Still Blogging???????

Yes I am but as I said yesterday it won’t necessarily be every day! Wow what a scorcher today! I went out early for a long bike ride before it got unbearable! The field of poppies in the picture below I saw near Tetbury!

Still struggling with technology may need the help of a young person!

Anyway yesterday’s answers

a) Parkin is a type of gingerbread cake traditionally with oatmeal and treacle  b) Armagnac is Brandy  c) NO HANDY CAR is Chardonnay d) Singapore Sling has gin in it e) Apricot Jam is in Battenberg Cake



Clare and I went for a lovely ride today to have coffee and cake in Berkeley. After eating wonderful cakes we cycled round the Halmore Loop with wonderful views of the River on a beautiful day.

I am busy testing out doing a video on my iphone for doing Story Telling for the Libraries. My problem is I am being technology challenged to get it onto my lap top! ARGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Just to let all know I may not always blog every day now lock down is slowly being lifted.Today is the last quiz for a while as well-I hope you have enjoyed doing them!

Yesterday’s answers on Author’s quiz

a) The Reverend Awdry wrote Thomas the Tank Engine books   b) A Tale of Two Cities was Dickens best selling book of all time-I was surprised by that!  c) Atticus Finch was in To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee  d) Captain Corelli’s Mandolin was written by Louis de Bernieres   e)  Yossarian was the main character in Catch 22 by Harper Lee 

Today’s Quiz is all on refreshments!!!!

a) If you were having Parkin what type of food would you be eating?   b) What sort of spirit is Armagnac?  c) A Singapore Sling is based on which alcoholic drink? d) Work out the anagram for a drink NO HANDY CAR  e) What flavour of jam would usually be used in a Battenberg cake?

The Luminaries

Not a song title today a book title instead! I don’t know if any of you watched the first episode of The Luminaries last night but when I saw it was on it brought a smile to my face. It was a book we did for Book Club. It is a weighty tome and from what I recall one or two of our bookies didn’t finish it. Although it was a Booker prize winner the consensus amongst our group you could start reading at page 465! (You need to have read it to understand this point!) Will be interested to see how the T.V. goes on recreating the novel. We did drive through Hokitka where the book is set when we were in New Zealand.

Today’s Quiz is on Authors!

a) Who wrote the Thomas the Tank Engine Books?  b) Which Dickens book published in 1859 has sold over two million copies and is his best selling book?  c) Who wrote the book where Atticus Finch is the main character?  d) Who wrote Captain Corelli’s Mandolin?  e) Who wrote the book where Captain John Yossarian is the main character and the book’s title has become a well known phrase for a conundrum


Struggled a bit with a song title for the solstice -I did google but didn’t really know the songs so no song title today! I know plenty of summer songs many of which I have used as blog titles!

Still spending time dealing with the mess the cherry tree caused, so it has involved considerable sawing and shredding! Tiring work!

Went for a ride with pals today and once again we were able to have our coffee and cake. It is bizarre that you can’t sit down you just stand outside the café!

Good news that our juvenile Nuthatch is now regular visitor to our bird table, it is strange that we see a young bird but haven’t seen an adult bird this summer!

Yesterday’s Quiz answers on Trees

a) Aspen of course is the name of the city in Colorado.  b) Brazil is the name of the country named after a tree   c) Dendrochronology is the method of dating trees by their growth rings  d) Linden trees are commonly called Lime  e) The Major Oak is of course in Sherwood Forest and  Robin Hood and his men are supposed to have slept under it.  It is a long time since I have told a Robin Hood story, I think I ought to rectify that!!!!!

A Thousand Trees

Well not quite but it feels like a thousand plus pieces of tree here at the moment! I chose the Stereophonics song for today’s title because it seems most of my garden time at the moment is clearing up the aftermath of the great chunk of tree coming down. I think I am winning!

I watched a full football match this afternoon for the first time since early March. It was a bit of a damp squib to be honest. At least my team avoided losing when not playing very well! It is hard without a crowd and atmosphere.

Yesterday’s Quiz on Hares

a) Masquerade by Kit Williams was the treasure hunt book   b) Drove is the collective noun for Hares   c) Jack is a male Hare  d) Jill is a female Hare  e) A White Hare is often supposed to be a witch in disguise but sometimes it is a young maiden!

Today’s Quiz is on Trees!

a) What small Colorado city founded as a mining camp was later named after an abundance of certain trees in the area?   b) Can you name the only country named after a tree?  c) What is dendrochronology ?   d) What are linden trees commonly called in the UK?  e) Possibly the most famous tree in UK “The Major Oak” is found where?

The White Hare

An eclectic band for today’s title! The Albion band was originally set up by Ashley Hutchings (ex Fairport) in the early 70s and I saw them and even went to a Ceilidh when they were the dance band! I chose the song because on my ride today I saw a Brown Hare. First one I’ve seen for a while-beautiful animals! I went on my social distanced ride with my son David which was a treat. He and Vicky have formed a bubble with his mother in law Pauline in Gloucester. It is bizarre seeing your son and not being able to give him a hug!

I should have some news on some virtual gigs soon. Just did my tax return-I think my 20-21 return might be much easier to do unless things change soon!

