A Whiter Shade of Pale

I have just been to the Tip getting rid of a collection of old paint tins so that gave me today’s title. I had also just watched Procol Harum on T.V. singing the above song;so it all comes together! A great song and one of the evocative sounds  of my formative years.

For once a fortnight ahead with no Story Telling so it means the voice gets a rest! We are off to St Petersburg later this week instead! Really looking forward to this my first visit to Russia. So if you are trying to get hold of me for a booking I may not be able to get back to you for a few days.

I am revisiting one of my stories I wrote about ten years ago. It was originally written for a school project based on Degas “Beach Scene” painting that is currently in the National Gallery. I am hoping that although written for school I can redo it for an adult audience. I have a Gig for adults next month so hopefully I can add it to the stories I hope to tell.

Had a great ride yesterday with one of my pals Peter. It is a tradition that we have coffee and cake. Well the cup of coffee I had you could have drowned in it was such a large cup! The cake was gigantic and you needed full climbing equipment to tackle it.

What a fantastic Test Match in Bangladesh. Talk about ebb and flow. You don’t get that in one day games. I actually felt sorry for Bangladesh not be able to win. Ben Stokes is a colossus of cricketer!

Finally good to see Autumn Watch is coming from one of our favourite places the Arne Reserve in Dorset. We usually visit once a year.

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