More Trolls!!!!

Enjoyable gig at Bream Library yesterday. Changed my stories when I arrived. Enjoyed doing the Troll story and I will develop this one. The Library is run by volunteers and had a lovely atmosphere.They are doing a great job. Having said that it is sad to see how the whole library service across the country has been damaged by cuts, would be good if our lords and masters realised how important libraries are for people’s learning .

Read through my dreams story today and I am going to enter it in a competition-“Nothing ventured nothing gained”. Still needs some tidying up!

I’m a Troll fol de roll I’m a Troll………….

Well I will be tomorrow! Of to perform in a library and the theme is mythical beasts. so found a great new Troll story to perform as well as one of my dragon stories. Those of you who know me from a long time ago will recall various versions I used to do of the 3 Billy Goats Gruff! I am going to investigate more Troll stories for telling!

I was originally going to cycle over to the Forest of Dean but decided with my dodgy hammie not to risk it!

Wild Thing

Just recovering from a mad few days. Sorry about the delay in blogging! When I signed off I was mentioning my cricket, well last Thursday against Somerset it was scorching. Struggled with my dodgy hamstring and to make matters worse my calf muscle went on the same leg! Age catching up? It didn’t help that we came second!

Friday saw us dash across country to Colchester for my mate Colin’s retirement do. A great evening and it was a privilege being there.A cracking thunderstorm while we sleeping in the van. We then set off Saturday because I was performing at Wick Court at their Cider Festival. I got some great feedback but I wasn’t completely satisfied with my performance. I spent a few hours on Sunday morning helping get everything down.

Another 3 performances on Monday at the WWT in their new shop. The audience was mainly young children with parents.

Visited the physio before my performing and she confirmed what I knew-TAKE A REST from cricket!!!!

Wick Court Cider Festival

Just been on the WWT web site and was shocked to see a picture of me! It was in their events section advertising the stories I am telling there on Monday. I am doing three sessions during the day. They are revamping the shop and this is their launch.

Before that on Saturday I am telling stories at the Cider Festival sandwiched between some bands! So busy,busy!

On the cricket front I played two games last week. The Seniors beat Devon on Thursday and I played for Slimbridge on Saturday  carrying my bat! Tomorrow off to the Festival at Cheltenham to watch followed by a game against Somerset Thursday. My Peter is trying to get us tickets for Lords on Friday!



The Sound of Silence

It has been a bit of a social whirl the last couple of days. But I will start with the Story Telling. I did an evening performance at Wick Court on Tuesday with the children I had been bird watching with earlier in the day. Lovely children who were full of enthusiasm. For the stories I did a simple bird one, followed by Odysseus (I was asked for a Greek story earlier in the day), finishing with the Sleeping King. Good to have that slot before bed time it does add to the atmosphere. Clare has given me back my story Dreams with a couple of suggestions for development. So will work on that over the next month or so. I’ve got a couple of interesting gigs coming up this month one at the WWT and another at a library.

Wednesday was my social day! I cycled over the top to meet Mick (fellow Hatter) for lunch. It was our annual pre-season natter and catch up. Last night was our Book Club meal at our Forest of Dean venue! Laurie was an excellent host and the meal theme was Turkish to fit with our next read “My Name is Red”. Wonderful array of food and drink as always!

Tour de France (2)

If you have looked at the web site there is a subtle change to Bill’s Own Stories (I’ve updated it!) I am Story Telling tomorrow night at Wick Court for a visiting school. They are paying me in bird food for our feeders at Wick Court.

We really enjoyed our time away. The cricket on Thursday was a long way to go for a game of cricket and to come second! had a good day and saw my sister. Friday in Yorkshire we visited Saltaire and enjoyed looking at the Hockneys in the Mill.  Great day! Yorkshire looked great with bunting (usually the main tour jerseys), posters and bikes! The whole event was a great celebration bursting with civic pride and a sense of community. As I mentioned I cycled to Otley and was one of thousands moving around on a bike.Very up and down! Enjoyed watching the caravan come through! The peloton passed in seconds! Sunday we were just above Haworth and had a super view down a long drag. So when the peloton came into view we could see it rhythmically working together for a while. The crowd was buzzing and a lovely atmosphere. Really glad to be at such a special once in a lifetime event!

Pedals,crankshafts and sprockets

Great day here watching the Tour. I ended up cycling 40 miles or so and watched in Otley. Tomorrow we can walk from the campsite into Haworth. Lovely atmosphere here and Yorkshire has really embraced the Tour lots of bunting, yellow bikes fixed to buildings etc. Will write more when home.

Grand Depart

Quick blog!!!!! Off in a minute to be quiz master for the County Wildlife Quiz. Tomorrow we are off to Cheshire, I’m playing cricket for the Gloucestershire Old Men. We are then moving across to Yorkshire to sample the Tour de France. Will only be a blur when the peloton zooms by but should be really exciting! We are camping by one of the hubs so they should be music, activities and a giant screen! Allez, Allez!!!!!