Thought today’s Quiz should be on Hares

a) What was the name of the book about a treasure hunt to find a jewelled golden Hare?  b) What is the group name for Hares?  c) What is a male Hare called? d) What is a female Hare called?  e) In British Folklore what might a White Hare be?

Why Does It Always Rain On Me

Was looking for a song I knew about Monsoons but couldn’t find one so we will stick with Travis! As I write we have had heavy rain for 14 hours now. It did bring a problem for us. There was an almighty crack and  a quarter of our Flowering Cherry Tree  snapped off. It landed on top of our greenhouse and the carefully netted blueberries/ Miraculously despite the weight the greenhouse was intact! Lost a few blueberries! It meant I had to spent quite a bit of time sawing branches/boughs so I could get the tree off the greenhouse. Picture below is just after I had got it off the greenhouse and had dragged a few branches to near where Clare had taken the picture from. It was plenty of tree !!!!Guess what job I will be doing over the next few days!

Yesterday’s Quiz Answers on Sport

a) 6 players on the ice at any one time    b) Montreal 1976 was when 28 African   countries boycotted   c) Golf of course was played on the moon   d) Sunil Gavaskar was  the first player to score 10,000 Test runs   e) India withdrew from the 1950 World Cup because they were not allowed to play bare footed!!!!!!

No Quiz today -sorry!!!!


It’s Coming Home……..

Thought the Three Lions song  might be appropriate for this surreal world with football coming back. I watched a snippet tonight and surreal is the word! Maybe when Saturday comes and I have an emotional investment I may be able to immerse myself fully in it! I had a beer delivery today so I cam simulate the Bricklayers Arms where we go for a pint before the game! It should help!

To mark football’s return the picture below  has the three Church boys before Dursley U16s played the Dads and our David was the ref(it was a long time ago!) Think it was 2-2 and I know our Peter was marking me for a corner when I nicked in front of him and  scored with a near post header. I’ve never let him forget it!

Yesterday’s Quiz answers on songs connected to Storms.

a) The Doors sang Riders on the Storm (for you Colin!)   b) Neil Young sang Like a Hurricane   c) Dylan sang Shelter from the Storm  d) Led Zeppelin sang the Rain Song  e) Thunder Road was The Boss (Springsteen)  (apart from the Neil Young song they are all in my record collection.)

Today’s Quiz is all on sport!!!!

a) How many players can be on the ice for an ice hockey team?   b) At which Summer Olympics did 28 African countries boycott?  c) What is the only sport to be played beyond Earth?  d) Who was the first player to score 10,000 Test Match runs ?  e) In 1950 India withdrew from the World Cup because FIFA refused to let them do what?



Thunder On The Mountain

Mr Dylan provides us with today’s song title although I nearly went for Springsteen classic. This was we had a thunderstorm this afternoon, when we had our first significant rain in weeks. Most of recent rain forecast has seemed to of missed us and our water butts were empty-not any more! The garden certainly the grass was parched.

Notable visitor to our garden before the storm was a Nuthatch. They are not many in Frampton in fact can’t remember the last time I saw one in the village, we had one in the garden three or four years ago. This one was a juvenile so there must of been nest nearby! My poor picture out of the window below.

Well done on Marcus Rashford shaming our hapless government into a U-turn of free school meals vouchers for the summer. Perhaps he could now get them to support Children’s Centres if they are serious about equality!

I am currently relearning a story that I’ve only told once before because I may be doing Folk Tales again soon.

Yesterday’s Answers on Drink

a) Yeast was used before Baking Powder   b) Battenberg is Domino Cake  c) Somerset Maugham wrote Cakes and Ale  d) Daniel Craig was in the film Layer Cake  e) 1796 was the year cupcake was invented.

Today’s Quiz on Songs on Storm Themes (who sang the following)

a) Riders on the Storm    b) Like a Hurricane  c) Shelter from the Storm   d) The Rain Song  e) Thunder Road


Jack Grumbles

Today’s title is from a story my Dad gave me which I think was his because I can’t find it anywhere. I often tell it, certainly did when I was a teacher . It is a god visual story or certainly is with my telling! I chose it for today because I am going to have a couple of grumbles now!  Their both originate from my many cycling trips and today just reinforced it.

Why is it that runners/walkers instead of facing oncoming traffic so they are aware of what is coming walk/run with their back to it? It means they are  unaware of what is behind them; so to me it is patently unsafe. If you face the traffic you can anticipate danger. My other grumble is people with headphones on not hearing when you sound your bell or call out and I am talking about roads without pavements! There!!!! I do sound like an old man!!!!! Which of course I am!

Enough of that! I had a wonderful ride up in the high Cotswolds today and I should of taken a couple of pictures of the traditional Cotswold stone buildings up there! I even managed to find a cuppa and cake on the way! Cake is a vital component for long distance cycling!

I have to say I don’t usually praise top flight footballers but isn’t Marcus Rashford an impressive young man with his letter to MPs about poverty.

Today’s Quiz is on Cake!!!!

a)  Before Baking Powder what was used as the prime raising agent?   b) What cake is otherwise known as Domino cake?  c) Who wrote Cakes and Ale?  d) The 2004 crime thriller starring Daniel Craig was called “_____________Cake”?  e)  In what year was the cup cake invented was it 1796 or 1822 or 1885 or 1909?