Man out of Time

Today’s title could be me at any time! Finding it difficult to fit everything into the next week or so! The down side of being so busy I’m not learning any new stories although Iam gradually getting to grips with my Mollie story.

Started back at Wick Court this morning although no children till next week. I worked at arranging seating for the brilliant new round house. I should be Story telling in there  next week.

I am cycling to just beyond Salisbury on Thursday with a recently retired Headteacher friend to see another pal. Weather looks OK at the moment. Just hope the body is OK!

Old Man

Decided to use the old Neil Young song title for this blog! Sums up how the body was after Thursday’s cricket. Both Achilles were very sore after the game so I looked very lame yesterday morning! I did bat for a while which is a good thing but that does mean I struggle to move towards the end of the game. I do get frustrated by struggling to run because I usually love fielding!

Friday was a busy day. Lovely gig at Bream Library with a wide age range audience. Told some old favourites that are dependable in those circumstances. Good to see how the community are keeping the library going but those of you who read my blogs regularly will know of my strong feelings on libraries!

Signed off at Frocester Beer Festival where I bumped into several people from my dim and distant past! Taking it easy today!

Sutton Hoo

Stupid blog today! I just wanted to experiment with a picture from my phone onto the blog! I mentioned I was aiming to cycle to Sutton Hoo so we did! Picture below is of the ship burial mound. Did inspire me to try and learn some Old English for when I next do Beowulf! Think that would be really cool! Off to play cricket later.


All along the Watchtower

Well watching the Olympics felt like a watchtower at times!

We are currently with friends in Colchester. So not thinking about anything to do with Stories apart from I do need an illustrator for my book. Anyone out there who can help let me know.

Colin and I had a decent ride around nature reserves yesterday. Today hoping to visit one of my favourite places Sutton Hop.

Have you ever seen the rain?

A change over the last two days with heavy rain. It has had an impact on me, one soaking on the bike yesterday and my gig cancelled today! It does put you in a dilemma in what jacket to take with you on your bike because it is still warm-my lightweight shower jacket wouldn’t be much good today but my other jacket is probably too warm! My Gig at Bream today was cancelled because of the weather the wind and the rain both being factors!

Still Brian and I had a meeting about our London tour next month which is promising to be fun.

Football was disappointing today sounds like we missed a hatful of chances!

Born to be Wild

Just back from visiting our Peter and Nicola up in the smoke. We made a first visit to the Globe and saw “946 The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips” based on the Michael Morpurgo book. A really enjoyable and lively family production. It is a moving story based on the tragedy of American soldiers preparing for D-Day at Slapton Sands and those of you who do know me will know what a sucker I am for this type of story! The fantastic band that accompanied the performance played the old Steppenwolf classic at the beginning hence today’s title. The band’s front man Adebayo Bolaji was a charismatic performer and semi-narrated the story. “Born to be Wild” was certainly a soundtrack to my formative years and it is a long time since I heard it.

I loved the Globe and we nearly had sunstroke sitting at the top in the sun! It chimed well for me with our recent Shakespeare tour around his anniversary.  I look forward to seeing Shakespeare performed there in the future.

Now preparing for tomorrow’s gig going over some old favourites. Later today I am meeting Brian to sort out our London tour in mid September, logistics as well as performance.

I think I finished cricket for the summer on Tuesday and the injury hit old body is grateful!

Chestnut Mare

Thought the old Byrd’s classic might be a good title after seeing the dressage today at the Olympics. I have to say I am enjoying the cycling once again and was riveted to the men’s pursuit on Friday night, what a race! I was pleased that Usain Bolt won last night he is exceptional and appears to be clean! Changing sports I think the Pakistan cricket team have to be congratulated on the way they played the Test Series displaying skill, spirit and sportsmanship.

I am storytelling at Bream Flower Show this weekend. Probably bring out some old classics like the Japanese story “The man who loved Stories” which goes well with a mixed adult and young person audience.

Finally almost tidied up the Mollie the sheep story but looking for a sheep/lamb type puns to add!

Hats off to the Hatters

You can tell by the title this is today a non story telling post on my blog!

What a wonderful performance by the mighty Hatters to beat Aston Villa recently of the top flight! Surprised the BBC persisted with the Olympics! We played some good free -flowing football, so fingers crossed for the rest of the season! Roll on Saturday!

Go Your Own Way

Well a bit of surprise how many hits I have had on my last blog. Maybe the Supertramp song title helped.

I had an unexpected gig on Friday night. I got a call at Edgbaston on Wednesday from Heather asking me to tell some stories to the volunteers who have been building the magnificent round house at Wick Court. Strange the calls you take at cricket! It turned out to be a delightful evening in what is a great setting. Good to do some adult stories again. The children are going to love the Round House-I feel we need a name for it.

My sporting odyssey this week has been wonderful but I am tired now. Great day at the Test match in what is a compelling series. Fingers crossed for today. The cricket trip to Devon wasn’t so good the Gloucestershire old men came second and my body was a wreck afterwards. I think my Achilles need a good rest.

Finally the footy season kicked off yesterday and I went to Plymouth with a friend supporting the home team on the train. What a result the Mighty Hatters winning 3 0, brilliant! Maybe this will be the season! It is the hope that gets you!