch England tonight.

On the bird watching today one group were delighted to see half a dozen Curlew flying in tight formation. A picture of one I took three years ago below.



Back Again!!

You are probably wondering where I have been as there has been an absence of my often incoherent rambling blogs! I did mention I was going to be busy!

Story Telling first! I was Story Telling on Thursday night and again Friday morning. Thursday was my regular slot at Wick Court with young people from near Swansea. (I had a delightful bird watching session with them on the Wednesday) They enjoyed the Japanese folk tale    £The man who loved stories”.

Friday I was in Highnam doing a story for the whole school it was my story “Harriet the Hippo” followed by story telling workshops with Y3 and Y4. I thoroughly enjoyed my morning and the school seemed to enjoy it.

I mentioned we had our Exeter family staying so at the weekend we had a wonderful time with the whole family including our Bishop’s Cleeve family. We all went to Cattle Country on Saturday where all three grandchildren had a whale of a time. It is precious moment  to be able to play with three delightful youngsters!

It all seems quiet here now and rather empty although we have been left with Tully the very relaxed greyhound. Picture below!


Calm Before The ………..

It has been all go here since we got back from South Devon. One last picture from Hope Cove below!


We have currently our Exeter family staying with us because their kitchen is being done1 So guess who is doing the childcare of Ellen our granddaughter? A picture from last night- Ellen cycled up to the lake last night – so the picture below is us looking at the common terns swooping on the lake!


It is Wick Court tomorrow for bird watching and then I am story telling on Thursday night for the visiting school (can’t remember which school it is this week.

I am also visiting Highnam School on Friday morning. for more story telling and a story telling workshop.

Devon Birds!!!!

Now back from our wonderful Devon break (Hope Cove). We thoroughly enjoyed our special  treat. A few of my bird  pictures I took on my camera while away.      

Saw and heard many trilling Skylarks like the one above!



On my walk yesterday I came across three Wheatear families- a couple of young birds above.


I took several pictures of a Heron at Bowling Green Marsh Topsham on the way down to South Devon- ironically as I  turned off the camera it caught a frog! Would of been an interesting photo!

Devon Break

Pictures above (all taken on the phone) are from Hope Cove in South Devon. We are currently enjoying being away for a few days. This is a result of my “unsung hero award” (sic). For my volunteering over a number of years I was put forward for this award! Having a lovely time – will add some pictures from my camera when I get home! I have to say this is a delightful place!


There has been much international sport taking place in recent weeks. There was also one taking place yesterday which I took part in! I was leading the Gloucestershire Over 60s (3rd team) against the might of Wales. Until yesterday we had always lost. Three quarters of the way through it looked like we were going to lose again until my big fast bowler Mark walked out to bat. He hit a whirlwind 67 in 32 balls to transform the game. We were delighted to get over the line the inflict a first defeat for Wales. It meant I was spared watching the England football match. It was hot playing yesterday!

Today I took the young people from Wyvil Primary School, Vauxhall bird watching at Wick Court. We managed not to melt!


Short blog today with no Story Telling today. I have been enjoying the 20/20 World Cup and good to see many of the underdogs having their moments. Fingers crossed for in England in the semi-final! I have missed a lot of the football and luckily missed England’s game v Denmark because of Story Telling. I will miss tomorrow’s game as well because I am playing cricket in Wales – at least the weather is set fair!