That Old Brown Dog

Unashamed on a significant milestone for me to have a Ralph McTell song title for today. We saw him at The Royal Welsh College of Music in Cardiff. What a wonderful concert hall. We also called in to see my Great Nephew Rupert who arrived at the beginning of September. It was a delightful day and we came home glowing.

Ralph was on the top of his game which is amazing considering his age, his catalogue of songs are wide ranging, thoughtful and sensitive. Yes the tears flowed on a couple of songs especially with the raw feelings of recent weeks (more about that at the end of the blog).

I am currently trying to write a story for our tour next year on the River Severn, we already have bookings so need to get on with it! Actually we have got quite a bit of it ready.

Sad day tomorrow in our village as we say Goodbye to our dear friend Robin.

Alright Now

A blast from the past for today’s title just been listening to it! I thought it would fit after my exertions of the last two days, I am only blogging now because my work this morning has been cancelled so got the chance to do outstanding admin jobs.

Tuesday Neil and I worked hard at Wick Court cutting back the hedge near the bird hide, hand bears the scars! It was good physical work and we were pleased with our efforts.

Later it was to the real Theatre of Dreams to see the Hatters score 4 against  Accrington although ironically it wasn’t as comprehensive win as we had on Saturday. Got back well after midnight only to get up before 6 to travel up to Birmingham for a Gig.

It was at Dorrington Academy and I was telling stories linked to Black History Month to Reception and K.S. 1 children. A lovely big school with receptive young people. I altered my Deep, Deep story which is physically demanding! So I had to go to bed early!

Happy Hatter

A quick blog today after watching some scintillating football yesterday from the Mighty Hatters. The skill on display was outstanding and I love the way my team play their way out of trouble, no Row Z for our defence! How we didn’t score more than two was baffling but the visiting goalkeeper had an outstanding game. I have been pleasantly surprised with the quality of football at this level. COYH!!!!!!!!

That’s it! Back to proper Story Telling blogs this week! It promises to be fairy hectic!

Autumn Almanac

Go to one of my favourite all time bands for today’s title, if you don’t know who that is get Googling! I actually felt like Autumn today despite the lovely sunshine. Good pedal to Story Tell at Wick Court today where I tried out telling a new story “The Death of Nornagest”, it is a story without a happy ending! Pleased with it and gave me some ideas for developing the Telling.

The cricket on Monday went surprisingly well, we won and the oldest man (by a country mile) on either side was top scorer! It is certainly a young man’s game!

I had a wonderful long ride yesterday meeting up with old friends for lunch.

Two very different bird watches this week one with the children and the monthly survey on the Severn this morning. Highlight today was 10 Grey Plovers on the River and the children enjoyed seeing 30 flighty Linnets on Tuesday.

Managed to get some writing in as well this morning.

Easy Wind

A first today, a Grateful Dead song for the title! Only because it is yet another blustery day!

Started the day full of hope that the Mighty Hatters might win at Barnsley and slip into the Play Off places. Watched it on T.V. and we came second, didn’t deserve a point although we had a goal disallowed for offside and it wasn’t!

I packed my cricket kit away yesterday and now I’m needed for indoor cricket (a young man’s game) on Monday night-wish me luck!

Final pictures from Montenegro including the big table football match-I came second!










The Answer My Friend Is Blowing In The Wind

What a blustery day after the last few days both here and in Montenegro. Back in the routine now, did some old favourites at Wick Court yesterday to young people from Peckham, hoping to learn a new story for next week. This is alongside story learning for a pub gig in December as well as a couple of school gigs looming.

We had a great time away with our wonderful friends John and Sally. The weather was fantastic and the scenery amazing. Picture below is our first night with a great sunset.

More to follow!


Climb Every Mountain

Been impressed by the mountains and wonderful views over the Bay. Lake Skadar today had a multitude of birdlife, the boat trip was a real treat. This followed a great trip yesterday to a working Olive farm and ride around the peninsula. I even managed some birding late afternoon.

We came second in the cricket but thoroughly enjoyed the two games. Slightly surreal playing cricket on an artificial football pitch with a rubber pitch with mountains in the background. I will try and put some pictures on the next blog when at home.

Really recommend this part of the world. Back home tomorrow and then will address some pending Story Telling stuff.

Travelling Man

Well we are on our travels again.  Currently in Montenegro wait for it I am supposed to be playing cricket here at the weekend. Forecast might be against us. I am writing this blog surrounded by a flock of Tree Sparrows. Heard Jackal calling last night and an owl I couldn’t identify. The views from our friend’s villa where we are staying is super, I am looking at a mountain range.

Chuffed to see the mighty Hatters won on the road at last.