World Book Day Gigs

Busy week this one for Story Tellers so I have been busy learning stories all day for my school visits this week. It was interesting to hear parental views on the Radio 4 news about dressing up for it. The views were mixed! Think the concept of World Book Day is important for promoting a love of literature etc but maybe schools might need to think how they approach it (of course making sure they have visits from Story Tellers!)

Had a lovely weekend. I went with my little brother to watch the Mighty Hatters win at Birmingham despite some “robust” challenges from the home team! Two of our key players were injured by these! Big game on Tuesday now sadly because of the work I will have to miss and watch it on TV.

Sunday was a delight seeing my new grandson Robin Eric Church along with his now big brother Owen. I felt very emotional! Granny and Gramps were exhausted after spending all day with them!

Hope I may have some pictures from this week to share in future blogs.

Babies, Birds, Bikes and The Bore!!!!

The title says it all! We are currently floating above the clouds with the news our third grandchild born this afternoon. It is a boy who like his father was born in Gloucester Hospital and weighed the exact same weight 7lbs 9 ozs. All well – we now wait for the name!

There has been two large Bores on the River Severn yesterday and today. I watched it a Framilode Church yesterday and again today while on the bird survey this part the river is much wider so the wave doesn’t look so big. A picture and a video below click on the link P1030332 below the picture!



As well as the Bore my birding group had a good bird survey this morning. The highlight was a Water Pipit amongst the Meadow Pipits. 

Had a lovely Story Telling with young people from Liverpool at Wick Court yesterday lunch time.

finally Clare and I braved the biting North Wind to pedal into Gloucester to see the Knife Angel – very impressive- picture below. The colours change!!!


All Quiet on……….

We went to the cinema last night to see All Quiet On The Western Front. Can’t say it was enjoyable because of the brutality of war. The book made a significant impact on me as an adolescent. Think all politicians should read the book or see the film. If I have a criticism  they could of lopped a good fifteen minutes off the length.

I did manage some work on my story for the Two Severn Bores up and coming show.

I now have a busy time coming up in schools with three gigs in the next couple of weeks as well as my normal Wick Court visits. So it is now down to some serious learning!


I am talking about penalties in football and this is a biased  viewpoint! My football team have been given one penalty all season which we missed! This is despite seeing our players on a number of occasions being wrestled to the floor and the occasional handball. The other side is the last three matches the opposition have been awarded penalties. Two for handball  both of which seemed harsh. Yesterday’s was particularly galling when playing the run away league leaders and being the better team! The penalty decided the game. Still onwards and upwards!!! I can look forward to seeing my granddaughter later today – a real treat!

The pen is ………………….working!!!!

Good news I have managed to get writing to develop the story I am hoping to tell with the Two Severn Bores when we next perform. Hopefully I will finish it over the next ten days. It is a good feeling when the words flow!

Last night we went with friends for a talk on Owls. What was really interesting was the speaker’s view that land should be left rather than managed and then the wildlife will come back.

Pleased that I have upped my mileage on the bike. My best week in 2023 in terms of miles rode!


Spotted in Vietnam!!!

Had an email from a pal who is currently travelling in Vietnam. His words “….I didn’t expect to read about Bill Church opening a mud kitchen in Slimbridge while travelling in Vietnam!” Apparently he went onto a local paper website and found the report- I’ve put in a couple of the pictures that accompanied it below!

Disappointed my team only drew last night having dominated the game. Just think if we started taking some of those chances created where we would be COYH!!!! Big game on Saturday!!!


Bike Ride

What lovely weather. It has been just right for getting on the bike and clocking up the miles- hardly any wind which makes life much easier. Did really well for seeing birds yesterday on a long ride. Several woodpeckers, flocks of chaffinches, kestrels and the biggest surprise a marsh tit near Sapperton.

Have been sorting out stories for a couple of gigs coming up around World Book Day. Also doing some work on the story I am hoping to tell for the up and coming Two Severn Bores show.

Out On The Weekend (again)

The title comes from the Neil Young song which I may of used before for a blog title hence (again!)

I have had a super weekend! The two Story Telling sessions went really well on Friday. Now planning for the end of the month!

Yesterday I watched The Mighty Hatters play some excellent football in an entertaining draw at Coventry. Two difficult fixtures coming up this week! We will see where we are by Saturday night!

This morning we once again up in the North of the County doing one of Winter Map Squares where we record all the birds we see. Only 23 species but once again it was good exploring a different area we don’t know.


No I am Not Sulking!!!!

There is no truth in the rumour I have avoided writing the blog following my football team’s humiliating exit from the FA Cup. It was painful!

No I have been incredibly busy. Wednesday was my volunteering day at Wick Court taking young people from the Charles Dickens Primary School bird watching. It was followed by a Book Club meeting discussing “Beyond Black” by Hilary Mantel. As always an excellent wide ranging discussion.

Yesterday was split by attending and speaking at a funeral and followed my full on grandparenting duties.

Today I am Story Telling at Wick Court in the morning followed by another gig at a local primary school this afternoon. I am cycling to both!


Thinking of brighter days I went to my first cricket net of the winter! I actually hit the middle of the bat when batting! Can it last?

Now about to listen to my football team playing in the FA Cup. COYH!!!!!