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Well we haven’t had that much to say on Story Telling this year for obvious reasons. Hopeful that might change in the coming months. There are a couple of stories or at least reminiscences with the answers connected with yesterday’s painting quiz.

a) Michelangelo of course painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling, I have to say I found the crowds off putting when we visited there a few years ago.  b) Claude Monet painted Poppy Field in 1873  c) Impasto means thickly applied paint 

d) Jack Russell is the former England cricketer who is well known for his painting. One of England’s most gifted wicketkeepers who can forget his wonderful legside stumping of Dean Jones off Gladstone Small in the 90/91 Ashes. Of course he is one of Gloucestershire’s finest and I once opened the batting with him! (some of you know this story) I was playing for the Archway School staff team and Jack was a 15 year old pupil when he walked out to bat with me.   My advice to him was “Look for the quick singles Jack!” he promptly hit three successive fours! I don’t think he ever looked back from that moment!

e) Degas is famous for painting Ballet Dancers. Many years ago the cluster of schools that my school was a  member of were doing a joint project on The National Gallery’s Take One Picture and it was Degas’ Beach Scene. I wrote a story based on the picture that was shared by all the Severn Edge Cluster of Schools. I had Degas struggling until he met a girl by the banks of the Seine and the rest was history!

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