Sport, Stories and Visitor!!!

Depressing watching England being so careless in the Test Match. Hope we can get out of this one! Talking of cricket I am captaining a Gloucestershire Seniors Team against an Australian team on Sunday- another international following Wales earlier in the week!

My Story Telling with young people from Croydon was enjoyable last night. I am telling stories to adults tomorrow night at Eldersfield. Learning my stories tonight!

It was an early start yesterday for the monthly bird survey by the River Severn. Nothing surprising but plenty of Swallows and House Martins over the reed bed and 34 Avocets on the river. Finally pictures of a visitor on our feeders today.



Happy Birthday Wick Court!!!

Yesterday was an action packed day for me at Wick Court- I was out for 12 hours. I took young people from Birmingham bird watching. Hard work in the heat and a paucity of birds! The farm was holding its 25th anniversary as a Farm for City Children so we had many friends and of course the children that were there for a lovely party. It is a special place and I thoroughly enjoy my time there, for many children it is their first experience of the countryside and they thrive on that.

Now entering a busy spell on the Story Telling front that will involve much preparation.

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust…………..

What a cracking Test Match pity we came second! I was able to watch all today’s play because my game was called off this morning – after spending most of yesterday trying to get an 11th player! You have to hand it to Ben Stokes for the entertaining cricket – a pity it is not on terrestrial television for all to watch.

Need to work on learning some new stories for telling over the next couple of weeks. I need to find or develop some more visual stories.

I am at Wick Court tomorrow taking the young people bird watching and staying there for the 25th birthday party!

We Went Down To The River

Today’s title is from the well known song by The Boss! Only because Clare and I cycled to the River at Arlingham this morning before going to lunch with fellow Hatters Mick and Kath. We relived that memorable day at Wembley. Great afternoon and already planning our visit to Brighton in August!

The Two Severn Bores thoroughly enjoyed performing at Quedgeley Library on Friday night. We are pleased we are developing a distinctive style of entertainment. We need to explore some venues for the Autumn- anyone interested in hosting us doing our Destiny or Fate show? Our next performance is at Kingshill House Dursley on Friday August 4th- please come along!

I am performing at GL 11 Open Day this Saturday for young people and adults next Saturday at Eldersfield.

Boats, Books and Story Telling

I mentioned briefly we had Book Club on Wednesday. Wonderful evening by the River Severn picture of the sunset below.


I mentioned I helped one of my fellow Bookies move his boat yesterday. Two pictures below – one is a Common Tern taken on my phone!



Finally I was Story Telling this morning at Wick Court and of course I am with Two Severn Bores this evening.

Tired and Weary

Short blog today. Just back from a tiring day helping a friend move his narrow boat in the Midlands. 27 consecutive locks was hard work and my muscles are aching!

Don’t forget tomorrow night the Two Severn Bores tomorrow at Quedgeley Library 6.30 performing Destiny or Fate.

Scorchio Yet Again

Fried today taking the young people from Clapham bird watching at Wick Court. Not surprisingly we didn’t see too many birds! Off to Book Club tonight right by the River- we are also swimming (not in the River!)

Also baked at cricket yesterday. Although we got well beaten by Wales yours truly pulled off a special catch. I dived (yes dived) full length to catch a one-handed catch that was hit with great power. My team mates were astonished! Talking of cricket looking forward to Friday and the start of the Ashes!

Of course the Two Severn Bores are performing at 6.30 at Quedgeley Library- please come along!