Bikes, Books and Birds (plus some Sport!)

Those of you who have read The Third Policeman (a very surreal and funny book by Flann O’Brien) will have noted the various references to the characters being 50% bike and 50% human or variations on those %s. Over the last couple of days I feel I am getting back to those percentages as I have managed some cycling again. It does mean the bike gets mucky frequently!!

Been watching some Starling Murmurations when out Owl watching (didn’t see any Owls but did see the Kingfisher pictured below nearby – the picture looks more like a painting than a photo!).

Off on a Granddaughter visit tomorrow which we are looking forward to.

Now my Sport’s Report! Despite everything that has happened Down Under I was absolutely glued to my radio yesterday morning not daring to move in case we last a wicket. Test cricket is by far the most compelling form of cricket! At least England showed some fight in this game. The FA Cup Third Round had a good weekend and was worried that my team the Mighty Hatters might trip up yesterday lunch time. They were by all accounts very rusty (it has been a month since they last played) but managed to scrape through- don’t think I am looking forward to the next round being away to Newcastle’s conquerors!

Finally we have our first Book Club Meeting on Wednesday where we will be discussing The Magic Toyshop by Angela Carter. I found it a disturbing book.


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