Pirate Pete!!!

Had a lovely two days in Hereford Story Telling for the National Literacy Trust. On Monday Morning I told Mog The Baker’s Cat one of my favourite stories from Necklace of Raindrops to Y1 children. In the afternoon I had children from Y1 to Y6 so had to revert to one of my “pantomime” stories my own Pirate Pete-because I was performing this in a public area (Costa in the Odeon Cinema) I had several adults listening who came up to me afterwards telling me how much their enjoyed the story. Ironically the school on Tuesday morning where I did Japanese Folk tales remembered Pirate Pete from the previous year.

Now preparing poems for Friday’s Gig!

Happy Hatter!!!!!!!!!!

I mentioned our wonderful day at Leighton Moss on Friday in my last blog. Well life on our adventures up North continued as we moved onto Carlisle. We had a delightful morning visiting a wonderful sprawling Second Hand Bookshop I had been to last year on the Coast to Coast cycle ride. I managed to add some more books to my growing Story Telling Library. I love finding old books and they usually have some great stories although presentation is often dated.

We met up with Mick and Cath and a couple of drinks in local hostelries we moved onto the football ground to hopefully watch the Mighty Hatters clinch promotion. What an afternoon we had! The game ebbed and flowed, while many fans were keeping in touch with Exeter’s progress-if they didn’t win we were up. Five minutes from time the Exeter result came through-it was a draw! An almighty primeval roar from the away support let the players know we were up. The celebrations went on for some time! Marvellous !!!!! It has been a  roller coaster of a ride in recent years so it is great to have our moment in the sun! Two more promotion parties to come before the season ends! Also a lovely article in today’s Guardian about our best ever moment 30 years ago to continue our smiles!

I was working for the National Literacy Trust in Hereford today, more about this in my next blog.

Booming Bitterns!

Wonderful day at Leighton Moss the RSPB Reserve by Morecambe Bay. Sunshine helps! We had the evocative sound of Bitterns booming deep in the massive reed beds. Highlights included  Marsh Harriers, Sedge Warblers, Willow Warblers, Shovellers, Bullfinch as well as hearing Water Rail and Cettis Warbler.

We topped off a great day watching Peregrine Falcons at Wharton Crag. Beautiful birds in flight.

Busy week next week so enjoying our break.



Just Like Buses!!!!!!

Some of you may remember me posting in the Autumn my thrill of seeing an Osprey in Frampton well have waited years for that moment; Last night I walked up to Splatt Bridge to see what migrants were passing through. I noticed a large white bird on a post-yes an Osprey-I had wonderful views of the bird as he moved closer along the posts. I also saw my first House Martin of the year.

I pedalled to Tuffley Library today to tell stories to very young people.


A really tenuous link to today’s title thanks Mr Bowie! Really commenting on yesterday’s football at the Theatre of Hope and Dreams. I went with our David for our annual hospitality, knowing that a win would almost take us closer to League 1. A wonderful day, great win with some super goals. Had a lovely time visiting the changing rooms and on going on the pitch and was rounded off with me winning an autographed football for getting closest to the final score. Luton really do the whole day well and the club are doing great stuff in the community.

I cycled to meet our Dave on Friday who cycled up from Exeter not sure where he gets these daft ideas from!

Ring Ouzel!!!!!!!!!!!

Chuffed to bits to see my first decent sighting of a Ring Ouzel in Gloucestershire and on Selsey Common as well (close enough for me to cycle to see them). Normally we try Cleeve Hill with only a glimpse if lucky. I had good views of both a male and female. On the bird watching theme my telescope is out of action for a couple of weeks. Several Swallows on the canal today.

Great Book Club discussion last night on “A Man Called Ove” that was wide ranging. Good to hear different perceptions of the book.

Learning a new story that I hope to tell at Tuffley Library on Monday. Got some interesting gigs coming up this summer.

Maiden Castle

Forgot to mention we had a walk around Maiden Castle on Friday on our way to David’s. I always like seeing those impressive imposing ramparts, what a feat of endurance digging and building them! I always forget what a vast area it covers. It was always held up as a good example of an Iron Age Fort when I was studying history. It is interesting they now don’t think the Romans stormed it because of the way the burials are ordered. When I used to teach the Romans in History we often recreated our own storming with the some pupils demonstrating the tortoise formation as Romans shows how “History” can change!

Also saw a few Yellowhammers at the bottom of the “Castle”.

Mother and Child Reunion

A tenuous title for today as we returned from our Dorset and Exeter jaunt. We camped near Wareham for a couple of nights in “Cedric” our wonderful camper. With Clare’s super new bike we managed to use our bikes to get around. I’ve already blogged about our super Bird Watching day, also now seen my first Swallows of the year.

We had a lovely couple of nights with David and Vicky in Exeter including a family ride along by the Exe Estuary. Dave and I also went to watch the mighty Hatters win convincingly at Yeovil yesterday. Only four games to go so fingers crossed.

The Bore

I had to cycle into Gloucester today and couldn’t come back through Stonebench because the River had flooded  the road. Ended up with a detour and got lost!

Wonderful result for the Hatters coming back from being a goal down to win. Promotion is getting nearer-fingers crossed! The team had a set back on Friday when one of our players suffered a terrible injury-players were visibly shaken and the result didn’t matter in the end.

Off to look for Dartford Warblers in deepest Dorset tomorrow for a couple of days in Cedric our van!