Street fighting Man

I promised I would write a bit about the animals we saw while away. We saw many mammals and got great views. I did manage to video Giraffes fighting hitting each other with their necks and you realised how much power they put into this. We skirmishes with Zebra (see pictures below) and Oryx as well.

When we were wild camping we were told to check the area for animals with out torches to see if any eyes reflected back. If they were far apart it would be a Lion so don’t get out of the tent! One night we saw a Hyena close to the camp they are not to be messed with, they will chase Lions off their kill. More tomorrow!



Pure Comedy!

Sorry folks but this is mainly a sporting post. I have watched the mighty Hatters twice over the last week and they won both games! Saturday’s game contained one bizarre goal for the opposition which we can laugh at now because we won but at the time it wasn’t! Let’s just say our goalkeeper will never forget it! If you can find the goals from Luton v Shrewsbury you will see what I mean! On the sporting theme I’m off to the Test Match on Friday followed by a Book Club weekend in Oxford-watch out for the blogs after this!

Saw many beautiful birds in Namibia. This one is a Crimson-breasted Shrike! I will blog about the animals next!


Under African Skies

I thought the Paul Simon song from Graceland would be appropriate for today’s title! Slowly we are getting back to normal after our African adventure. I did my monthly Story Telling Workshop at Hygrove House today and seemed to go well. I am also beginning to research new stories for next year’s ambitious project Dan and I have planned as Two Severn Bores!

I have been back on the bike after the fortnight off and had a scary moment coming down Crawley Hill at 40 mph, the whole bike wobbled and I just managed to stay on it. I think I have sorted the problem now -fingers crossed.

Looking forward to going to the Test match next Friday, it is all bubbling up nicely.

The picture is a tender moment from our hols!


Bill the Magician!

I promised I would blog with photos so this is a quick one with me showing off my magical skills while we were away in Namibia. The picture is me holding my wife in my hand! More to come -I took plenty of pictures with animals in all shapes and sizes! I promise not too many will make it onto the blog!

The Boys Are Back In Town!!!!!!

Well the boy is back! We have just had a marvellous fortnight in Namibia watching wildlife. It is a lovely country with vast open spaces, mountains, desert and bush. We even went 48 hours without seeing another human or vehicle apart from our small group of 9. I will do a few blogs this week about our adventure and the animals we saw. I will also add some pictures to each blog when I have managed to work out how to download of my new camera.

I did see at least 104 species of bird. This included 3 different species of Starling that were really attractive with their glossy feathers.

Had a few ideas for the story I am currently writing and also an idea for a story to tell at our pub gig near Christmas that lends itself to musical accompaniment will let you know after I have spoken to Dan my musical friend that I perform with.

Story Telling On The Bike Again!

Delightful afternoon Story Telling at Tuffley Library. I did it in two sessions one Telling and one as a Workshop. I cycled and was certainly warm went I got home. This week I’ve been pushing myself on the hills trying to keep my climbing legs. According to Strava many of my times have improved.

Finally we had a superb Book Club last week looking at Grayson Perry’s book The Descent of Man. All the boys entered into the spirit of things so our appearance was interesting!

There may now be a bit of a break from blogging for a couple of weeks.