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I captured these two creatures on my phone in the garden on Friday night. We used to see or hear them quite often in the past. I saw one in the day time earlier in the week but sadly Hedgehogs have had a bad time in recent years. wasn’t sure if it was a mating ritual or a territorial dispute! Whatever it is good to see them! Another positive from our garden is we recorded 18 bird species last week and that doesn’t include the Oystercatchers, Terns and Martins flying over or the Sparrowhawk that shot through at speed.

Apologies for the technical difficulties with the blog yesterday!

I am currently researching stories for the Two Severn Bores gig in September. We are trying to extend  our River Severn show  into River Journeys.

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Bill Church is the story traveller, a former Headteacher who has a passion for sharing stories with people from 3 years up to 103 years of age. Bill loves stories; finding them (and the story’s story!), telling them and writing them! He is passionate in believing that everybody can tell stories and is keen to help people whatever their age do this. His blog ranges from his Story telling experiences to his obsessions sport, bird watching and cycling!

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