I’m singing in the rain

Sitting feeling tired after a day in the Black Country telling stories. An early start to avoid the snarl up on the M5 road works. Only went wrong once on my way to the school-maybe one day I will invest in a Sat nav.

Lovely school and I was working mainly with the youngest children (Nursery and Reception) so you can imagine I had to be very visual and I did leap around quite a bit. The school also had Ofsted in and I only once bumped into an inspector while moving around the school.

We went to the Everyman yesterday and watched Moon Tiger with Jane Asher in. Very moving story and Jane was outstanding in the lead role. The original story was from a Penelope Lively novel. Eyes watered on a few occasions.

Next week I hope to get back to writing again.

One wheel on my waggon!!!!

Spent today preparing for my gig in Birmingham; just learnt that Ofsted will be there as well!

I decided to go for a ride up Frocester Hill (quickest time to date). Disaster struck as I made my way down Crawley Hill. My back tyre exploded at 30 mph. Luckily no cars at that moment and somehow managed to wobble across the road without coming off. Heart missed a few beats but who knows maybe a story can come from it?

Shelter from the Storm

A quick update of the last couple of days. Most of it is nothing to do with StoryTelling! Saw my brother Mike on friday and had a good natter about the various projects we both have on the go. I still think we should go on tour together but might need an agent!

We were away for the weekend with our old friends Colin and Cee. We went via that spiritual home of mine Kenilworth Road. Midway through the second half we had a mini storm (10 mins), thunder and lightning, rain driving into the covered stand, and hailstones that had the players covering their faces. I’ve never seen the first 20 rows of a stand retreat like that. we were even wet in the upper tier! 3-0 was very pleasing and a club record 20 league games without defeat! “COYH!”

With Colin and Cee we  were planning our trip for September. More about that later but I won’t be available for Gigs this September.

This land is our land……..

Busy spell for me so apologies for those of you who read my blogs (you can get help for it!) Been under the weather not surprising with the soakings I got last week especially sitting in damp clothes at subsequent meetings!

Last week was our Book Club meal on Steinbeck’s Tortilla Flat. Great evening and the boys once again surpassed themselves with the food. George had Wood Guthrie playing on a loop so This land is your land was playing through my head for several days!

I have a few nursery gigs over the next fortnight and then full on Primary Schools at the end of February and early March. So I am need to refine the stories I am going to deliver.

I have been busy with my writing on the dreams story finding the action of a chase difficult to write but my philosophy is to keep writing and then edit hard! This story still continues to surprise me with the direction it is taking, I will need to check carefully that it does all hang together. I think I know where it is going but still not sure how I am getting there.


Nothing to do with Story Telling but I have had a few soakings this week. I’ve cycled 3 times at night to various meetings (over 60 miles altogether) and I have ridden through many deep puddles while rain cascaded down! I think I’ve got trenchfoot! Ironically I cleaned the bike at the weekend!

Fingers crossed that tomorrow’s game is on.


Apologies for the paucity of blogs since the turn of the year. Just back from a gig in Cheltenham today. I was asked to do tales from the sub continent and also Sri Lanka. Took a while to find the right story for Infant age children from Sri Lanka. Found one with a Jackal and a Hare. Enjoyed learning it and my telling improved as the day went on (I had to tell to three different groups).

Busy on several fronts with both my voluntary commitments and preparing stories for telling. Haven’t been able to write for a few days.

I did give Mr Gove a warm welcome to Stroud on Friday. In light of his making the First World War a political football (silly man). I carried a banner saying “Lions led by a Donkey!” You probably have guessed he is not my favourite person!


The wheels on the Bus……

What do they say about buses? More enquiries today about my availability to perform. I was at Treetops Children’s Centre today doing Teddy stories. Pleased with how my Deep story is developing with each performance. I need to add it to my story page on the web site.

Still enjoying the writing managing to do about 500 to 1,000 words daily over the last few days on the Dreams Story.

Still need to make time to write a script for a World War performance for the Autumn Term. I need to research about local regiments. Will include some poetry as well. Investigating having a musician with me. Might be too expensive but would be fun! Can’t believe Gove’s comments on Blackadder and Oh What a Lovely War he is certainly no historian but he is a very dangerous man the way he belittles anyone who questions him.

Roll with it

Busy little spell coming up a gig tomorrow and all day next Tuesday. So I am busy at the moment learning stories including a couple of new ones. I have been asked for some Sri Lankan stories for Tuesday. Also have had a few enquiries out of the blue this week for next month  this on top of existing bookings!

Between showers and strong winds I’ve managed a couple of decent rides with the chaps. Need to get back in the groove after Christmas.

Writing is still going really well and I am writing regularly at the moment. The Dream story continues to develop and several unexpected twists have been added in the last week.


Why does it always rain on me?

My goodness haven’t we seen some rain! We walked up to the canal this morning to check out what happened with High Tide on the Severn (big tidal surge predicted). It certainly surged, it breached the sea wall and completely flooded the fields up to the canal (our flood defence). Never seen this before, a breath-taking sight, seeing such a vast expanse of water where I often have walked.

Busy spell coming up with gigs so started work on learning new stories today.

I did venture forth on New Years Day for the football. It was farcical and more like water polo. Still another three points!