Literature Festival

Apologies for a couple of days with no blog. We hurtled back from Exeter yesterday to rush out to Cheltenham for our first visit to this year’s Literature Festival. We have been going on and off since our children were quite small. Over the years we have seen some brilliant authors, people from sport, politics and TV. Last night we saw five Story Tellers in discussion about Myths, Legends and Folklore. I took Clare tonight to see Mick Herron while I visited the Book shop. On Sunday we are booked to listen to Natalie Haynes (Comedian  and Author) who often takes a different perspective on the Greek Myths often with a feminist point of view. I am also going to a political discussion on Thursday (hoping to cycle there!)

In other news the Osprey has still been here in Frampton it has been here nearly a fortnight now. I have heard Redwings and Fieldfares are now arriving locally.


Tired Out!!!

I seem to be crisscrossing the country the last few days. Friday night we were way up in the Welsh Valleys watching my little brother acting in a play called “The Price of Change” a powerful story about radical thinker Richard Price. I have to say our Mike was brilliant doing three different roles.

Saturday saw me driving to watch The Mighty Hatters take on one of the big boys. We lost narrowly but we left once again ruing the missed chances.
Today following a ride this morning we drove down to Exeter to see our lovely granddaughter and her parents!

Feeling tired now!!!


Well it is supposed to be Autumn but the temperature feels like summer!  A picture of Fungi below might suggest it is Autumn! Also a photo from Leighton Moss at the weekend with a tree covered in lichen. Certainly the birds are moving – the Osprey was still here in Frampton yesterday- it should go soon. We did see plenty of Swallows moving through yesterday with the young people at Wick Court.

The football was disappointing on Tuesday night, I thought the Mighty Hatters deserved at least a draw- we did play some fast attacking football but missed plenty of chances. I am dreading what Spurs might do to us on Saturday – I will have my fingers firmly crossed and hope they have an off day and the Hatters do something special!

Story Telling later at Wick Court to my young friends from Syston Leicestershire.



Osprey Still Around

Just missed the Osprey today it has now been around Frampton for 10 days now. Apparently I missed it by 30 minutes when I went to look for it today and it returned 10 minutes after I left!

Apologies for my rant yesterday about pheasants just sad that they cause such environmental damage.

Off to the Theatre of Tattered Dreams tonight with my fingers firmly crossed! COYH!!!!

A Bouquet of Pheasants

I went on a long bike ride over the tops today getting it in before the rain came. I saw many groups of pheasants“A Bouquet”. It is my least favourite bird! I am often asked what is my favourite bird at Wick Court when I am birding with our young visitors. I occasionally tell them the pheasant is my least favourite bird – we often see them on our bird watch. I explain that I am prejudice and we spend some time explaining what that means. There are more pheasants than any other bird in this country- 47 million birds are released every year. They are bred for shooting to the detriment of the environment and the persecution of birds of prey. Also in my our biased view I don’t think shooting pheasants is sport – they are a large slow flying bird so you must be a poor shot if you can’t hit one!

Rant over- I had a super ride!

Happy Hatter


The picture above is looking over the vast reed bed at Leighton Moss (RSPB)from the tower. We spent Friday afternoon and Saturday morning there. Saw some good birds and three Otters (a mother and two cubs). It is one of our special places and have been visiting the reserve now for a good number of years.

Yesterday afternoon I was a very Happy Hatter as we watched the Mighty Hatters win their first league match of the season at Everton. My son David pointed out it was our first away win in the top flight since 9th March 1991 – I took him way back then (he was a bright eyed nine year old and I even had hair on my head back then! Picture below is the the final whistle yesterday at Goodison Park!