Olympics + Cricket

As an old cynic I found the opening ceremony wonderful and I enjoyed watching it. It made me feel proud of my country because it reflected our history/culture of ordinary people honestly; much more than Royalty and battles do.

I played cricket for the first time in ages twice this weekend. The body is now suffering! Sadly we lost on Saturday in the league and our Sunday game at Frocester today. Although fit with my cycle training- running quick singles and chasing a ball to the boundary uses different muscles! I’ll sleep well tonight!

Sunshine + Olympics

Hope you are enjoying this spell of good weather about time too. I haven’t played cricket for 4 weeks because of the weather and being away. I’m down for 2 games this weekend so fingers crossed.

I am really looking forward to tonight’s Olympic opening ceremony. I am hoping that Danny Boyle’s ceremony is full of British humour in it and isn’t too serious there are rumours that it is tongue in cheek which will be good. My David has landed on his feet and will be watching the road race tomorrow from the bottom of Box Hill on scaffolding with cycling journalists. Come on Cav!!!!

I did an early morning training ride this morning. 20 miles via Dursley and Cam Peak in just under 80 minutes.

The Blog is back!!!!

Apologies for not writing anything for a while-we had a few technical problems with the server for the web site-hope to update the site in the near future. Also been away on holiday! Clare and I went to Ireland to see my old mate Paul living down in the South West with Ruth. Paul and I go back almost to the beginning of time! We were royally looked after and enjoyed a great time-their garden was a delight.  Ireland is a great place and very friendly.

I then embarked on a cycle ride back across Ireland meeting up with Clare each night in our Camper (Cedric). Nothing compared to the miles covered by Bradley + Co (what a fantastic achievement ) in France but I did nearly 200 miles with lots of hills!!!!! Really enjoyed the ride; weather wasn’t great but surprised myself with my climbing ability especially when tired- the hills were a mixture of long grinds (went on for ever) and steep short hills. This is training for the August sponsored ride.

Before I went away I was still writing my Misty story (well the weather was poor) now at almost 17000 words-and I still have to add a bit to the middle part -new idea (inspiration comes on the bike) and finish the ending. So it could be around 18000 when finished -I keep revising that number if you are a regular reader of the blog you will have noticed!

Bristol Today

Was in full costume today-I was dressed as a 18th century merchant -wig as well and breeches! Cheddar Grove School had won a competition on the Bristol Pound and they had won a special day out in Bristol starting off with me as Story Teller in costume outside the Corn Exchange. Had done quite a bit of research and had to incorporate trade into my tale which I did in role. I included the slave trade in the story.

Had a lovely time and the children were very responsive and asked some great questions. Those of you who know me well will know I enjoy dressing up and I did!

Afterwards Clare and I had great time poking around the alleys area. In the second hand bookshop (I was in 7th heaven) we both found things -mine was the Observer Book of Bird Eggs -a book I’ve wanted for a while (strange fellow that I am!)

Update on the story -still going well and little twists still keep coming to me. I have really enjoyed writing this story.

Tomorrow I am going into my old school Dursley (really the first time properly) to officially open the sculpture (the present I gave the school) in the newly refurbished garden. Really looking forward to it seeing everyone again-it is a wonderful school with a fantastic staff.

Words still coming!!!!

Well cricket is off once again and also tomorrow! I read through my story Misty the Magician (not sure about the title!) and added a bit more. I am up to 13000 words now and probably another 1500+ to go. The last part has really developed well and it has been interesting how the ideas have evolved as I write. The big test will be to see if it is any good when I read it through as a whole story! I have learnt quite a bit about story writing as I have written it. I have a busy week in front of me so may not finish for a while because we go to Ireland next week. Ive also got to prepare for my Thursday gig in Bristol, I am aiming to do this in role-more later.

Flowers in the Rain

Who sang that? Will take you back in time. You can’t ignore the weather can you? I know we are obsessed in this country but today has been ridiculous. The rain today reminds me of that day in 2007 when we had the floods in Gloucestershire.

Clare and I went to Hampton Court Flower Show and it was wet but not as bad as when we got back here! Really enjoyed looking at the gardens especially those with a touch of humour. Badger Beer had fountains of beer coming from taps! A smashing day.

Needless to say the weather is wrecking my cricket-3 successive Saturdays lost now! My Youth teams have lost many games. Still as tomorrow’s game is off we are going to see the “This is Gloucestershire Day” which is various History events in Gloucester including Michael Wood -I have enjoyed his people’s History -good to see a historian celebrating ordinary people and not Kings and Queens! Will let you know what happens.

Continue to be pleased with the way Misty the Magician story is developing-I have just started the final chapter but it now may be the penultimate  one!

Quiz Master

For those of you who have studied my web site (hope to update it over the next couple of weeks) will know about my interest in Wildlife-especially birds. Well tonight I was quiz master for the School Wildlife Quiz County Final. All the years of being a Headteacher I had trained up teams to participate in the quiz (over 100 schools enter). Twice we won the final and it is the most nerve wracking thing worse than penalty shoot outs. Well tonight I was question master and I was the other side for once! I am always amazed at the wide range of  knowledge the children have. I was paranoid I might mispronounce Common Piddock-you can guess the potential pit falls! I didn’t -thank goodness! Longney just down the road from here won.

Tomorrow I have a meeting in Bristol about next week’s gig-possible T.V. coverage-I’m having my hair done-the single hair! I have some work to do on the story!