I had a super ride today 30 plus miles before it rained but noticed my back tyre is now flat. Ironically I had put a new inner tube in before I set off!. I had replaced an inner tube on the back tyre on one of my other bikes a couple of days ago. My back won’t take much more of this!

The picture below is my number one bike the one with today’s flat on the Tourmalet five years ago (have put this picture in the blog before!)

Catch Up

Many apologies that I haven’t written a blog for a few days but much has happened.

Delightful day with young people bird watching on Wednesday at Wick Court.

Also did our monthly bird survey out by the Severn on Thursday morning for Frampton Estate. Plenty to see including 1500 Starlings flying out of the reed bed- should be some good murmurations during the next month.

Thursday’s Gig went well although numbers were sparse! I think publicity needs to improve for the event. Also did

I had a special day Friday. It was my birthday and my Grandson Owen came to play – well we went to Slimbridge. Picture below of us playing stomping along the path! He was fascinated again by the Otter that he had super views of.

I also told stories at Wick Court on Friday morning (the school this week were from Syston they are old friends and they know me well as I have visited their school many times to tell stories.)

Enjoyable game of football yesterday which ended in a draw which I think was a fair result. The Mighty Hatters just need to start winning these home games!


Not sure who was having the most fun!

Kingshill House Today!!!!

Pedalled into Dursley with my panniers full of props for a Halloween Story Telling for young people. I seem to be asked to do a story telling there every half term. You have to be careful not to frighten your audience so I add plenty of humour and participation! Voice is feeling it now!!!

Don’t forget I am telling adult stories on Thursday at Kingshill  starting at 7 please come if you can (the bar will be open). Last time today the poster is on the blog!


Great Gig

As I am about to have a busy week with three Story Telling sessions this week thought I would share thoughts on last night’s gig a few of us went to. I mentioned we were going to the Prince Albert pub in Stroud to see Lady Nade (with my friend Dan* in her band). What a superb night! Lady Nade and her band were top performers – great musicians. The support act was also top quality. The atmosphere in the pub was reminiscent of how  folk clubs used to be with great vibrant audience participation including good humoured repartee with the performers. Realised how important live performance is to both performer and audience!

As a complete contrast to last night cycled to Pitchcombe Church this afternoon to meet Clare and watch poetry performance of two local poets and a musician. A delightful afternoon.

We didn’t get that wet watching our Pete in a couple of places in the Stroud Half Marathon.

The less said about the football the better- very painful to watch but despite the score it was decided on small margins.

  • Dan is the musical half of Two Severn Bores and now he has finished his Lady Nade tour – we need to really get to work on our next project.

Story Learning!!!!

I am at that stage where I am busy working on learning my stories for next Thursday. I always feel frustrated at this time because I feel very awkward and certainly not fluent! I do need the audience. I think I am over my technological hiccups (I have added some music!) so fingers crossed.

Tomorrow we are off to watch my son Peter run the Stroud Half Marathon in the rain! Also have the small matter of my football team playing the local derby I am very apprehensive about this one because surely we can’t upset the odds again this week- can we? To finish off the day a group of us are going to watch Dan Everett (the other half of Two Severn Bores) play with a singer song writer Lady Nade in Stroud! A busy day!

Here, There and Everywhere!!!!

We travelled up to London yesterday to visit the Imperial War Museum because one of Clare’s friend’s son designed the newish Second World War floor. It was impressive and it was good to see it considered the whole world and represented ordinary people well instead of just through the normal European lens!

To use the well worn humorous quote “I was Over The Moon Brian!” on Tuesday night with the superb win by my football team the Mighty Hatters at Norwich on Tuesday night. it was certainly a gritty performance but well deserved! We have our local derby on Sunday can we make it a third win in a week? Not sure it is possible but fingers crossed!

Today I went for a ride with an old school friend who until recently I hadn’t seen for fifty years. A great ride despite the rain.

Finished up Story Telling at Wick Court tonight. I told the Wishes Of Savitri for the first time since the pandemic – I do often see stories as old friends!

Autumn Ride

Super ride this morning enjoying the sunshine on a wonderful wide ranging display of Autumn colours. We are lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world. Saw a Crow mobbing a Raven which is different!

Fingers crossed for tonight as the Mighty Hatters go to Norwich not sure I expect us to get anything but you never know!

Finally I am putting the poster for next week’s story telling at the bottom- I need a crowd!

A Congregation Of Egrets

What a thoroughly enjoyable football match yesterday where the Mighty Hatters deservedly won at long last against Queens Park Rangers. Never like early kick offs but don’t mind when you see a quality game like that. Two very difficult away matches this week so fingers crossed!

Pictures below is of a distant Cattle Egret near the River this afternoon. We now get three types of Egret in this area- the ubiquitous Little Egret, Great White Egret and Cattle. Couldn’t  get a picture of a couple of Stonechats I was watching but the one below I took on the Scillies with the sea behind it.


Bikes and Wet Feet!!!

Seem to be in the saddle for quite a bit of the day. Pedalled with the Old Groynes this morning (our first ride together for a long time for various reasons) and got wet as we climbed Frocester Hill – later the sun came out and we were treated to some delightful Autumn colours. I am off again to cycle into Dursley tonight to meet my friends that I go to cricket with every year- we need to decide what Test Matches we will go to. So by the time I come home I will have done 50 plus miles altogether.

It is an early start for me tomorrow- midday kick off tomorrow! We are playing our bogey team QPR (we haven’t beaten them in 22 games!) so not that optimistic!

Old Friends

Just back from Story Telling at Wick Court to young people from Charles Dickens School. I have been telling stories to them for many years. I took them bird watching on Wednesday they asked many super original questions that tested my knowledge!

We had a delightful day playing with our grandson Owen and taking him on the bus to Pittville Park.

Great wide ranging Book Club discussion last night. Always enjoy our meetings.

Last couple of pictures from the Scillies. The Golden Pheasant crossed the road in front of me on Tresco.